10 Things You Should Be Doing During Covid 19 Quarantine

10 Things To Do During Quarantine

1 – Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. 
Hop on a Zoom. Do a bunch with your friends. Do some with Instagram influencers. Then do one with family members you hardly talk to. You will regret it almost immediately, when buried childhood wounds are dug up.

However, you can then post things like “Just talk to my family for the family for the first time in YEARS!” or “Silver Linings – reconnected after so much time – Love. My. Sibs.!”

2 – Comment on how everyone is doing it wrong.

You love your friends, but they are doing it wrong. They’re ordering in to avoid contact, but probably too much, which puts a strain on all of us. They are going to the store and not wearing masks. Or, they are not wearing the right kind of mask. They are also posting articles which are fake or don’t have ALL THE FACTS. Straighten them out, and quick, with a Facebook post.

3 – Take mask selfies.

Everyone has seen thousands of these already, but have they seen how cute you look in yours?

4 – Teach your own kids.

Question – Now that we are all stuck inside 24/7, how can we spend even more time with our kids? Also, haven’t we all been itching to look at math problems we haven’t thought about in the last 20-30 years?

Why have we been sending these kids to school anyway? Paying for school lunches!? Creating an entire industry around teachers? We all clearly have had the skills to do this ourselves the whole time!?

When this thing is over, I hope we realize how foolish it’s been to ever have our kids leave the house, being taught by so called “professionals”

5 – Thank health care workers.

In the past, you only got a chance to show much you care about certain groups of people a couple of times a year.

Around 9/11, you can thank Fire, Police, and First Responders. Then around Memorial Day and Veterans Day, you can show much you care about people that served in the military. As long as you remember to thank the right vets on the right day. If you thank a living vet on Memorial Day, you are going to hear about it.

Anyhow, now you can thank healthcare workers every single day! But, no one will know, unless you post about it. So get on there and find a meme, cartoon, or make home-aid signs! Covid is NOT going anywhere for a while, so this is really a chance for you to shine.

6 – Learn a language.

Be a bad ass bitch about how amazing you are making yourself, with all this free time in your hands. You always wanted to learn and speak Spanish fluently. What is stopping you? Everyone else can complain about being “stuck”. You can expand your horizons with some Rosetta Stone. Post weekly, nope, daily progress will be essential with this one. ¡Te estamos esperando!

7 -Make essential items.

Pull out that sewing machine that’s been collecting dust. Start posting about all the people you’re making masks for, free of charge. If you don’t do this simply out of the kindness of your heart, you are a bad person.

8  – Brag about what your company is doing.

You are already showing people how awesome you are, but what about your employer? They have also been doing  A.MAZ.ING. things, during this time. Even though you’ll be gone in 6 months when you get headhunted away for a 10 percent higher salary and two more weeks vacation, take the time now to talk about them. Use words like “Proud”, “Lucky”, “Grateful”, and “Honored”.

9 – Bake.

Open the oven. Stick things in. Set a timer. How hard is that?

10 – Post Anecdotes That Shame All Of Us.

Now is probably the best time you’ll ever have to make others feel bad about themselves, and the state of our world. One of my faves is “ God sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done here”. Now ya better not be selfish and steal that one. I’ll find you.

UltraVirus 12 Hour Race Results

The race has a new website – click here!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this first event of its kind.

We ran almost 13,000 miles together!

Here are the top finishers.

1st place
Mark Batres and Kristen Gray – Cash prize.

This was based on 19 percent of the total number of entrants, and 434 signed up.

19 percent of the entry fees was $2089. So Mark and Kristen won $1044.61 a piece!

2nd place
Mark Gaudet and Beverly Abbs both earned 1 pair of VJ Shoes, any style.

3rd place
Michael Wardian and Ashley Lorraine both won a Camelbak Zephyr Vest.

*Update – Wardian has another pack sponsor and could not accept. We asked him who it should go to, and he said “How about last place?” So congratulations to Brian Martin!

4th place
Logan Broadbent and Lauren Longfield both won a Kitbrix.

Most Vert
Was won by Taylor Turney with 16,549 feet of vertical gain. Check out this awesome video. He won a TX Agravic Fast Pack.

Special Prize was awarded to Al Flowers of Great Britain who completed 50 miles in his backyard! Pam P and Hardkour Performance donated his prize.

