Hunter McIntyre Interview

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Hunter McIntyre Interview

Episode 195 – Believe it or not, we have never dedicated an entire show to Hunter McIntyre. The closest being a 20 minute sit down back in April of 2014 as part of the USOCR episode. On today’s show, Hunter and Matt discuss:

  • The Boundless episode where he took on a French 140km bike race (and lost)
  • Why he is training to be an “endurance athlete” and not necessarily a “Spartan Racer”
  • His new World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 teammate (and why he was chosen)
  • The recent Spartan DQ’s and what Spartan can do better
  • Much, much more

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Show Notes:

The USOCR podcast from May 2014

Boundless on Esquire Network

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2016 Spartan Race U.S. Championship Series: Ryan Atkins, Lindsay Webster and destiny

This weekend is the fourth race in the Spartan Race U.S. Championship Series – The Southeast Showdown in Asheville, North Carolina. Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster have finished in first place in each of the first three races: the Big Sky Sprint in Montana, the Golden State Classic in California, and the Blue Mountain Challenge in Pennsylvania. With a strong showing this weekend in Asheville, they can lock down the wins in the inaugural U.S. Championship Series and claim the titles of 2016 Spartan Race U.S. Champion.

The Spartan U.S. Championship series is a five race series with the points from an athlete’s four best races counting toward their final standings. First place in a race is worth 300 points, second place is worth 299 points, and so on down the line. A “perfect” score with four (or five) first place finishes is worth 1,200 points.

Mens Standings

Ryan Atkins has finished in first place in each of the first three races. If Atkins finishes in third place or better at either of the last two races he will win the 2016 Spartan Race U.S. Championship. If Atkins finishes in 4th place or worse at BOTH the Asheville Super this weekend and the Breckenridge Beast on August 27th, both Robert Killian and Hunter McIntyre will have a chance at catching him.

Womens Standings

Lindsay Webster is in a similar position as Atkins. She has won all three of the Spartan U.S.C.S. Races so far and can secure first place in the series with a win or second place finish this weekend or at the Breckenridge Beast. If Webster finishes in third or worse at both Asheville AND Breckenridge, she will be within reach of Faye Stenning. If Webster finishes in sixth place or worse at BOTH upcoming races, KK Paul and Rose Wetzel will also have a shot at first place.

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