Spartan Race Georgia 2020

Atlanta Spartan Race 2020

The 2019 Spartan Race Georgia in the Spring has moved from its Lake Lanier location to Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton Georgia.

If you already registered for the Lake Lanier event, you don’t have to do ANYTHING. Your current registration is good for the new event.

If you have yet to sign up, you can do so here: Spartan Race Atlanta Spring

It will take place Saturday April 4, 2020 and has Spartan Sprint and Spartan Kids Race options available.

Georgia Spartan 2020 Conyers Georgia


The Fall Georgia Spartan will take place at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, Georgia.

Spartan has had a race at that venue every year since 2011. It will take place October 3-4, 2020. You can register for that event here : Spartan Georgia Fall 2020.

The Super distance is on Saturday and the Sprint distance is on Sunday. The Kids Races are available both days.

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Spartan Race Acquires La Ruta Mountain Bike Race

Spartan La Ruta Mountain Bike Race

This morning, Spartan Race announced they have acquired La Ruta De Los Conquistadores Mountain Bike Race, which calls itself the Toughest Mountain Bike Race On The Planet. It is a 3 day race that covers 161 miles, crosses 5 mountain ranges and has a cumulative 29,000 feet of climb. Under the terms of the agreement, Spartan, will acquire the La Ruta event and brand, while current founders and organizers Roman and Florencia Urbina will continue to operate the main event.

Spartan Race entered the trail running space earlier this year, launching a dozen or so events across the country. Next weekend, they are holding a Spartan Trail Championship with a $50,00 pay out.  Rumors are they have been looking to acquire some large established trail brands to continue to expand their portfolio in 2020.

A couple of questions immediately arise:

Will Spartan Race send experienced mountain biker Ryan Atkins?

We reached out to Ryan this morning who told us: “Coming from a background in XC mountain bike racing, I’m super stoked that my two worlds are colliding! I’ve always wanted to race La Ruta and maybe now I’ll be able to do it.”

Also, will all of these acquisitions be successful for Spartan, or will they end up in an AOL/Time Warner type situation?

Stay tuned true believers. Stay tuned.

Here is the complete press release:

Storied La Ruta De Los Conquistadores Mountain Bike Race Enters Strategic Partnership with Spartan to Expand the Event and Global Footprint
Acquisition by the World’s Largest Endurance Brand will Grow the Original Multi-Day
MTB Race In Its Home of Costa Rica and Beyond

BOSTON, MASS. (December 5, 2019) – Following the 27th annual La Ruta De Los Conquistadores multi-day mountain bike race, which traverses Costa Rica coast to coast, from Pacific to Atlantic over a three day-period, Spartan and organizers of the historic race have announced a partnership between the two endurance brands. Under the terms of the agreement, Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand will acquire the La Ruta event and brand, while current founders and organizers Roman and Florencia Urbina will continue to operate the main event. This further marks Spartan’s expansion into new avenues of sport and fitness.

“From the day I set out to follow the steps of the Spanish Conquistadors – Juan de Cavallón, Perafán de Rivera and Juan Vásquez de Coronado more than 27 years ago, La Ruta has organically grown into the event it is today, and we’re excited to work Spartan to continue the tradition while taking the event to the next level,” said Roman Urbina. “Similar to La Ruta, Spartan is an authentic brand that turned into a global movement and we could not ask for a better partnership.”

As part of the acquisition and partnership Spartan will work closely with the La Ruta Founders to bring the format of the three-day adventure Mountain Bike Race, to regions across the world – something the brand is familiar with having grown from one event in Burlington, VT with 700 attendees to a global phenomenon with 250 events on six contents and more than one million annual participants. Future plans will also turn the flagship La Ruta event into a gated championship, with a pre-qualification feeder system through brand’s global events. The 2020 event will be the last with open registration.

The partnership is another move for Spartan to expand and grow its business outside of obstacle course events, as it launched a traditional trail running series in 2019, Spartan Trail, which is expanding across the globe as well.

“As we expand Spartan to all avenues of fitness and endurance sports, mountain biking is a natural fit, and beyond that, La Ruta has built an incredible event that shares our values for grit and determination,” said Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena. “Roman and Florencia have created one of the toughest endurance events on the planet, and we can’t wait to share their vision with the world. Much like we did with the introduction of Spartan Trail, we look forward to bring the Spartan community together with La Ruta’s and the global mountain biking community to introduce and grow each through shared passion and experiences.”

La Ruta began when Roman Urbina, an elite Costa Rican athlete and adventurer gathered a group of 17 friends to retrace the steps of the three conquistadores who, in the 1560’s began a 20-year journey through the beautiful and treacherous mountains of Costa Rica. When it was done, Roman emerged more convinced than ever that hard challenges can engender truth, understanding, and self-knowledge that can push anyone to greatness. Determined that such a trip had to be turned into an annual epic event, he created La Ruta and the rest is history.