We gave away TONS of random prizes. Anyone who showed up and did at least 1 lap was eligible. See if you won.

You can rewatch any of the 12 hours of Facebook Live Coverage by going here.

The final leaderboard will live here.

OCR Report put together a recap video, which captures the spirit pretty well.

Here is a special treat made for you by Discord Ricky.

You can add your name, and share your mileage all over the place.

Farthest ever

25 miles Ultravirus

30 miles Ultravirus race 35 miles UltraVirus 45 miles ultravirus   60 miles ultra virus race

The next race is May 30th. Sign up here.

UltraVirus 12 Hour Race



ultra-virus 12 hour

The results page for this event is here.

The next race is May 30. Register here.


The race clock will be set using time.gov.

Your bib number can be found here. You do not have to wear it, but it will be used in prize drawings.



How many 5 mile loops can you get in 12 hours?


  • Log Into Race HQ on Zoom Link Pit Party  on April 18th, 2020 – The race clock will be set using time.gov.
  • Laptop or Phone or Other Devices needs to face your “Pit Area”.

Lap Format and Awards

  • Run 5 miles any way you can, outdoors. Log in your time and photo proof on race website – See below for what constitutes 1 completed lap.
  • Each “Completed Lap” will be reset for the start of each 5 mile lap. Participants must submit only 5 mile segments, and must reset their GPS upon the start of a new lap.  Runners only credited for 5 miles or 1 lap, even if a 10 or 15  mile segment uploaded.
  • Race to begin at 8AM (EST) and end 8PM (EST) on Saturday, April 18th 2020.
  • Between “Laps” athlete can receive aid or rest as long as they’d like:
  • Tracking:
    • Each athlete is responsible to upload lap times and photo proof of EACH lap completed, after each lap. Not all at once in the middle or end of race.
    • Photo needs to be of either watch face OR Strava, Runkeeper, or other tracking app.
    • See notes below for how runners are credited for each lap.

Winner is determined by most laps completed in 12 Hour Period.

Final lap must be completed and entered by 8:00pm EST.

  • Only full 5 mile loops are counted. There are no partial loops.
  • If multiple persons complete most total loops by 8:00pm, fastest overall time wins.
  • A lap uploaded short of 5 miles (even 4.99) will not count.

Leaderboard will be live with chat options for all participants and spectators!

Matt B. Davis and others providing commentary with special guests commentating throughout

UltraVirus 12 Hour



1st prize  “Winner Take All” Cash Award determined by total number of signups.

  • 100 participants – Top M/F   $125 each
    125 participants – Top M/F   $175 each
    150 participants – Top M/F   $300 each
    175 participants – Top M/F   $350 each
    200 participants – Top M/F   $450 each
    225 participants – Top M/F    $500 each
    250 participants – Top M/F   $625 each
    275 participants – Top M/F     $675 each
  • 300 participants – Top M/F.    $725 each   
  • 325 participants – Top M/F.     $785 each
  • 350 participants Top M/F        $845 each
  • 375 participants Top M/F.        $905 each
  • 400 participants  Top M/F       $965 each
  • 425 participants Top M/F.       $1009 each

2nd prize  2nd place male and female – 1 pair of VJ Shoes – any style.

3rd prize    3rd place male and female – 1 Camelbak Zephyr Vest

4th prize.    4th place male and female – 1 Kitbrix

Most Vert Prize – TX Agravic Fast Pack

Random Prizes – We will have a random prize generator on throughout the race. You can win gear and other prices based on bib numbers just by completing at least 5 miles.

 Additional Notes:

