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Savage Georgia Women

Savage Race – Spring – Georgia 2019

Finish line fun with: Nick Ryker Ryan Woods Nicole Mericle Alex Walker Yuri Force Chrissy McFarland Justin Williams Leo Doc Bee Bryant Ken Corigliano Rachel Corigliano Rachel Watters Connor Peterson Brad … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

Spartan Alabama Super: A New Take on an Old Venue

Back to Bama: Saraland Spartan Super 2019 On March 16th of 2019, a slew of Spartans sauntered up to cold and windy registration lines at the Alabama Super in Saraland. This race was the first time Spartan had been back to the southern venue since 2016. It was also the second race in the Spartan […]


Spartan Winter is Here – Greek Peak 2019

Playing in the snow is in our blood. As adults, we dislike the snow because it makes driving to work inconvenient. But growing up, snow days were the best. lets you relive that childhood excitement with its now third annual Winter Sprint event at Greek Peak Mountain Resort. What makes this a Winter Sprint? Every […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Barbados Adventure Race Preview

Barbados Adventure Race is putting on two obstacle racing events this year, in June and November. Let’s learn about the races, and the man putting them on, George Griffith. Show Notes: Barbados Adventure Race Support Us On Patreon Listen using the player below or the iTunes/Stitcher links at the top of this page. 

Davis and Chace April 18

4.18.19 Obstacle Discourse with Davis and Chace

Obstacle Discourse with Davis and Chace – A weekly news show with Josh Chace and Matt B. Davis discussing items of the week for Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and all other OCR related news. This week’s topics: Wrapping up Seattle including The Super and Trail. CitiField Stadium, Josh bitches into controversy corner about Age Group […]

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Spartan Race Numbers – Apr 13-14 2019 – Atlanta

Date:   Apr 13-14 2019    Venue: Lanier Islands, BUFORD GA Total Finishers: 5,096 Podium Saturday Sprint Men Women 1 Ken Corigliano 1 Laura Rogers 2 Nathan Frantz 2 Michelle Kasold 3 Bill Heatherly 3 Rachel Watters   North American Championships Qualification – Men 1 Kyle Crane 2 Elias Koehler 3 Clint Mally 4 Joe Doster 5 Lincoln […]

Spartan Race Numbers – Apr 13-14 2019 – Citifield Stadion

Date:   Apr 13-14 2019    Venue: Citi Field, NEW YORK NY Total Finishers: 7,759 Podium Saturday Sprint Men Women 1 Isaiah Vidal 1 Orla Walsh 2 Matthew Kempson 2 Cassandra Ohman 3 Brakken Kraker 3 Tiffany Palmer   North American Championships Qualification – Men 1 Isaiah Vidal 2 Matthew Kempson 3 Greyson Kilgore 4 Joshua Riedlinger 5 […]

Spartan Race Numbers – Apr 13-14 2019 – Seattle

Date:   Apr 13-14 2019    Venue: Meadow Wood Equestrian Center, SNOHOMISH WA Total Finishers: 5,640 Podium Saturday Super Men Women 1 Ryan Atkins 1 Lindsay Webster 2 Veejay Jones 2 Nicole Mericle 3 Ryan Kent 3 Rea Kolbl   Podium Sunday Sprint Men Women 1 Aaron Newell 1 Amanda Nadeau 2 Ryan Kent 2 Kaci […]

Spartan Race Monday Numbers – Apr 6-7 2019

Date:   Apr 6-7 2019    Venue: Porter Farms, Concord, North Carolina Total Finishers: 8,748 Podium Saturday Super Men Women 1 Brian Gowiski 1 Imogen Cross 2 Nathan Frantz 2 Jennifer Mohler 3 Montgomery Chamberlain 3 Michelle Kasold   Podium Sunday Sprint Men Women 1 Brian Gowiski 1 Imogen Cross 2 Michael Blye 2 Myriane Essalki […]


Why aren’t you faster?

“If more information were the answer we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs” -Derek Sivers Back when I was racing, there was a conversation that would come up almost every weekend. It was always the same conversation, and it usually went the same way. “Listen,” a ‘green’ racer would say, “I want to improve, I […]

Is There Potential For VR In Obstacle Racing?

  The main limitation on virtual reality is locomotion. In the simplest terms, people just can’t move around with headsets obscuring their real-world vision, no matter how tempting it may be to do so within a given virtual program. It’s largely for this reason that, as promising as it is, VR hasn’t fully taken off […]

Worlds Toughest Mudder Mendoza

World’s Toughest Mudder – An Ode to Pissing in My Wetsuit

When I think about the world’s toughest race A mudder that put me in my place The memory that I cannot replace Is pissing in my wetsuit I registered in the previous year My training plan became more clear A piece of training I never went near Was pissing in my wetsuit The forecast was […]