The Last Death Race?


Last July, ORM published a series of articles about the future of The Death Race.

To bring you up to speed, a few days after the last Summer Death Race ended, Joe De Sena, said that it was the last one.

Andy Weinberg, the man who had co-led every Death Race with Joe, since it’s inception, said that registration was open for 2015, and that people should still sign up.

A legal battle has begun since that neither party is talking about on the record.

Here is what we can tell you:

There is a Summer Death Race that begins tomorrow put on by Peak Races.

Andy Weinberg is not currently employed by Peak Races or Spartan Race.

Andy Weinberg and Jack Cary created The Endurance Society in August of last year. That company has already begun producing races. This weekend (yes, the same weekend as the Summer DR), they are putting on an event called Sine Nomine.

If you want updates on The Death Race. The hashtag has been #peakdr. You can also follow updates on the Peak Facebook Page.

If you want updates on Sine Nomine, there aren’t any. Jack and Andy have decided that no one in the race can talk about it.

We reached out to Joe De Sena this morning to ask him if this was the official swan song. He told us

Is it the end for DR? Has it run its course? I’m not 100 percent sure yet obviously leaning toward it being the last race.

I reserve my decision for after this years epic event!

Bonus Material: Amelia Boone shares her thoughts on Death Race.

This weekend marks the final Death Race. But for those of us who have been a part of the race in the years since its inception, we all know that it's never really over – it lives on in the friendships and bonds we forged, the tears we shed, the lessons we learned about human nature, and ultimately, about ourselves. Without a doubt, there has been no other race that challenged me, shaped me, and brought out both the best and the worst of me, like the Death Race has done. In my five winters/summers out there, I have laughed, cried, hallucinated, gotten frostbite, and mangled more cords of wood with an axe than you can imagine. I have swam miles in a cold reservoir, hiked Bloodroot countless times (sometimes with a canoe or rock), logrolled in the middle of the night, pulled a I-beam from the a frozen river in the middle of winter, done thousands of burpees, and lost all of my toenails. I have learned to make fire with a bow drill (kind of), sewed loin cloths, carried cement bags, and made the worst origami crane you could imagine. I've taken 200 question exams, cursed Jack Cary's name repeatedly, and I still refuse to say "excuse me." And I've come to count several plastic aquarium skulls as my most proud possessions. But most of all, I have learned about life. I've learned about myself. I've forged bonds that can't be broken, and I've been inspired by dozens of incredible people with remarkable stories. The Death Race is one of those things that's impossible to explain or justify to someone unless he or she has been a part of it. And that's fine, because it doesn't matter what others think – the only thing that matters is what it means to you. I've found everything I needed to find in the Death Race, so for me, the journey is complete. But for those taking part this weekend, I'll repeat something I said last year – no one remembers whether or not you walked away with a skull. What they'll remember is how you acted and how you treated others during the race. It's your journey – get out of it what you need, and don't let anyone take that away from you. #peakraces #peakDR #DeathRace

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Bonus Material 2: 2007 “Death Division” YouTube Video

Bonus Material 3: ORM’s first glimpse of the Death Race back in 2012

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  1. Only a few strong players remain in this business. Remember this list? At one point there were well over a thousand mud run organizers, many of which had multiple events. But that was before the bubble burst.


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