Terrain Race Cancels Another Event For Lack Of Permit

The Cool Events/Terrain Race scheduled for tomorrow in Kansas City has been cancelled. Racers learned of this when the packet-pickup taking place at The Adams’s Mark Hotel was shut down suddenly. Attendees were told “You will get an email with further details”.  Then, this sign was hung up at the hotel.

Terrain Kansas City Cancel

This afternoon, Obstacle Racing Media spoke with Linda Niendick, County Clerk of Lafayette County, Missouri. Mrs. Niendick told us that Cool Events never applied for the permits necessary to hold an event at that venue. She said  “We do all kinds of large and special events. We did not know about this particular event until yesterday morning.”

She went on to tell us “Ordinarily an organizer will contact us to find out about any planning or permits so we can look into zoning, permits, etc. We asked Linda what Cool Events reasoning was and her response was “They said they didn’t know they should.”

Back in July, Cool Events/Terrain Race, received some negative press for cancelling a venue a few days prior to the event. At that event, the the local town’s enforcement department told us they had “bent over backward” to help get this event off the ground. She mentioned Terrain had given them only 3 weeks notice of the event, and “the town had to work fast to get all of the paperwork approved”.

There was also some confusion about where this most recent Missouri event was to take place. The venue Terrain Race began setting up their equipment belonged to a local farmer. However, Cool Events/Terrain listed the physical address as 11618 Highway 24, Lexington,MO,64067. This is the address of Jamz Trucking, which is across the street from the farm. We spoke with someone from Jamz Trucking, who told us”We called Cool Events 6 months ago to remove our address from their website, but they never changed it”

Lucas Pfannenstiel, who is one of the organizers of KC OCR was very upset at the news. Lucas told us that KC OCR had about 200 racers signed up for this event. “I spoke with Brandon Adams from Terrain earlier in the week and he said they were “excited for KCOCR to be here and have our tent set up and that they couldn’t wait to meet us. Guess that won’t happen now. For a small race community we beg OCR companies to come and trust we can produce racers. We held up our end of the deal.”

Obstacle Racing Media has reached out to Cool Events president Bill Spata, as well as their head of PR, Caleb Bacon, but have not received a response.

Shortly before press time, Terrain posted the following:

Terrain Racers,

We’re very sorry to inform you that we have been forced to postpone this Saturday’s Terrain Race Kansas City at River View Farms. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we are unable to put on the event this Saturday and we will be communicating with you very shortly about the new date. Currently we are working with the venue and city officials on the new date. You can expect to hear from us by early next week.

In addition, today’s Packet Pickup has closed early.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and we look forward to bringing you a great event soon.

-The Terrain Race Crew

It appears that Cool Events has had similar issues with this type of permitting issue since at least 2017.







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Toughest Mudder 2020 Locations

There are now 4 2020 Toughest Events available for registration for 2020.

Los Angeles – April 4/5

Philly – May 16/17

Midlands UK – June 13/14

Chicago – August 22/23

Las Vegas Toughest is happening on October 19 of this year. History tells us that we will get that event around a similar date next year. It would be announced shortly after this year’s event is over most likely.

Will they change any of the CONTENDER status? Will events be day time or night time? We will most likely find out at the 2019 WTM Brunch or shortly thereafter.

The Spartan OCR/CrossFit FaceOff 2019 Results

Hunter McIntyre LogWod

Today, the first ever OCR/Crossfit FaceOff took place in Squaw Valley, CA, where the Spartan Race World Championships are taking place. The idea was to have 4 OCR based athletes compete against 4 Crossfit athletes over the course of the day to determine individual and team winners. Check out our article from earlier this week which discussed the inception in more detail.

The first event of the day was the 13 mile, 30 obstacle Spartan Beast course. The Crossfit athletes left at 7:00am and the OCR athletes left 30 minutes later. All runners would be chip timed but there were points to be gained or lost by catching/being caught.