  • Official RaceTime is from this website time.gov.
  • You may run 5 mile loops, a 2.5 mile out and back, or even laps around your house. Laps may be the same route or multiple routes. As long as you run outside and you check in every 5 miles from your “pit area” with the data and the photo to prove the 5 mile “Laps”.
  • NO TREADMILLS (A future race may have treadmill option)
  • We will not accept anything uploaded less than 5 mile laps as a complete lap.
  • Any additional mileage will NOT count towards the next lap. (So a 5.25 loop, does not mean next lap is 4.75)
  • We will not accept a 10 mile lap and include it as 2 laps, etc. Each lap your GPS is reset back to zero.
  • You ARE allowed to have a “mobile” pit and check in from different places. Meaning you can run continuous as long as you check into zoom every 5 miles and upload your data, get acknowledged by host every 5 miles.                                              (The UltraVirus is NOT responsible if you run to an area with no signal. So saying “Signal didn’t work, so heres 2 – five mile segments I ran” – UltraVirus race will only count 1 of those segments. So you MUST check in every 5 to the ZOOM Pit no matter what)
  • A crew member may assist runners in uploading photos and race times. Please don’t tell us that this is unfair as you don’t have a spouse/friend/pet to do it for you. It’s just like a real looped race. Some do it alone, some pack an RV full of people to help.
  • You do NOT have to stay logged in to zoom 100 percent of the time. You can log back in each lap in your “zoom pit” to show you are back, upload your miles, be acknowledged by the host, and go back out.
  • You do NOT have to run the entire 12 hours. You can start, and stop as many times as you wish. Take naps, mow the lawn, whatever. Just log your first lap after the race begins, and the finish line closes at 8:00pm EST.
  • There is no “non running” for ANY portion of this race. This means 100 percent of ALL travel is on foot. For example: You can not run down a mountain, then drive back up to the start each lap . We are not rocket surgeons, but we are wise to your ways. So if it’s obvious you found a straight downhill course to go up and down like this, it won’t be counted either. The purpose of this event is to get everyone running/competing together but apart. Not, who can find the loophole. Final say belongs to us.
  • No refunds.


Here is how runners will be credited for each lap.


Step 1

  • Log into Zoom Pit Party.
  • Run 5 miles as per instructions above.
  • Return to Zoom Pit Party.
  • Announce to host your arrival in this manner – “Your Name, coming in from UltraVirus Lap #1”
  • Wait for verbal acknowledgement from the host.  (If host is acknowledging other runners, raise hand in zoom and wait to be acknowledged).  To raise your hand on iPhone – touch screen, click more, then raise hand. On laptop – tap participants, then raise hand.
  • Take whatever time you need before leaving out for another lap.
  • When leaving to begin next lap, announce your departure – “Your Name, Going Out For UltraVirus Lap #2”
  • Wait for acknowledgement from host. (If host is acknowledging other runners, raise hand in zoom and wait to be acknowledged).

Step 2

  • Log into the “Lap Results” (links below).
  • Enter race time in HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS.
  • A lap time of 55 minutes and 10 seconds will be recorded as 00:55:10. A lap time of 1 hour and 12 minutes and 14 seconds will be recorded as 01:12:14
  • Upload photo of watch face of lap time and distance for each lap to UltraVirusRace@gmail.com. In the subject line write your full name and what lap number it is for you. Ex – “John Smith Lap 2”.
  • If you upload data from an app rather than actual watch face, be sure to include “Elapsed Time” and not just “Run Time” as in this photo below. The first number is 50:31 but is not actual elapsed time, which is 55:28.
  • Be sure to close out (X out) of the Lap Results every time (Not just close laptop). Google will LOCK out other racers when it reaches capacity. So please do this.
  • If google sheet crashes/doesn’t allow you to upload. Send time and screenshot to the gmail account. We will do our best to upload it for you before the next lap. However, we are NOT responsible for your times, you are. So please go back to google and enter the times if you get back and see the last lap has not been entered onto the sheet yet.


These steps can be done in either order. This means you can log in your photos and data first or be acknowledged by host first. What’s important is that both steps happen.

Other questions we have been getting:

  • Do I need to run the entire 12 hours to be considered a finisher?

No. You run as many laps as you want, at your own pace. Stop at any time. Take a shower. Keep on going. Or don’t.

  • Can I be paced? Run this with a friend?

First of all, social distancing and all that, so be mindful of gathering with anyone.

In terms of anyone running with you as a pacer, just have them register as another runner. This way it’s another “competitor” running with you. Which keeps this all in the spirit of a true race.

Your friend can choose to log the same amount of miles as you or they can quit anytime. They can also run the first 5 and the last 5, or anything in between.

Whatever the case is, you are both logging separate lap times and photos. We know running with a buddy can make the miles go by faster and can an awesome thing to do. You CAN share a screen/log in with zoom. But again, you are uploading times individually with your own watch/device.

