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USAOCR Jamie Monroe

US National Championships of Obstacle Course Racing

A lengthy interview with Jamie Monroe, vice chair for USAOCR. The organization knows as USAOCR is putting on a national championship event in December in Chula Vista, California. We do go over a good bit of "How we got here" on today's … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

X Warrior Black Ops 12 Hour in Barrhead Alberta

X Warrior is a new obstacle course company that is making a name for itself. It originated on Canadian soil in Calgary. From 2016 X Warrior Challenge has been testing the waters with their own obstacles. They also have an OCRWC qualifying race. On June 23, 2018, The X Warrior Challenge had its first Black […]

Aston Down Spartan Super 2018

Aston Down Spartan Super The 2018 South West Super was the first race of the season (for me). When was the first chance for me to back out? A long time ago. If I could say I was not prepared for this race, that would be an understatement. Two weeks previous to this race I […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Jon Albon – OCR Euros and Tougher UK

Jon Albon on the recent European OCR World Championships, Tougher Mudder UK, and the rest of 2018. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Savage Race : New obstacles, new locations, new syndicate medal. Check them out at Savage Race.com Show Notes: Jon’s blog Jon on Strava Listen using the player below or the iTunes/Stitcher links at […]

OCR European Championships 2018

Ami Sawran from Mudstacle and Sebastian David talk about their experience at the European OCR Championships. We cover how the race went down, what they thought of the course and the controversies that occurred. This episode will serve as an educator to the European OCR scene. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Rugged Maniac –  Use Code ORM for […]

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Exclusive: Spartan Race Canada Rocky Mountain Trifecta Maps

If you’re running in the Spartan Race Canada Rocky Mountain Trifecta Weekend at Kimberley British Columbia this weekend, feast your eyes on these maps! The Spartan Sprint This is going to be 8 kilometers in distance. I’m not sure what the number 13 obstacle “wrecked” is? The Super The middle distance is on Sunday – […]

Spartan Race monkey bars

Father and Son: A Journey to the DC Spartan Finish Line

My dad has attended each one of my OCR events since I started competing in the sport a few years ago. It’s special because we travel to the races together, I always give him a high five and a hug before the race starts, and I see him smiling and cheering for me when I […]

2018 USAOCR National Championships Coming to San Diego in December

Press Release 2018 US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS OF OBSTACLE COURSE RACING COMING TO SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO, CA, July 3rd – USA Obstacle Course Racing (USAOCR) is excited to announce the 2018 US National Championships of Obstacle Course Racing from December 1-2. It will be held at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, an Official […]

Toughest Mudder Allison Tai

Toughest Mudder Results – Toughest Mudder East

With the Canadian super duo of Ryan and Lindsay taking this one off, there were at least 2 podium spots  open for the Toughest Mudder East, taking place near Boston this year.  (The Atkins’ both competed at the Spartan Chicago earlier in the day). Stair climber Shaun Stephens-Whale came in first, running 45 miles. This […]



Rea Kolbl – To all of our family and friends: You are amazing.

A while ago my husband and I were working out in a gym, and I was in a particularly bad mood; I was hungry, tired and stressed from work, but still wanted to work out, failing at it, and taking it all out on Bun, who by then was well trained in the hangry athlete […]

Considering your first OCR?

So, you’re thinking about doing your first race, but you’re nervous about hitting the big “register now” button. Guess what – I’m willing to bet that at least 90% of people who are interested in obstacle racing today sat exactly where you are sitting right now, including the pros. Yes, 90%. I’m not over exaggerating. […]

Racing, Burpees, and Misogi: a Three Year Update (Part One)

This past fall I traveled to the United Arab Emirates for the Inaugural Middle-Eastern Obstacle Course Championships. I wasn’t particularly excited to be racing. Granted, there had been a time when I was really passionate about racing, back when I first stumbled upon the sport and subsequently caught the racing bug. Back then my goal […]