HFS Men’s Xero Shoes Review

These light, natural-feeling running slippers aren’t for the faint of heart, or should I say, the faint of calf strength. They are built to develop strong legs and strong minds. Anyone running on their toes for more than a minute or two is going to become stronger, more relentless, and definitely more enduring. Give these shoes a try to build strength, quickness, and an all-around better running form and technique.

HFS Men’s Xero Shoes Product Features

Lightweight– These shoes are literally like running barefoot.

Mesh upper– The mesh upper makes them extremely lightweight but probably not the best in the rain and/or snow. They have other shoes for that.

Solid toe box– There is a solid strip of material to cover and protect your tootsies from any gravel and other debris.

Durability– There is a 5,000-mile sole warranty on these bad boys. That’s quite the warranty. Even if you run 20 miles a week, that’s more than five years for one pair of shoes. That sounds like a good deal to me.

HFS Men’s Xero Shoes Product Usage

I first saw and heard about these shoes when Matt B. Davis, founder of Obstacle Racing Media, invited Chris McDougall and Eric Orton to Atlanta for a fun run and talk about their new book, Born to Run 2. I was intrigued by these guys’ love for running and excitement about life. While running in Atlanta, I tried to ask them about their running shoes, but they were too fast, or else I was too slow. I just couldn’t keep up and was too winded to say anything. I was still running in my super comfy Brooks Glycerin 14 shoes that I had been running in for close to five years. These shoes were past their prime. Seeing and meeting Chris, I soon became inspirited by his writings. I even did a painting of him and his beloved donkey Sherman.

After learning about these shoes, I was fired up to give them a try. I had read Born to Run many years ago, probably in 2011, when I was running a good bit, but I never really had the gumption to try to run barefoot. So when reintroduced to my love of running in 2022, I was willing to listen to what Chris and Eric had to say. I actually ordered Chris’ two other books Running with Sherman and Natural Born Heroes, and preordered Born to Run 2. I flew through Running with Sherman as it is a page-turner but am still stuck on Natural Born Heroes as it is very dense but very good nonetheless.

Born to Run 2 came in the mail on December 6, 2022, and I was excited to crack it open. I even ordered two more copies, one for my sister-in-law and one for Matt. My sister-in-law already had one so I gave it to my friend Josh. Born to Run 2 is a training guide. It has information on how to warm up, proper form and technique, what to eat, and even a 90-day training plan. I haven’t followed it exactly because of my schedule, but I have been taking it all in with a grain of salt. This winter has been a challenge with training. I do not like getting up early and I definitely don’t like the cold. So, I have been getting up early maybe twice a week to run before work. The new shoes have been a good part of my training for doing Foot Core and Log Running, which is basically like running on your toes. I have been trying to train and run on my toes a couple of times a week. The Xero shoes make you focus on your foot placement. The longest I have run in Xero Shoes is five miles and it was quite the task. My calves felt very stiff. I really want to know the longest someone has run in these shoes because I don’t think I could go much farther than five miles. I need some cushion and have been doing longer runs in my Salomon shoes.

I don’t recommend running on gravel barefoot, so if you are ever running on gravel and want zero-drop shoes, these are a good option to protect your feet. Even if you live in a city, you should probably be wearing shoes of some sort, and if you abide by the Born to Run mindset, then Xero shoes are great for any occasion. They have on-road, off-road, waterproof, sandals, you name it. They have most colors and sizes.

HFS Men’s Xero Shoes Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Look good
  • Comfortable
  • Great traction

HFS Men’s Xero Shoes Cons

  • No support for high arches
  • Made in China

HFS Men’s Xero Shoes Conclusion

Overall, I like these shoes most for training for running quicker and smarter, however, I don’t think I can do long runs in them. At least not yet. I enjoy running long distances because of the way it makes you feel. There is a lot of building and strengthening to do in order to do longer runs in these shoes. I understand the importance of running on your toes, however, when running long distances I feel I need some support and cushion to enjoy the experience. I think I will run in them sometimes but not always. Maybe I can just build up the strength and build up the distance. Anyways, I went from weighing 240 pounds at the end of 2021 to 190 pounds in 2023. I am training to get stronger, lose some more weight, run longer distances, enjoy running with friends, and hopefully enjoy some traveling. It is nice to hear from Chris about Run Free and Happy. Running provides an escape from worry and lets you enjoy what life has to offer. These shoes will help make me stronger and be able to accomplish more goals and run faster and longer, both by myself and with other people.

You can purchase all Xero Shoes here.

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