There were no surprises in this event as the OCR athletes made a clean sweep. Matt Kempson came in first, followed by Hunter and Isaiah. Jacob Heppner, Sean Sweeney, and Chandler Smith. All 3 OCR men caught and passed all 3 CrossFit men. Corinna Coffin was faster than Emma Chapman but was not able to catch Emma on the course.

Jacob Heppner posted on his IG shortly after the race “All I remember was I couldn’t breathe, swam in 40 degree water, didn’t fail a single obstacle, met some cool folks. And now I have the worse Fran cough of my life”

I asked Chandler Smith before the WODs began, if the Spartan Beast met his expectations. “It wasn’t as ridiculous as I thought since I have run some half marathons. But I failed 6 obstacles (which require 30 burpees per failed obstacle) so I have already done a lot of fitness today.

Chandler Smith Tahoe WOD

The first afternoon afternoon event was a WOD called “Throw Down”, which was 4 Rounds of the following:

– 12x RAM Thruster (55lbs/33lbs)
– 20m RAM Overhead Lunge
– 2x Deadball Over the shoulder (150lbs/100lbs)
– 2x Deadball Over the Wall
– jump over 4 ft wall and 6 foot wall.

The order of finishers was Hunter, Sweeney, Heppner, Vidal, Smith, Kempson for the men and Corinna over Emma for the women. Some additional video coverage of this workout can be found hereand here.

The 2nd WOD was called “Hells Hill” which was 4 rounds of performing 5 deadball – ground to overhead (100lbs/70lbs). Then running increasing distances up a hill with double sandbags (120lbs/80 lbs). First round was 25 meters up the hill, 2nd round – 50 meters, 3rd round – 75 meters, 4th round – 100 meters.

Isaiah was the winner of this event. Hunter finished in 2nd with Sweeney in 3rd and Matt Kempson hot on his heels. Chandler Smith did not finish this event as the temperatures were dropping and he was having issues with his hands.  Corinna beat Emma in this event as well.

Watch some Facebook Live coverage of this event.

Corinna Coffin Sandbags

The 3rd WOD was titled “The Lumberjack” which was a 400 meter run on a TruForm treadmill, followed by max log flips (4oolb/280lb) in a 6 minute workout. Deadlifts were originally scheduled, but were swapped out because of anticipated rain.

Jacob Heppner LogWod

Sean Sweeney won this event, followed by Hunter, Jacob, Isaiah, and Matt. Corinna again beat Emma in this event.  Some live coverage captured here.

The WODs were originally planned for a 4:00pm start but were moved to 1:00pm to attempt to get ahead of the weather. Unfortunately, organizers were forced to make the call to cancel a 4th WOD as lightning and snow moved in.

Final scores:

Hunter McIntyre – 18 points
Isaiah Vidal – 13 points
Sean Sweeney – 12 points
Matt Kempson – 9 points
Jacob Heppner – 8 points
Chandler Smith – DNF due to injury

Corinna Coffin – 4 points
Emma Chapman – 1 point

By having more overall points, Team OCR beats Team Crossfit as well.

*All photos provided by Anthony Yepez

Update on The Tahoe OCR/Crossfit Event – It’s Called “The Faceoff”

Last week we learned of a new hybrid event that Spartan Race was presenting this weekend in Tahoe. We called it the OCR/Crossfit Tahoe Throwdown Challenge. It’s actual name is “The Faceoff presented by FitAid”, which also happens to be the name of one of my favorite Nicolas Cage movies.

Tahoe Face Off

We learned last week the premise: 4 Crossfit Athletes will face off against 4 OCR athletes over the course of an afternoon on Saturday, September 28, 2019.

Today, we learned more about how all of this will go down. David Magida and Yancy Culp have been tasked with creating the programming for the day. Yancy will also serve as head referee for the event, while David will handle host and MC duties.

They both emphasized that everything currently listed is flexible, as areas they may have space limitations on the day, and/or other factors.