  • Do I have to keep my ZOOM logged in and on my computer on the entire time?

No, you can certainly log on and off or just leave it running in your “pit” if set up near a plug.

However each pit stop, you need to upload your 5 mile loop time and distance plus the photo. Also, quickly wave to the camera to show you are back and about to go back out. You can then shut it down and go back out running.

  • What if the Lap Results Sheet freezes or locks out.

You will still email your result photo as per the above instruction to UltraVirusRace@gmail.com.   However, you are still responsible for getting those lap times in the lap entry spreadsheet as soon as possible. If RD’s have time, we can attempt to do it for you, but if you return from the next lap and your times still aren’t there. Please enter the previous lap time and the new lap time in the appropriate cell. You WONT need to upload the previous lap photo again though, you only need to send that once.

This is not A Boston Marathon Qualifer nor a Western States Golden Ticket Qualifier


Race Links 

Zoom Pit Party – https://bit.ly/UltraVirusZoom

Link for women to enter lap results 


Link for men to enter lap results – https://bit.ly/UVEntryMen

Leaderboard with tabs – https://bit.ly/UV12HourLeaderboard

All your friends that want to watch the coverage – https://www.facebook.com/ObstacleMedia/live/

A final note on results and prizes: Please allow 24 hours for us to verify data. After data is verified, please allow 7-10 days for receipt of prize. Prize money will be sent by Venmo. All other prizes will be mailed.

Our race team has people place in case of controversy or disputed results. We will do our best to resolve anything that comes up as quickly as possible.

Spartan Race Temporarily Furloughs Employees

Spartan Race Covid Update

The impact of COVID-19 has implications on the fitness industry many of us had not previously imagined. Your local gym may has closed, or is going to be mandated to do so. All obstacle racing companies have postponed or cancelled events for March and April of this year. While most in the community hope things “go back to normal” by May/June, there are no guarantees. Last night, we received word from Spartan Race that the company is going to furlough a large portion of their staff, while they wait on word from government and health officials to determine when it is safe to hold large gatherings again.

Here is what they sent to employees:

Dear Colleagues,

First, we hope that everyone is staying safe. Our thoughts and compassion go out to everyone who has, or is caring for loved ones affected by, COVID-19. We recognize the toll that the novel coronavirus is taking on our global community (medical, social, emotional and economic), and we thank you for your continued efforts to support your Spartan colleagues and our customers. Every one of you has been critical to our success over the past 10 years, and you are crucial to our future growth.

As you know, Spartan is an event-driven business and we’re facing unprecedented challenges, much like all other sporting, events, hospitality, travel and a number of other companies across the world right now. While facing the business impacts of such a rapidly-spreading global pandemic, and in order to ensure the strength of the Spartan brand and community, we have to make temporary changes and remain nimble in our operational decisions in the days ahead. We are making numerous adjustments, and have made the difficult decision to place some employees on short-term furlough, in accordance with the need to suspend race operations to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers. All furloughed employees will receive a stipend and will continue to receive healthcare benefits, and we are exploring ways that we can provide additional resources to employees upon their return to work.

In keeping with the spirit of community and solidarity at Spartan, all employees in the company are impacted, and we are temporarily reducing the salary of all other non-furloughed employees as we continue to work through the business challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. If any financial assistance is provided by the federal government or state governments to Spartan, we will do our utmost to ensure employees are reimbursed to 100% of their salaries.

The Spartan Leadership Team will continue to follow federal, state and local government guidelines and will make adjustments to our events and business practices as needed in the coming weeks, keeping you in the know. Please know we do not make any of these decisions lightly, and all decisions will be in an effort to protect the longevity of the business and keep the OCR industry going strong.

We cannot stress enough how important you all are to our future success, and together, we know our strength, resilience and grit as Spartans will bring us back stronger than ever.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and stay safe,

The Spartan Leadership Team

Update – 9:07am – Spartan Race owner Joe Desena spoke on this live video to further discuss the situation. He is hopeful that people can get back to work in May and begin to hire people back for events to be held in June. This discussion begins around minute 23 of the video.

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BoneFrog Chooses To Press On Despite Covid-19 Warnings.

Update – 4:24pm BoneFrog released a message on social media announcing a cancellation. The next BoneFrog event is currently scheduled for April 19, 2020 in Virginia Beach.

