Exclusive: Spartan Race Canada Rocky Mountain Trifecta Maps

If you’re running in the Spartan Race Canada Rocky Mountain Trifecta Weekend at Kimberley British Columbia this weekend, feast your eyes on these maps!

The Spartan Sprint

This is going to be 8 kilometers in distance. I’m not sure what the number 13 obstacle “wrecked” is?

Sprint Kimberley BC Spartan RaceThe Super

The middle distance is on Sunday – and is a total of 16 kilometers!

The Beast

The Beast is on Saturday and is further than the standard 21 kilometer distance by 2 kilometers! Bring those long socks or ankle protection for the Tyrolean traverse.

The Ultrabeast

Again this starts early on Saturday Morning. Get ready for some real Canadian adventures on an incredible course!


Thank you to Spartan Race Canada for providing these maps. You can still sign up for the race weekend here

Father and Son: A Journey to the DC Spartan Finish Line

Spartan Race DC finisher medal

My dad has attended each one of my OCR events since I started competing in the sport a few years ago. It’s special because we travel to the races together, I always give him a high five and a hug before the race starts, and I see him smiling and cheering for me when I cross the finish line.  But, this latest event was different, because we would be participating in it, side by side, together.

Last year my and I made the plan that we were going to participate in an OCR race together, and the Washington DC Spartan Sprint would be the event. As we headed down to the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, MD, on June 16th, the focus wasn’t how I was going to do that day, but how ‘we’ were going to do.

As soon as we got to the race venue, we checked in, and headed over to the starting area, hopped over the first wall, and found an open section in the busy corral. In my years of endurance racing it’s always exciting a few moments right before the start as the adrenaline begins to kick in. Standing next to my dad in the starting corral was a special moment. To prepare for this event, I helped create a small OCR training area in the backyard of my parents home, and we were able to get some training in lifting heavy truck tires, carrying small boulders and cement blocks, and dragging large tree branches.

As soon as the race began, the large group that we were with patiently navigated through some of the technical areas and down the first steep hill. Once we made it down to the bottom, the participants started to find their pace and began running to the next obstacle. We went over our game plan– start out at an even pace, walk the hills, take our time on the obstacles, and get to the finish line. I had competed in this event two years earlier so I was familiar with the course and the obstacles that were involved.

One of the first obstacles was the spear throw, which is an obstacle I’ve yet to conquer. Surprisingly, my dad was able to hit the target in his first race, which was a very proud moment. This obstacle definitely gave us a motivational boost early in the race.

We continued on, making our way under the barbed wire, over the 8ft walls, and up and over the steep muddy hills. The grip strength training that I had been doing over the previous months helped a lot when it came to the monkey bar section, the rope climb, and the multi-rig.

Spartan Race monkey bars

We were having a blast each step of the way, and in the toughest parts of the race, especially on the steep trail sections, he was smiling from ear to ear.

I reflected back to the early 1990s when I was in elementary school and he was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. I’ll never forget when he came home from the hospital after his surgery, and the months that followed in that process as I watched him go through treatment and chemotherapy. Even at such a young age, I could tell by my family’s reaction that this was very serious. The surgery and follow up sessions were a success and he made a full recovery, but it was a long process.

As we made our way to the bucket carry followed by the sand bag carry, I walked beside him along the trail. Observing every step he took, I still remember when he took his first few steps with his walker at our home. I was sitting at the top of the steps and he carefully came around the corner with his cane. To show that he was okay, he slowly placed the cane next to the railing and stood there on his own, trembling, and personifying strength.

Spartan Race DC bucket brigade

As we neared the finish line after pushing through the past 4.25 miles, my dad was full of life and was embracing the moment. Usually I would see him after crossing the finish line, but now I was crossing the line right next to him, father and son.

Spartan Race DC finish line

This was much more than an athletic accomplishment for him, this was a platform to continue overcoming obstacles while celebrating life and being 25+ years cancer free.

Every endurance event that I’ve participated in over the past decade has been very meaningful to me, but getting to cross the finish line in the DC Spartan Sprint is a memory I’ll always cherish.


2018 USAOCR National Championships Coming to San Diego in December

Press Release


SAN DIEGO, CA, July 3rd – USA Obstacle Course Racing (USAOCR) is excited to announce the 2018 US National Championships of Obstacle Course Racing from December 1-2. It will be held at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, an Official U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site.
This race is open to the public with athletes of all backgrounds and experiences invited to participate in the Elite Men’s and Women’s, Age Group, Open or Para-Athlete Divisions.

