UltraVirus Race II Rules and Regs

When : May 30, 2020 8:00 AM EST  (The race clock will be set using time.gov.)

Goal: Run as many mile 5 laps as possible in 12 hours.

Where : Your personal pit space, and your choice of 5 mile laps.

Things You Will Need For This Race: 

  1. Register for the race on RunSignUp.
  2. Once registered, create an account on UltraVirusRace.com with the same name/pass you use from RunSignUp. It will automatically populate your name and bib number for the race.
  3. Laptop or phone to be logged into The Zoom Pit Party during the race.
  4. A Strava account. (This software application is free).

Race Day Morning – Log in to Zoom by 7:45AM EST. No need to say or do anything. Just be there. Wave to your friends. Once the race begins, and you complete one lap, you are on the leaderboard.

After each lap, here is what is required.

  1. Type in the Zoom chat “Your Name, Lap #__ Complete”.
  2. Uploading the elapsed run time into UltraVirusRace.com where it says “Submit”
  3. Upload Strava link for that lap.
  4. Email a photo of your tracking data (watch face or running app). IMMEDIATELY after each lap to ultravirusrace@gmail.com as a backup. Subject of each email needs to be your First and Last Name and Lap Number. Example – Fuzzy Dunlop – Lap 1

You are not allowed to submit times all it once, in the middle of the day, or at the end of the race. You must enter data after each lap completed.

The Zoom Pit Party will be open for the duration of the race. Most racers found it’s a great way to stay motivated to check in visually with the race directors or their fellow racers throughout the day, but you are not required to.

If RDs have questions about your data, they may attempt to track you down during the race or while you are in the pit. You may rest as long or as short as you like between laps. You can refuel and go, or relax and take your time. Hell, you can even take a shower or do laundry. It’s up to you how much or as little as you run.

A crew member may assist runners in uploading photos and race times. Please don’t tell us that this is unfair as you don’t have a spouse/friend/pet to do it for you. It’s just like a real looped race. Some do it alone, some pack an RV full of people to help.

What Does A 5 Mile Lap Consist Of?

  • A lap that you choose that is 5 miles long. Can be a 5 mile loop or an out and back. Could also be 178 circles in your backyard. As long as you start your tracking at zero and end the lap at at least 5 miles then check in. You can do the same 5 mile lap all day or mix it up every time.
  • If you submit a 6 mile segment, it counts as 1 lap. If you submit a 15 mile segment, it counts as 1 lap. If you submit LESS than 5 miles, it will not count as a lap. You cannot submit ANYTHING less than 5 and have it count as a lap. 4.99 will NOT count as a lap.
  • If you want to leave your pit and go or a 10 or 20 mile run, you may. As long as you reset your watch and check into the Zoom Pit Party every 5 miles along the way. If you don’t have signal where you are running, that is on you. Saying “We didn’t have signal, here is all my laps” at the end of the day won’t cut it.
  • Potential Cheaters: You can not run down a 5 mile mountain, then drive back up to the start each lap . We are not rocket surgeons, but we are wise to your ways. So if it’s obvious you found a straight downhill course to go up and down like this, it won’t be counted either. The purpose of this event is to get everyone running/competing together, yet apart. Not, who can find the loophole. Final say belongs to RD. We can DQ anyone at anytime.
  • Final lap must be completed AND Strava MUST be logged in by 8:00pm EST.
  • Also, this is not a Western States or Boston Marathon Qualifier.

How can my friends watch?

We will be streaming live on Facebook for the entire race. The leaderboard can be found here.

Matt B. Davis and others providing commentary with special guests commentating throughout.

UltraVirus Race Leaderboard

Want to get a peek of what the Zoom Pit Party felt like last time?


1st prize  – 5 percent of all entry fees, divided into top 3 for men and women.

plus Tailwind Nutrition Starter Pack and perhaps more TBD

Plus more sponsored prizes TBD, check back here for updates.

2nd prize  2nd place male and female – 1 pair of VJ Shoes – any style.

3rd prize    3rd place male and female – Tailwind Nutrition Starter Pack and perhaps more TBD

Most Vert Prize  (one winner)– TBD

Random Prizes – We will have a random prize generator on after the race. You can win gear and other prices based on bib numbers just by completing at least 5 miles.


Additional FAQ

  • Are we submitting “Elapsed Time” or “Moving Time?”

If you upload data from an app rather than actual watch face, be sure to include “Elapsed Time” and not just “Moving Time”

In this photo below. The first number is 50:31, but is not actual elapsed time.

This lap time to be submitted is 55:28, in this example.

  • Do I need to run the entire 12 hours to be considered a finisher? Can I start later than 8:00am EST?

