Tactical Titan

Tactical Titan

“Not your beginners 5k OCR”


 With only its second race to date, Tactical Titan is leaving athletes sore, challenged, and damn proud of themselves. This race is apart of the TitanRuns series hosted by Mike Nelson from Plant City, Florida. Tactical is a mudless 5k OCR that was held on June 10th 2017 at the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds. Due to a rainy week in Central Florida the race left runners dirty and racing for the showers post run although it was advertised as being mudless. To offset the flat terrain at the fairgrounds Tactical made sure NOT to slack on the intensity and creativity of their new obstacles.

I thought to myself “pshhhhht, I got this” when I saw Tactical was only a 5k…BOY was I WRONG! Tactical Titan boasted 30+ obstacles in the 5k distance including THREE challenging rigs, tire flips, monkey bars, inverted walls and a SPINNING TUBE OF DEFEAT! As I helplessly attempted to crawl through the tube I felt like I was a pair of tennis shoes getting rolled around in a quick speed dryer! After witnessing these kickass obstacles, I quickly learned that they were NOT to be taken lightly. This race had me feeling a type of exhaustion that I have never felt before during a 5k like Rugged Maniac or Warrior Dash. By the time the last obstacle (bleachers….. oh JOY) had come around I had reached my breaking point due to the amount of physically intensive obstacles.


I mean come on now; LOOK at THIS TUBE !!!!!!! 

After the fun of really EARNING our medals, Tactical hosted its one of a kind Rig Tournament Challenge. First, athletes had to successfully complete the rig by going down and back across the various hanging objects (balls, ropes, and rings). Second, they had to be faster then their opponent in order to move onto the next round. Pictured below is Rich King from Orlando who made such a BADASS come back in the rig tournament. Rich started in eighth place because of a shoulder injury, but came back to dominate the competition and win first place. He states that the hardest part of the rig was “the balls. It was hard to grab the balls”……… we’ll just leave it at that… BUT; he kicked ass and took home the overall win for the men.


This race showed me that teamwork really does, as cliche as it sounds, make the dream work.

     Tactical was able to deliver the three main aspects of OCR; team work, comradery, and getting stupid dirty! This race required a lot of teamwork due to the physically demanding obstacles. “MUDRUNFUN” was titled as the BEST TEAM at the course. Team captain, Eduardo Gonzalez came back out on the course after his run to coach athletes through each step of the challenging rigs. I wouldn’t have been able to get through as many as I did without his help!


Whats Next Titans?!

The Titan Runs series will be bringing Tactical Titan 3 to Dover, Florida again for its revenge. Can’t wait that long?! Mud Titan8 will be October 7th, 2017 in Plant City, Florida. MudTitan8 will feature 1 extra mile, with an additional 10 obstacles!!! Racing information and all things #TITAN can be found here at their website-  Titan Runs !!!

Photo Credit: Course Map and Logo Photo owned by Tactical Titan, while Jack Goras provided additional on course photography !

Stay dirty, Stay fit, and Stay motivated !! 🙂 

Special Ops in the Stadium

Special Ops Spartan Sprint Race Review, Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida

Special Ops course map, Tampa

The Special Ops Spartan Sprint at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, was more than just your normal sprint and different from previous stadium events. For the first time, Spartan was able to combine the uniqueness of a stadium event with mud obstacles. Not only were you running stairs, you would also be crawling through dirt and running through mud.

Special Ops Spartan Race in Tampa

Florida is not known for its hilly terrain but Spartan made sure you felt like you were running hills. Right out of the gate you ran up about 6 levels of ramps in the stadium. This was a great way to spread out the runners from the very beginning.

After a small obstacle, you came upon the Hobie Hop for a few flights of stairs and while it is not normally too difficult, going up the stairs was a little challenging. I probably found it the most difficult of the day. Through most of the first part of the race, you were in the walkways of the stadium where you encountered a few walls and an over/under/thru. Into the stadium, you ran up, down and across multiple levels of stairs. Although running stairs is not the easiest, I liked them and used this as a great opportunity to make some headway on my overall time. After the traverse wall, you had a gamble which was either run another 6 levels of ramps or do 15 burpees with 120 stairs. I took the run up the ramp along with most people who were around me. The sandbag carry was also up, down and across the stadium stairs.

From the stairs, we encountered a new obstacle which was pretty much a burpee fest. Trashcans were set up side by side and we were given a Nerf style football to throw into the trash can. Rumor has it that the success rate for this obstacle was pretty low. Given the amount of people doing burpees when I attempted it, I would believe the rumor to be true. I, like many, took my burpees on this one. Interesting obstacle but given the nature of the race and location, it made sense. While at a lot of Spartan Races, you can hear people saying how they are concerned about the spear throw, well at this one, you heard more about throwing a football.

Next up, right in the middle of the field was an 80 yard barb ware crawl. This was probably one of the biggest bottlenecks of the race for the open heats. For most people it was a very long crawl or roll through damp sand. To me, it seemed the barb wire was also a little lower than normal. It took a little maneuvering to make it through all the people and the barrels stuck in the middle but it was easily achievable. This was the last of the stadium obstacles before we were on to normal sprint obstacles.

The Herc Hoist was next and seemed to be weighted heavier than previous races. Still achievable, many people struggled to lift the weight up and slowly down as needed. The atlas lift was next followed by rolling mud. To add to the Special Ops theme, the next obstacle was weighted ammunition boxes which we had to pick up 2, carry them out and back. We had an inverted wall, spear throw, rope climb, slipwall, fire jump and gladiator pit.

Nothing really stood out to me to complain about. I heard a few grumblings about not enough volunteers at obstacles, but this was not something I encountered myself. There were also some runners towards the end of the day who did not get the Special Ops medal. Had this occurred to me, I will admit, I would be upset. Probably the biggest conflict of the day was many of the front elite males going off course. Different reasons were given for this but as a result, the runners who went off course were allowed to run the race again. Current times for the male elite only shows up to the sandbag carry. I am sure there will be more to come on what occurred and what changes may happen in the future to ensure this doesn’t occur.

I really enjoyed this race. I felt they made really good use of the stadium to put on an interesting and fun race for the over 5000 runners from all over the country. Check in was efficient by using the ticket windows, which I thought was really smart. The race used a lot of the stadium and then when it went outside it almost looped around the festival area making it pretty spectator friendly once the runners were outside. The festival area seemed to be in a smaller than normal area, but still not over crowded. Overall, from my perspective, great job Spartan!


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