Qualifying athletes who have competed at an elite level at popular OCR branded events such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Savage Race and the like will be invited to compete in the elite divisions of each event. The event will feature both a Standard Distance (6-9 miles, 18+ obstacles) and an International Distance (3-4 miles, 12+ obstacles) race open to all participants. The event will also include a spectator friendly, Track Distance race (1200 meter, 3-lap, 10+ obstacle course) only open to the Elites athletes.

We are excited to invite world-class obstacle and multi-sport athletes to compete in our national championship. Our partnership with the City of Chula Vista and the Elite Athlete Training Center is a perfect fit exposing our athletes to an official US Olympic Training site and the realm of future opportunities in this emerging sport.” States Jamie Monroe, Vice Chair of USA Obstacle Course Racing and event organizer.

The top 5 athletes in the elite division races will become members of Team USA and will have the opportunity to represent the United States in International Obstacle Course Racing Championship events in 2019.

This event is hosted by USAOCR- the National Governing Body for obstacle sports, disciplines and events in the United States of America. This race helps USA Obstacle Course Racing meet requirements specified by World OCR, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) to qualify athletes for future international competitions and to meet World OCR requirements as specified by the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.

OCR’s explosive growth has resulted in elite divisions and athletes traveling extensively to obstacle events across the country. This event represents our second US National Championships and has been under development for over a year. Our championship events are designed to showcase and honor the sport and its athletes” stated USAOCR executive director and Olympian Rob Stull.

Athletes can register at http://usaocrchamps.org or for more information please email info@usaocrchamps.org. General admission tickets will also be available for spectators to cheer on their athletes throughout the weekend at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center.

USA Obstacle Course Racing (USAOCR) is the National Governing Body for obstacle sports, disciplines and events in the United States of America. A member-based nonprofit that exists to represent the needs of the sport through athlete member representation and engagement whose mission is to promote Obstacle Course Racing and its related sports and disciplines throughout the United States, to lead the sport of OCR, and meet governance requirements as specified by the United States Olympic Committee and World OCR, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles. For more information visit https://usaocr.org/.

About Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center
The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (CVTC), a U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site, covers 155 acres of state-of-the-art sports venues for training, competition, and events. It originally opened in 1995 as a U.S. Olympic Training Center, a gift to the United States Olympic Committee from the San Diego National Sports Training Foundation. In 2017, ownership of the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center was transferred to the City of Chula Vista and the facility is now operated by Elite Athlete Services. For more information, visit https://trainatchulavista.com/.

Contact at USA Obstacle Course Racing:
• Jamie Monroe- Vice Chair- Jamie.Monroe@usaocr.org

Toughest Mudder Results – Toughest Mudder East

Toughest Mudder East Boston 2018

With the Canadian super duo of Ryan and Lindsay taking this one off, there were at least 2 podium spots  open for the Toughest Mudder East, taking place near Boston this year.  (The Atkins’ both competed at the Spartan Chicago earlier in the day).

Stair climber Shaun Stephens-Whale came in first, running 45 miles. This is first Toughest win, after coming in 2nd to Atkins at Toughest West in Chicago. He was followed by Ja Shua Reid, a newcomer to the Toughest Series, who also completed 45 miles. In 3rd place was Mark “Woodpile” Jones, making his first appearance on a Tough Mudder podium this year. Tyler McCreadie came in 4th, while Jason Harley aka Harley Armstrong, aka HoboTough# snagged 5th place.

On the women’s side Allison Tai continues her recent globe trotting dominance, running 40 miles to victory. In the last month she won two overnight races in Australia – The 8 hour Toughest Mudder, and the 24 hour OCRWC Enduro. Just last weekend, she came in 2nd to Lindsay Webster at the Tougher Mudder West Regional in Whistler Canada.

2nd place was Anne Champagne who ran 40 miles, garnering her first ever Toughest Podium. Third place went to Kelly Sullivan, (35 miles) who is having her best OCR year to date with several Spartan and other series podums. In 4th was Kera Pezzuti, who won BoneFrog’s endurance challenge in New York last weekend. Finally in 5th was Deanna Brasz, who has won several Tougher waves in 2017 and 2018.

