About ORM

Obstacle Racing Media founders

Obstacle Racing Media founders

What happens when two, hyper, endurance athlete junkies find obstacle racing?

If you run obstacles, you know the answer – instant addiction.

Obstacle Racing Media is born

ORM was born when founders Matt B. Davis and Christian Griffith spent a race weekend of road tripping, debating, brainstorming, and developing ideas around the idea of creating a single, collective source of information relevant and useful to the obstacle racing community.

Beginning with the idea of a print magazine, the two quickly realized that the OCR community was not consuming obstacle racing content in antiquated print, 30-90 days after things had happened.

Instead, racers and recreational participants were uploading photos to social media, proudly updating their Twitter status’ with notifications of successful completion, and sharing information about good (and bad) race logistics experienced along the way.

From an insiders’ perspective

At Obstacle Racing Media, we have one goal – to be an unbiased, single source of information for elite obstacle racing athletes, recreational weekend warriors, and first-time race participants with up-to-date OCR news, race reviews, and on-location reporting that only those truly entrenched in the day-to-day of the sport can offer.

An open source community

Have a well-written race report you’d like us to publish at Obstacle Racing Media? Let us know.

Or, simply share your thoughts with us on the racing community, event experiences, or our own reporting.

Thank you for reading and being part of our OCR community. We love it as much as you do!

Some of the links that ORM uses are affiliate links. They help pay for our operations. However, all race and product reviews are independent, and our opinions are our own.

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