No. You run as many laps as you want, at your own pace. Stop at any time. Take a shower. Keep on going. Or don’t. If you want to start later than 8:00 AM, just know you are still only limited to run until 8:00PM EST. We understand if people have work or want to sleep more in a different time zone, but the race still only ends once.

  • Can I be paced? Run this with a friend?

First of all, social distancing and all that, so be mindful of gathering with anyone.

In terms of anyone running with you as a pacer, just have them register as another runner. This way it’s another “competitor” running with you. Which keeps this all in the spirit of a true race.

Your friend can choose to log the same amount of miles as you or they can quit anytime. They can also run the first 5 and the last 5, or anything in between.

Whatever the case is, you are both logging separate lap times and photos. We know running with a buddy can make the miles go by faster and can an awesome thing to do. You CAN share a screen/log in with zoom. But again, you are uploading separate times individually with their own watch/device. We can only give credit for one person per device.

  • Do I have to keep my ZOOM logged in and on my computer on the entire time?

No, you can certainly log on and off or just leave it running in your “pit” if set up near a plug.

However each pit stop, you need to upload your 5 mile loop time and distance plus send the photo.

  • What if ultravirusrace.com is not working?

You will still email your result photo as per the above instruction to UltraVirusRace@gmail.com.  You are still responsible for getting those lap times entered into UltraVirusRace.com as soon as possible. Check back on your next lap and see if the site is working again. RDs are NOT responsible for entering your times, you are.

  • When will be my shirt be sent to me? – Shirts will be mailed the Monday after the race. Let us know if it does not come within 7-10 days after that?

A final note on results and prizes: Please allow 48 hours for us to verify data. After data is verified, please allow 7-10 days for receipt of prize. Prize money will be sent by Venmo. All other prizes will be mailed.

Our race team has people place in case of controversy or disputed results. We will do our best to resolve anything that comes up as quickly as possible.

When Will Spartan Races Start Again?

Update – May 13, 2020 – Spartan announces June event in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is an opinion piece that was submitted to us by Brian Duncanson of Spartan Race. He is a 10 year employee of Spartan. We have printed it here without edits or changes.

Since Spartan suspended events at the end of March, the main question on everyone’s mind has been, “when will races start up again?”  It’s a question we have been reviewing and modeling every day since the COVID-19 outbreak began.  There are now some signs that point to a return sooner than some may expect.  For that reality to become true, there are a few important factors to consider, most importantly the safety of the Spartan community and employees, government regulations, community sentiment, and operational adaptation.  Let’s dive into each one of these to see how likely a comeback really is and what shape those events might take.

Before we dive in, some quick background on me for transparency.  I am the General Manager of Spartan’s North America events, so I’m very interested in seeing the obstacle course racing business and the endurance sports business writ large come back to life.  I have been an adventure racer and started several businesses, so I am a risk taker.  That said, I prefer a pragmatic approach to new endeavors.  I have undergraduate degrees in computer science and mathematics so I am diving deep into the various infection models presented to the public.

I also have family members who work in hospitals, so I would never make recommendations that fly in the face of all the medical staff that are bravely on the front lines of this fight.  Additionally, I am a leukemia survivor who has had a stem cell transplant, so I am sensitive to creating a safe environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.  To get back to racing, we need to ensure that the preconditions outlined above are met.

Let’s start with the first factor which impacts when Spartan events will start again, government regulations.  In some countries, the timeline on these regulations is dictated at a national level.  Since Spartan is a global company, we’ve been keeping informed through our partner network around the world.

Reopening in the US will be a gradual process, and occur state-by-state – and perhaps county-by-county – as the decision is at the discretion of the states. We have already seen a few states, such as Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, begin to reopen their economies, and Missouri is allowing live events, including concerts – so we are looking there as a target location for our first public race event. All indications are that several more states will reopen small businesses and increase the maximum size of large gatherings to some extent by the end of this month.

Of course, there will likely be limitations on crowd sizes in some locations that will force event directors to modify their formats, restrict the number of available race registrations, or hold multiple smaller events rather than a single large event. Even more important than working closely with local government and health officials is ensuring that we operate events which are safe for all who work at, volunteer for and attend them.

Many different models provide predictions on when infection rates will be low enough to open up businesses and relax gathering restrictions. Several of these models are now showing positive movement.  Here are a few that provide some insight into when “normal” life will return.

The website rt.live shows graphs by US state and their Rt – Effective Reproduction Rate.  This is basically how many people each infected person will in turn infect.  Those above 1.0 will have growing cases, while those below will have decreasing cases.  As of today, there are only 8 states above 1.0.