As all other obstacle race companies have shut down events for the next 30-45 days, BoneFrog will be holding their event this weekend at Bouckaret Farms in Fairburn, Georgia.

As recently as Noon today EST, BoneFrog have been answering questions on the Georgia BoneFrog Facebook event page stating they were moving forward with this weekend’s event. They published a video (see below) featuring obstacle set up titled “Getting It Done.”

Several customers commented asking for additional clarity around this. BoneFrog staff have confirmed several times that the event is moving forward and “any questions or concerns please email in to: hq@bonefrogchallenge.com”

We emailed BoneFrog owner, Brian Carney, directly on March 13th asking for a status update and got no response. We emailed the HQ email address this morning and received the following  “Brian is in the middle of multiple items right now. If you have questions, please send them via email and he will respond to them as soon as he has time.” We also sent a text to his number, and have yet to hear back.

We reached out to the venue, Bouckaret Farms, and asked if the event was still moving forward. A staff member told us “The CDC, the city, and state government are making that decision. Brian needs to understand those decisions and needs to communicate that to his people”. The staff member went on to tell us that he won’t lock the gates as “the venue is open for people who care for their horses, and other normal business dealings”.

Getting it done.

Posted by Bonefrog on Monday, March 16, 2020

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Spartan Race Corona Virus Cancel/Postponed Update

March 13 – Complete Updated List Here.

Spartan Race just announced the San Luis Obispo event, set to take place this weekend will be postponed to a later date. There were 3 OCR distances planned as the Super, Beast, and UltraBeast were to take place.

In addition, the San Luis Obispo Spartan Trail races of 10k and 13.1 miles will also be postponed.

Update March 12, 2020 – San Luis Obispo Spartan weekend is now moved to November 14-15.

Spartan Race postponed the San Luis Obispo races at the recommendation of the County Health Officer. (We have included the local health Officer’s statement below)

We have also included the full release from Spartan which includes this statement about additional races:

“At this time, all other US events will proceed as scheduled unless otherwise noted”.

We are keeping track of all major obstacle race cancellations and postponements on this post, which we consistently update.

Here is the official statement from Spartan Race regarding this location and COVID – 19


As we actively monitor the developments of COVID-19 and comply with local governments, we regret to inform you that after consulting with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department, they have determined that it is necessary to postpone this weekend’s events scheduled to take place at Santa Margarita Ranch. We will inform you of the new date by Friday.

We are automatically moving all racers to the new date, once confirmed; no further action will be required. If you are unable to attend the new date, you will have 60 days (until May 13th, 2020) to defer your event free of charge. You will be able to defer to any other distance event in the US in 2020 or 2021 that is open for registration. Should you need to defer your event, we will provide information in the next email communication.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Spartans via Live Chat (look for the red help button at the bottom of any Spartan.com page!), or directly via email at: us@spartan.com.

Spartan continues to closely monitor developments pertaining to COVID-19 and operate in accordance with local government policies and/or requests. At this time, all other US events will proceed as scheduled unless otherwise noted.

Spartan Cancelled at Recommendation of County Health Officer .

Health Officer evaluating events on case by case basis; No mass cancellations at this time

San Luis Obispo, CA—County of San Luis Obispo Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein has advised the Spartan organization to postpone the Spartan obstacle course and trail running events scheduled for March 13-15 in Santa Margarita. As a result, event organizers have postponed the event to a date to be announced later this week.

Nearly 7,000 participants from 11 countries had registered for the event, including participants from U.S. cities with local transmission of COVID-19 and several countries currently subject to CDC travel advisories. The decision comes as cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in California.

“It is important to cancel this event to protect the health of the participants and, ultimately, the health of our entire community,” said Dr. Borenstein. “This is an event that by its nature includes close physical contact. With attendees planning to participate from across California and across the world, we need to take a proactive approach to prevent the spread of illness.”

The Public Health Department is closely monitoring events scheduled in SLO County and Dr. Borenstein is providing guidance on a case by case basis.

For organizers of events in SLO County: The Public Health Department recommends that event organizers create an emergency contingency plan for how to modify, cancel, or postpone large events if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in the community. Event organizers should refer to the Mass Gatherings Guidance on Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 from the California Department of Public Health.

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