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Spartan Tea

The minds behind Spartan Race set out to make a tea for Spartans and came up with using the herb Sidiritis. Why did they use Sidiritis? Because it is grown in the mountains of Greece, home to Sparta. Sidiritis tea is said to have healing properties that can bolster the immune system while speeding recovery. If you want to train like a Spartan you should also recover like a Spartan. Try out Spartan Tea here
Spartan Race

Spartan Hydration Tablets

Spartan Hydrate comes in an easy to use pack of 3 tablets that you can consume before, during, or after you work out. These capsules provide you with needed electrolytes while being easy on the gut. They are also way easier to consume than eating mustard packs and eating pickles while exercising. Get your hydration on


Spartan Collagen Protein

Collagen is a form of the most common protein found in the body.   Just like Spartan Tea, Spartan’s Collagen  Protein points back to Greece in the root of its name – Colla, comes from the Greek word Kolla which means glue. Collagen helps repair muscles, tendons, and ligaments while  also consisting of important amino acids that are also key to recovery and healthy living. Buy Spartan Collagen Protein Here

Spartan Race


Spartan Energy Capsules

Spartan Energy Capsules provide you with the quick pick me up that you need whether its pre-race or during a race. Within each pack there are two capsules each containing 75mg of healthy caffiene. That makes each capsule equal to about a half cup of coffee.  This is perfect for a multi hour race when you need a sustained pick me up that you can take every few hours.  Plus the caffeine is from a natural source of whole green coffee powder so it is easy on the stomach. Try it out at the Spartan Shop


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