Even more encouraging is a new model out of Singapore University of Technology and Design.  Hosted at https://ddi.sutd.edu.sg/, they have curves by country and they are predicting that the US will have seen 97% of its cases by May 11th.  If this model holds, we can anticipate more states feeling comfortable opening up businesses and increasing the maximum event size.

Brian Duncanson Covid

The second important factor in determining when mass participation events reopen is the community’s sentiment.  It doesn’t matter that events are allowed if people aren’t comfortable attending them.  Spartan is planning to conduct a broad customer sentiment survey to get a sense of how the community feels about returning to the race course.  We’ll look at the geographic data to measure sentiment by state, and see how that compares to those states who are “open”.  As we work with local governments to determine the feasibility of hosting events and secure permits, we will continue an open dialogue about measures we can take to reduce the chances of participants contracting the illness – and will share these measures with the Spartan community.  We want to ensure that our racers feel good about attending an event in each market before we stage an event.

The third factor affecting the timeline to re-open events is Spartan’s own operational capabilities. As mentioned,  we’re working with local governments to meet their respective risk mitigation and restricted capacity requirements – while also setting our own standards we must employ to deem an event safe – and we’re working with organizations who specialize in the matter. Different locations will have different requirements for event directors to work closely with the government agencies and adapt their platforms.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, Spartan has been working through numerous operational models. We have a number of processes laid out and ready for review by local governments once they open up again. While having a process down on paper is a good first step, a live events organization needs to practice these protocols to build operational muscle. Spartan has mapped out a series of steps to work back up to full-capacity events.

The first of those steps has taken place, as we held multiple live workouts complying with the newly imposed state regulation where the small gatherings were allowed. We first tried this in Macon, GA, and after a successful workout with 10 people (the maximum number allowed) and employing  several new protocols, we rolled it out to multiple locations. For each, we took precautionary measures such as contactless check-in, mandatory 10-ft participant spacing to enforce physical distancing best practices, required use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and frequent hand sanitizing.

We plan to take the lessons learned there and expand on them to execute a larger Spartan Hurricane Heat on May 23, 2020. The four-hour, epic endurance event will take place in Molena, GA, 60 miles south from Atlanta, and is limited to just 30 participants, following all state, and Spartan guidelines and requirements. We then look forward to creating a small, private obstacle race as the next step in easing back into the world’s event and fitness landscape – both surrounding the 10-year anniversary of the very first ever Spartan Race in held May 16, 2010.

With each incremental step, the purpose is to progressively learn and expand our capabilities.  Hosting 10 people gives us confidence to host 50, a 50-person event informs us on 100-person events, etc, so we are ready to expand at scale when government regulation allows for it Spartan plans to openly share these learnings with our local partners and the Endurance Sports Coalition we helped to form last month, which now includes more than  700 endurance event producers. As we conduct these new events, we continue to communicate with local permitting agencies and monitor the news as states begin to reopen activities. If the models are correct and we continue to implement our gradual plan, we could be operational by the end of June.

Stacie Davis and Matt Davis

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Matt and Stacie Davis

Stacie Davis comes back on the program.

How the hell are we navigating being parents, business owners, and event participants, in the last several weeks?


Miles De Mayo Challenge

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10 Things You Should Be Doing During Covid 19 Quarantine

10 Things To Do During Quarantine

1 – Zoom. Zoom. Zoom. 
Hop on a Zoom. Do a bunch with your friends. Do some with Instagram influencers. Then do one with family members you hardly talk to. You will regret it almost immediately, when buried childhood wounds are dug up.

However, you can then post things like “Just talk to my family for the family for the first time in YEARS!” or “Silver Linings – reconnected after so much time – Love. My. Sibs.!”

2 – Comment on how everyone is doing it wrong.

You love your friends, but they are doing it wrong. They’re ordering in to avoid contact, but probably too much, which puts a strain on all of us. They are going to the store and not wearing masks. Or, they are not wearing the right kind of mask. They are also posting articles which are fake or don’t have ALL THE FACTS. Straighten them out, and quick, with a Facebook post.

3 – Take mask selfies.

Everyone has seen thousands of these already, but have they seen how cute you look in yours?

4 – Teach your own kids.

Question – Now that we are all stuck inside 24/7, how can we spend even more time with our kids? Also, haven’t we all been itching to look at math problems we haven’t thought about in the last 20-30 years?

Why have we been sending these kids to school anyway? Paying for school lunches!? Creating an entire industry around teachers? We all clearly have had the skills to do this ourselves the whole time!?

When this thing is over, I hope we realize how foolish it’s been to ever have our kids leave the house, being taught by so called “professionals”

5 – Thank health care workers.