Event #1 – The Championship Beast Course

• The 8 competitors compete against each other in the Saturday Beast.

• Chip timing will be used, but catching/being caught counts for extra points.

• CrossFit Athletes Will Start Race 30 Minutes Before Spartan Athletes.

Additional Spartan Beast Scoring/Penalty Rules

1. CrossFit Athletes will start with 30min advantage on Spartan Beast Course.

2. If Male CrossFit athletes are caught by any Spartan competitor, they will be penalized -1 point. This includes if they are caught by a female. This penalty can only be assessed once, per CrossFit Athlete.

3. If Male Spartan Athlete catches All 3 Male CrossFit Athletes, Spartan Athlete will receive +1 bonus point.

4. If Female CrossFit Athlete is caught by Female Spartan Athlete, they will be penalized -1pt, but no bonus point will be assessed.

5. Female Crossfit Athletes are only penalized if caught by another female

6. If Female CrossFit Athlete is not caught on course, she will receive +1 bonus point.

7. If an athlete is beat by more than 1 hour by any racer (on chip time), they lose an additional -1pt

8. Failure to complete Spartan Beast = Disqualification from competition.


  • Approximate start time 2:00pm local time
  • Failure to complete any event will result in a -1 Point Penalty

Event #2: The Throw Down

4 Rounds

– 12x RAM Thruster (55lbs/33lbs)

– 20m RAM Overhead Lunge

– 2x Deadball Over the shoulder (150lbs/100lbs)

– 2x Deadball Over the Wall

– 4 ft wall

– 6 foot wall

– Run back and Repeat

Event #3: Hell’s Hill

4 Rounds

– 5x Deadball Ground to Overhead (GTO) 100lbs/70lbs

– Double Sandbag Carry – 60lbs/40lbs

*Carries (and Run To Sandbags) increase in distance each round- 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m

Spartan Faceoff Deadlift

Event #4: The Lumberjack

3 Rounds

–        30Deadlifts (-10x Each Round) – Men’s 225lbs, Women 155lbs

–        4x Log Flip – Men’s 400lbs, Women’s 280lbs

–        10x Log Jump Overs

Event #5: Spartan RAMpage

5 Rounds

– 16x Spartan RAM Burpee (-2x Each Round)

– Run and low crawl with Spartan RAM

– 2x Plate drag

Scoring System

Point Allocation Per Event: 

Mens:                              Womens:

Place Points Place Points
1st Place 5 points 1st Place 1 points
2nd Place 4 points 2nd Place 0 points
3rd Place 3 points
4th Place 2 points
5th Place 1 point
6th Place 0 points

There will be a male and female Champion plus a team award for who got the better of whom, with Crossfit versus OCR.

Watch Facebook Livestreams for this event here!

Deadlift photo by Armen Hammer.

Spartan Race Tahoe Course – First Look

Last night, I had a chat with Steve Hammond about this year’s Lake Tahoe Spartan World Championship Course. Here is a summary of what we discussed:

The Spartan Beast:

  • Prepare for swim and dunk wall both days. Final decisions on those will be made on race day from Mike Morris, Tyler Gobin, and The Medical Team.
  • Currently the course is 13.7 including carries. (The carries may get longer)
  • There are 36 obstacles
  • There will be a 2nd sandbag carry for the Elites on Sunday.
  • There are 2 major climbs and 3800 feet of gain
  • Same amount of gain as last year, if you check Strava.
  • The course will be similar to last years, but some parts going in opposite directions.
  • Big Lump, Little Lump (like last year)
  • Descending is going to be super key. A runner will be able to catch up minutes on the descent.
Spartan Tahoe Coures PreviewThis is what last year’s Big Lump, Little Lump looked like.
Spartan Trail Race:
  • 10 K long (6.2 miles)
  • 1000 feet of gain
  • Part of it goes on The Western States trail, part of it goes on the Beast course.
  • Undulating
The maps will be out Thursday with more information.