For more information and to register visit:

With more than 250 events across more than 40 countries on six continents, Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race (OCR) and endurance brand. Providing transformation through sport, Spartan attracts more than one million annual participants across all fitness levels, from beginners to elite. More than five million participants have finished Spartan events, creating a lifestyle that extends beyond races including health and wellness products, training and nutrition programs, and popular media content, which has made OCR one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Spartan events feature races at various distances, Stadion and Sprint: 3-mile/5-km and 20 Obstacles; Super: 8-mi/13-km and 25 Obstacles; Beast: 13-mi/21-km and 30 Obstacles; and Ultra: 30-mi/50-km and 60 obstacles. Visit for more information and registration.

MEDIA CONTACT: Jonathan Fine, +1 781.248.3963,




World’s Toughest Mudder Results 2019

Complete World’s Toughest Mudder 2019 Results Link Here

World's Toughest Mudder Results Men

Men’s Podium

1st place     Trevor Cichosz

2nd place   Kris Mendoza

3rd place     Javier Escobar

WTM Results Women

Women’s Podium

1st place      Morgan McKay

2nd place    Erin Rost

3rd place     Corinne Kohlen

World's Toughest Mudder 2 Person Team

2 Person Team Podium

1st place    Muddy Canucks

2nd place   Untouchaballs

3rd place     Team UK

World's Toughest 4 Person Team

4 Person Team Podium

1st place   German Toughest Mudders

2nd place     PoorBoy Running

3rd place      The Replacements

World's Toughest Mudder Results

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Spartan Race Points Series Formula – A Proposition

Spartan just announced the 2020 US National Series (USNS) locations, so it’s only a matter of time before additional series details are announced. Honestly, it felt like we were watching an NFL game every time race footage from a 2019 USNS race aired. Fans and athletes spent just as much time arguing about penalties and other rules infractions as they did discussing the actual action on the field. All OCR fans really want is a controversy-free season next year.

It’s pretty tough to create a simple scoring system for the Spartan Race US National Series that balances rewarding loyal racers (good for business) while also rewarding the true top performers who couldn’t travel to all races (good for the sport). However, I have a simple formula that Spartan could use in 2020.

1. Calculate % of winner
2. Determine factor
3. Multiply those two values

Calculate % of Winner for Each Race
Divide the winner’s time by your time and that’s your % of winner

Determine Your Factor
Look up the % in the column representing the # of USNS races you *finished*. If you ran all 5 USNS races, use 100%. If you finished only 3 USNS races, then use 96%. And so on…

Final Score
• Multiply your average % of winner (step 1) by the factor (step 2)
• Maximum possible score would be 1,000 pts (only if you win all 5 USNS races)

Let’s use Ryan Woods’ USNS season as an example:

1. Ryan Woods’ average % of winner was 93.9%
2. Ryan Woods finished 4/5 USNS races, so he would have a 98% factor
3. Final score = 920.6 pts (93.9 x 98)

Here’s how the top-15 men would look following the same steps:

Look at the average place and % of winner for the guys on this improved top-15 list. Deservedly so, Veejay, Killian, and Woods would have moved up several places vs. their actual USNS ranking. Just outside the top-10, Brakken Kraker, Brian Gowiski, and Cody Moat moved up quite a bit, as their key stats suggest they had great seasons despite only showing up to a couple USNS races.

The same holds true for women. There were only 56 Elite women/race in the USNS this year, yet several women who averaged 40th+ place were ranked 10+ spaces above Rebecca Hammond (33rd), Amanda Nadeau (35th), and several other top women. In fact, if you add up every finishing place in Rebecca Hammond’s 17 career elite Spartan finishes, it only equals 36! How could anyone think that a system that shows her ranked 33rd is accurate? Clearly, ranking well in the USNS is a participation game.

It’s obviously in Spartan’s best interest (as a business) for the best athletes to show up at all races. The last thing they’d want is for an athlete to show up to only one USNS race, win it, then disappear the rest of the year. My formula already accounts for this possibility.

Let’s pretend that someone had an amazing start to the year by winning the first three USNS races this year before skipping the final two series races. They’d only have earned 960 points (100% x 96%), which would have placed 4th in the men’s standings and 3rd for women.

What if a new female athlete bursts onto the scene next year and somehow beats Nicole and Lindsay in 4 straight USNS races before deciding to skip the final race. She would have barely edged Lindsay and Nicole for the overall series title (earning 980 pts), something which wouldn’t have happened if she only ran 3/5 races in the existing scoring system (only 900 pts). Let’s be honest, if someone could beat Lindsay and Nicole 4 times, then she was absolutely the best racer in the US National Series that year, even if she missed a race.

If the same thing happened on the men’s side, Ryan Atkins would still have won the points series by 7 points (987 vs. 980). Problem solved. It’s almost impossible for someone to win the entire USNS points series unless they finish all 5 races because the talent is so deep these days. No need for Spartan to worry about a nightmare scenario (from a marketing perspective) of their series champion not showing up to the final race.