The remaining two Toughest events leading up to World’s Toughest Mudder are Berlin, Germany on September 1st and the “West” event to take place Northern California  on October 7th. (The previous event was scheduled for Los Angeles in Early March and cancelled due to extreme flooding).

Complete Race Results

*Cover photo by Jack Goras Photography

Click here for all 2018 Toughest Mudder Results from all locations.



Toughest Mudder Results 2018

Toughest Mudder South 2018

Prizes and Payouts for Toughest Mudder 2018 (USA)

  1. $5,000 -Qualify for Elite Contender, case of Celsius Heat and Celsius Original
  2. $2,000 -Qualify for Elite Contender, case of Celsius Heat and Celsius Original
  3.  $1,000 -Qualify for Elite Contender, case of Celsius Heat and Celsius Original
  4.   $500   -Qualify for Elite Contender, case of Celsius Heat and Celsius Original
  5.   $250   -Qualify for Elite Contender, case of Celsius Heat and Celsius Original

Elite Contender means eligible for prizing and payouts at 2018 World’s Toughest Mudder, November 10 in Fairburn, Georgia.

Results Toughest Mudder 2018

Toughest Mudder West – March 3, 2018

Rescheduled for November 7, Sonoma Raceway

Toughest Mudder South  – May 5, 2018

1. Ryan Atkins                                    Rea Kolbl
2. Shaun Stephens Whale                Allison Tai
3. Brian Gowiski                                Lindsay Webster
4. Robert Wilshire                            Alexandra Walker
5. Kristopher Mendoza                    Margaret Kaderli

Toughest Mudder Midlands – UK – May 12, 2018

1. Tristan Steed                             Ulrikke Evensen
2. Conner Hancock                      Trish Eksteen
3. Tom Tweddell                           Susanne Kraus
4. Lukas Abrhan                            Vanessa Gebhardt
5. Fabian Breitsamer                    Sorrel Lewis

Toughest Mudder Australia – May 19, 2018

1. Lachlan Dansie                        Allison Tai
2. Jarad Kohlar                            Deanna Blegg
3. Brodie Gardner                        Krysty Davies
4. Quinton Gill                             Leah Dansie
5. Scotty Thornton                       Holly Inglis

Toughest Mudder Midwest – June 2, 2018

1. Ryan Atkins                                 Rea Kolbl
2. Kristopher Mendoza                 Lindsay Webster
3. Jesse Bruce                                 April Hartwig
4. Matthew Hanson                       Sam Olesky
5. Nicholas Allmond                      Kelly Williams

Toughest Mudder East – June 24, 2018

1. Shaun Stephens-Whale             Allison Tai
2. Ja Shua Reid                               Anne Champagne
3. Mark Jones                                 Kelly Sullivan
4. Tyler McCreadie                        Kera Pezzuti
5. Harley Armstrong                     Deanna Brasz

Toughest Mudder Germany – Sept 1, 2018


Toughest Mudder West – October 7, 2018

*Daytime event 8am to 4pm


Archived 2017 Toughest Mudder Results

Tough Mudder Bootcamp Studio Opening In Massachusetts







Burlington, Mass., May 30, 2018 – In a milestone moment for the leading sports, active lifestyle and media brand, Tough Mudder Inc. is proud to announce the grand opening of Tough Mudder Bootcamp, a high-intensity functional fitness training studio designed to challenge and train all fitness levels. The flagship workout studio in Burlington’s Crossroads Plaza (34 Cambridge Street) will open to the public on Saturday, June 2 and offer free 45-minute and 20-minute full-body team workouts from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The day-long celebration will be packed with free and fun-filled activities including unique and challenging workout classes, live entertainment, food and refreshments for the entire family. Among the special elements of the Grand Opening celebration:

  • 45-minute fitness workout classes (11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.)
  • 20-minute mini-group fitness workout classes (12:30 p.m., 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.)
  • Tough Mudder Bootcamp studio tours (all day)
  • A shot Tough Mudder’s signature Human Hamster Wheel obstacle, which tests upper body strength as they attempt to ring the bell on top of a giant wheel
  • Prize packages and Tough Mudder Boston event tickets. The first 200 guests at the Grand Opening to receive giveaways including Gift Bags, protein bars and workout beverages, tours and chances to win $130 Merrell Gift Cards
  • Guests can save up to 60% on memberships. Attendees who purchase a membership at the event will receive Burlington Bootcamp founding member T-shirts.
  • Commemorative ribbon cutting featuring Tough Mudder CEO/Founder Will Dean, Tough Mudder Bootcamp President Catrin Bowtell, Burlington Bootcamp Franchise Owner Henry Pott and Tough Mudder Bootcamp Creative Director Eric “ERock” Botsford.