In the past, you only got a chance to show much you care about certain groups of people a couple of times a year.

Around 9/11, you can thank Fire, Police, and First Responders. Then around Memorial Day and Veterans Day, you can show much you care about people that served in the military. As long as you remember to thank the right vets on the right day. If you thank a living vet on Memorial Day, you are going to hear about it.

Anyhow, now you can thank healthcare workers every single day! But, no one will know, unless you post about it. So get on there and find a meme, cartoon, or make home-aid signs! Covid is NOT going anywhere for a while, so this is really a chance for you to shine.

6 – Learn a language.

Be a bad ass bitch about how amazing you are making yourself, with all this free time in your hands. You always wanted to learn and speak Spanish fluently. What is stopping you? Everyone else can complain about being “stuck”. You can expand your horizons with some Rosetta Stone. Post weekly, nope, daily progress will be essential with this one. ¡Te estamos esperando!

7 -Make essential items.

Pull out that sewing machine that’s been collecting dust. Start posting about all the people you’re making masks for, free of charge. If you don’t do this simply out of the kindness of your heart, you are a bad person.

8  – Brag about what your company is doing.

You are already showing people how awesome you are, but what about your employer? They have also been doing  A.MAZ.ING. things, during this time. Even though you’ll be gone in 6 months when you get headhunted away for a 10 percent higher salary and two more weeks vacation, take the time now to talk about them. Use words like “Proud”, “Lucky”, “Grateful”, and “Honored”.

9 – Bake.

Open the oven. Stick things in. Set a timer. How hard is that?

10 – Post Anecdotes That Shame All Of Us.

Now is probably the best time you’ll ever have to make others feel bad about themselves, and the state of our world. One of my faves is “ God sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done here”. Now ya better not be selfish and steal that one. I’ll find you.

Spartan Holds A Workout. Josh Goads About The G.O.A.T. || Obstacle Discourse With Davis & Chace

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Obstacle Discourse with Davis and Chace – A weekly news show with Josh Chace and Matt B. Davis discussing items of the week for Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and all other OCR related news.

This week’s topics: Spartan Holds A Workout. Josh Goads About The G.O.A.T. Is It Safe To Run Outside?

Show Notes:

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KitBrix CityBrix Review

CityBrix Review Before

I first became aware of Kitbrix back in 2016, where I gave the standard Kitbrix Bag a glowing review, and published this hilarious and informative video.  I’ve been using these bags ever since, and got another one for my wife to use as her gym bag.

Since I had such success with the sport version of the KitBrix, I wanted to give the “business end” of the brand a try with the KitBrix CityBrix.

KitBrix CityBrix Features

Large Laptop Carrier  – Separate side loading section for laptop/tablet up to 17 inches.

Gym Locker Section – Ability to keep your hardware (work) separate from your software (play). If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Sturdy AF – Just like it’s predecessor, it’s a workhorse that stands up to race day abuse. The outside materials are made from ballistic nylon outer material. The aqua seal zippers never leave me with a doubt, and the base is actually waterproof.

CityBrix Review Packing

KitBrix CityBrix Usage

I often carry this bag with me to race locations. I need a bag that can hold all my gear, and allows me to stay the nimble fairy that I am. It has the ability to store my laptop, chargers, extensions, podcast recording equipment and more on any given day. You may have even seen me wearing this on race day, zipping by to grab a mid obstacle Instagram post or snag a finish line interview.

Since it’s black and sleek, I can also use this bag for everyday office use.

KitBrix CityBrix Durability

Kitbrix products are nothing if not solid. As stated in the features, these things are built to last. Even with everyday use, I predict this bag lasting a long time.

CityBrix Review With Laptop

KitBrix CityBrix Pros and Cons


  • Lots of roomy compartments. If in a hurry, I can shove everything in at once, or if I take my time, I can organize like crazy.
  • Work and play capability. Can leave your house for 12 hours and would have everything you need for a physical activity, plus all of your work stuff.
  • Even more compartments. Yes I am listing this twice, as there are so many ways to separate and keep track of things.
  • Standup waterproof base. It can stand up on its end, rather than laying flat. This is safer for my equipment, and also saves room when need be.


  • Can think of something I don’t like about this bag. I suppose if you want a color other than black, it’s not for you.

KitBrix CityBrix Conclusion

I love the CityBrix, and it has been my go to “work bag” since I first received one two years ago. At $135, its $130 less than a GR1, a bag that many in the OCR/Ruck community use for similar situations. It will be going on our next “Gear To Have List”.

Check out all of the KitBrix products at KitBrixUSA.com.

CityBrix Review Walking


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