One aspect about last year’s season that created some controversy was the new points series scoring. Placing in the top-4 was the only thing that mattered. The points difference (24 points) between 4th vs. 5th was the same as 5th vs. 29th, but actual athlete performance for 5th vs. 29th varied significantly. There’s barely any difference in athlete caliber between the 4th- and 5th-place finisher at a USNS race, but the talent gap between 5th and 29th is huge. This is why % of winner is a better metric to use than simply place. It’s pretty flawed that they’re rewarded identically in the points series:

Additionally, athletes were no longer allowed to drop their worst performance or skip a race in the USNS, which was an option every year prior to 2019. It didn’t matter if you had to attend a wedding or funeral, got injured, canceled a flight, etc., there was no way to avoid earning zero points from that missed race. In fact, Spartan scheduled the first Stadium Series race (Citi Field) on the same exact day as the third USNS race (Seattle). That meant two of the best Stadium racers, Robert Killian and Ryan Kent, had to bail on any realistic chance of winning the Stadium Series since they were forced to race in Seattle instead.

2019 USNS Standings
Let’s take a look at how the 300-264-240-216-192-191… scoring system worked this year for the top-20 men. I think every OCR fan would agree that Woods, Killian, Veejay, and several other top athletes were ranked way too low in the standings. What did they all have in common? None of them finished all 5 USNS races.

Proof That I’m Unbiased
I’m about to finish 4th in the Stadium Series, which uses the same scoring system as the USNS. I’m fully aware that I’ll benefit from the flawed scoring system. I haven’t had the 4th-best season of athletes who took part in at least one Stadium Series race this year. I’d be 6th if Brakken Kraker (currently 3rd) and Matt Kempson (currently 4th) decided not to skip the final race of the Stadium Series. As a result, I’ll make a few hundred bucks extra and they’ll both drop out of the top-10 without receiving a series leader payout. It’s not fair that I’ll finish ahead of both of them despite not beating them at any of the first 4 Stadium Series this year.

• True top racers are penalized just enough for missing a USNS race, but it doesn’t eliminate their chance of still finishing where they deserve (based on performance, not # of races)
• Rewards great performances by people who can’t be at every race
• Almost guarantees that the overall series winner must attend all 5 races (good for business)
• All names pass the “eye test”
• Can be used for both Elite and Age Group
• Easy to use for National Series, Stadium, and Mountain Series
• Gives top athletes some flexibility in the event of a family emergency, wedding, injury, canceled flight, unexpected work commitment, etc.

The 2019 Spartan points series scoring system was 100% based on participation, not analyzing results. This article isn’t about adjusting the standings so a few athletes can earn an extra $100 (which would easily be offset by travel costs to attend the required 5/5 races). It’s about recognizing the best athletes in the sport, not the ones with the biggest wallets. Athletes deserve to look back a decade from now and know where they really stacked up against the best in their sport, not against the biggest spenders in the sport.

The formula is simple, ensures the top names still have to attend most (if not all) of the USNS races, and ranks the true best racers a lot more accurately than the existing 300-264-240-216-192 scoring system. With over 3 months until the first USNS race of the 2020 season, Spartan can easily make a switch like this. Your move, Spartan. There’s still plenty of time to avoid making 2020 a repeat of a controversy-filled 2019 season.

Spartan 2020 US National Series Schedule

We’re barely through the 2019 Spartan Season and already the talk about what’s to come in 2020, continues to heat up. So far we’ve seen Spartan’s new medal design, finisher shirts, and a more standardized approach to race distances.

If you’re already in the planning stages for your 2020 season, you’re in luck. Spartan has released the 2020 US National Series venues and dates, so get those airline miles and AirBnB bookings ready!

2020 US National Series Changes

Similar to last year, the season kicks off in Jacksonville, FL with the Super on February 22nd, 2020. The second stop will be Seattle (Super) on April 4th as it’s been since 2017. Saraland, Alabama was a one and done and has been removed from the National Series, presumably after issues with “cell coverage” and low attendance numbers.

Montana is part of the National Series again with its first time back since 2016 with a Kalisepell, MT Beast on May 2nd.  At the turn we’ve got the newly upgraded Utah Beast on July 18, before finishing … somewhere. While the fifth race isn’t confirmed according to the graphic released, we’re taking a guess at where it will be.

2020 USNS Full Schedule

Sunday, February 23 2020 Jacksonville, FL SPRINT
Saturday, April 4, 2020 Seattle, WA SUPER
Sunday, May 3, 2020 Big Fork, MT SUPER
Saturday, July 18, 2020 Huntsville, UT BEAST
Saturday, August 29, 2020 Glen Jean, WV* BEAST

* The 5th race on Spartan’s schedule is currently listed as “TBD”. This is our best guess with current available information

North American Championship Venue Change

West Virginia was the home to the Spartan North American Championship in 2018 and 2019. That moniker will now move west to Lake Tahoe where competitors from the US and Canada will battle for the title of North American Champion on September 26th, 2020.

So if Lake Tahoe is the North American Championship for Spartan, where will the World Championships be?!?

Stay tuned, true believers. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 11/15 5:39am EST: Spartan has released a new graphic updating the schedule which calls out that Jacksonville’s race will be the Sunday Sprint as the first race of the National Series. Montana will be a Super and will also be on Sunday.


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World’s Toughest Mudder Live Feed 2019


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