Tough Mudder Bootcamp 45-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training classes – priced as low as $10 – are built around four fitness pillars: Strength, Power, Agility, and Endurance. Each of the six unique classes is teamwork-based and leverage Tough Mudder’s proprietary technology platform to deliver highly effective, fun, motivational, customizable and safe workouts – regardless of fitness level. Plus, there are new workouts added daily, keeping classes fresh, diverse and challenging.


The studio’s smaller, intimate footprint (2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.) will act as a “community center” to motivate members to achieve their goals through realistic benchmarks and other Tough Mudder events. Based on the Tough Mudder company mission that centers on teamwork, camaraderie, courage, personal accomplishment and fun, Tough Mudder Bootcamp focuses on team-oriented training and community as it increases accountability and enjoyment.


“I am thrilled that Burlington will be home to the founding Tough Mudder Bootcamp and be on the cutting edge of this new fitness studio offering. We are eager to help so many in our community reach their fitness goals – no matter their athletic ability,” said Tough Mudder Bootcamp Burlington Owner, Henry Pott. “The Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, June 2 will offer folks of all ages the opportunity to experience how teamwork can make fitness so much more fun. Tough Mudder Bootcamp is all about uniting the current ‘Mudder Tribe’ while providing a supportive environment to newest members. This dynamic fitness challenge will be the buzz of the community.”


To register for a free one-week trial membership, please contact founderspack@toughmudder.com today through Friday, June 8. Additionally, a limited quantity of Founding Membership deals will be offered on-site at the event and by visiting here.


For the latest Tough Mudder Bootcamp Burlington information, follow the studio on Facebook and on Instagram.


Tough Mudder Bootcamp Burlington Grand Opening Schedule

Saturday, June 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

10 A.M.                    Doors open, and guests can try Tough Mudder’s world-class obstacle, Human Hamster Wheel. The first 200 will receive free Tough Mudder Gift Bags, protein bars and workout beverages, behind-the-scenes studio tours and chances to win $130 Merrell Gift Cards.

11 A.M.                    First free full 45-minute workout class begins. Participants are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the class to ensure spots.

 12 P.M.                    Commemorative ribbon cutting featuring Tough Mudder CEO/Founder Will Dean, Tough Mudder Bootcamp President Cathrin Bowtell, Burlington Bootcamp Franchise Owner Henry Pott and Tough Mudder Bootcamp Creative Director Eric “ERock” Botsford.

 12:30 P.M.               Mini-workout class providing the best elements of a full class conducted by Tough Mudder Bootcamp creative director and certified trainer “ERock.”

 1 P.M.                      Second free full 45-minute class.

 2:30 P.M.                 Second mini-workout class.

 3 P.M.                      Third free full 45-minute workout class.

 4 P.M.                      Event concludes, and prizes/giveaways distributed.


Tough Mudder Bootcamp:

Tough Mudder Bootcamp is the new brand expansion into the fitness studio sector by Tough Mudder, Inc., the leading sports, active lifestyle and media brand. Established in 2016, Tough Mudder Bootcamp is a 45-minute HIIT class that delivers a teamwork-oriented, full-body workout that is fun, customizable – to challenge all fitness levels – and highly motivating and social.  Six unique class types are all designed around the fitness pillars of Strength, Power, Agility and Endurance.  Workouts change every day.  Most importantly, all workouts are done working together with other Bootcamp goers – in partner teams, in groups or as a full class.  Workouts are run using Tough Mudder Bootcamp’s proprietary technology platform. Based on the Tough Mudder Mission that centers on teamwork, camaraderie, courage, personal accomplishment and fun, Tough Mudder Bootcamp focuses on team training and community as it increases accountability and enjoyment. A small footprint (2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.), each Bootcamp class will act as a “community center” to motivate members to achieve their fitness goals through realistic benchmarks and Tough Mudder events.


Media ContactAngela Alfano; Angela.Alfano@ToughMudder.com