2019 NORAM Results – North American Championships 3K


Lindsay Webster edged our her closest rival Nicole Mericle to win the North American Championships short course championship this afternoon. These two, once part of a contingent known as the Fab 5 have separated themselves from the rest of the field by taking the top spots in all of the major races in the last 2 years. Ninja Warrior veteran Michele Warnky was a surprise third over OCR vets Rose Wetzel and Tiffany Palmer. Although some may remember she finished in 4th place at the original OCRWC back in 2015.

NORAM 3K Championships Women

2019 Noram Men results

On the men’s side, Veejay Jones is proving himself to be one of the top dogs in OCR. Despite disappointing finishes in that last two USNS races, today he beat out speedsters Atkins, Woods, and Newell to take the 3K title. Speaking of Newell, this relative newcomer is beginning to get himself noticed for more than just dating Nicole, or messing around on Instagram. He’s a threat at multiple OCR distances as he has finished on the podium for Sprints, Supers, Ultra Beasts, and even a Sky Race in recent months.


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3K women replay!

3K Men Replay!

Complete results for The 2019 NorAm Championships 3K men and women.

Amelia Boone Is Human

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When Amelia Boone entered the World’s Toughest Mudder in December of 2011, she was an unknown 27-year-old attorney living in Chicago. A few of her buddies thought it might be cool to try out this crazy, overnight version of an obstacle racing event called The Tough Mudder. 24 plus hour later, she was the 2nd placed female. It turns out only a handful of all participants (men or women) could endure the freezing temperatures and water submersions.

By the end of 2015, Amelia would appear on 35 obstacle racing podiums. Many sponsors jumped on board along with several mainstream media articles, one dubbing her “The Queen of Pain”. Some of her best performances would be in the longest and most difficult events in the obstacle racing space. She won both the World’s Toughest Mudder and multi-day Spartan Death Race 3 times each. She even entered a local 30K trail race in December and won that too.

In February of 2016, Amelia continued to excel as a remarkable endurance athlete. She finished 2nd in the Sean O’Brien 100K and earned a Golden Ticket at The Western States 100-mile race. A Western States entry is one of the most sought-after prizes in ultra-running. A couple of months later, her huge high became a pride crushing disappointment as Amelia fractured her femur and had to postpone her Western States debut.

The following two years became a series of injuries and “semi – comebacks”.  Amelia struggled, as she would race, get injured, rehab, race, get injured, and then repeat the cycle. Rumors swirled about Amelia as people watched her rise and fall with injuries. People quietly judged and wondered why she was frequently breaking bones. Sadly, as with any woman in the public eye, their looks and bodies are scrutinized. You’re either too thin, or too fat, or too much makeup or not enough.

One month ago, Amelia wrote about her lifelong struggles with anorexia, which she had never spoken or written about publicly. Here is an excerpt.

“I had spent the past 20 years starving. Literally: not just physically, but emotionally. I was tired of fighting and so fucking tired of being hungry.”

On this episode of the podcast, Amelia Boone talks about:

  • What led her to check herself into treatment at Opal Food and Body.
  • How and why she does gratitude lists every morning.
  • What NOT to say to someone who struggles with an eating disorder.
  • The backlash to being in the spotlight.
  • Why “Spartan Up” isn’t necessarily a good solution to a problem.
  • Her plan to be at World’s Toughest Mudder at 2019 for one last time?

Show Notes:

All things Amelia Boone

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Ashley and Athena – Death Race 2019

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Ashley Seeger and Athena Ora survived 3 plus days and were 2 of the remaining few who finished this year’s Peak Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont.

Let’s talk to them about how it went down, and what’s next for them.

Todays Podcast is sponsored by:

Savage Race – The best obstacles. The perfect distance. Classic and Blitz at every venue!

Show Notes:

Video of Athena winning The Death Race.

Ashley Seeger – Becoming BadAss

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Best Obstacle Racing Shoes Reviews

Many of you are coming here for your questions about the best obstacle racing shoes to buy. Here are some video clips that Obstacle Racing Media have posted in recent months. We hope you find these videos informative and entertaining.

For some more in-depth reviews, here is a previous article about the best shoes to buy for obstacle racing.

Spartan/Craft OCR Shoes

First up is the Spartan Craft Shoe, known as the RD Pro. Keith Allen took the Craft Spartan shoes out for a spin and gave us this video.

You can purchase the new Spartan Shoes, buy checking out the picture below.


VJ Shoes USA OCR Shoes

Here is a delightful comparison video on VJ Shoes which are great for Spartan races and obstacle racing.

Hoka Evo Jawz OCR Shoe

Our Hoka Evo Jawz preview video is here, you can also read our complete review.

Inov8 Mudclaw G 260 OCR Shoe

8.2.19 Davis and Chace – Know Your Time Zone

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Obstacle Discourse with Davis and Chace – A weekly news show with Josh Chace and Matt B. Davis discussing items of the week for Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and all other OCR related news.

This week’s topics: Matt misses a plane. A new role for Davis and Chace? Matt hates Hulu. So much more.

Show Notes:

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Davis and Chace theme music composed by Charmian Lee!

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Workouts And Meal Plans To Consider Before An Obstacle Race

Workouts And Meal Plans To Consider Before An Obstacle Race

Taking up an obstacle race, it requires getting along with workouts and exercises, as well as control meal plans to maintain a body that is fit to the upcoming event.

Obstacle racing is a sport where you have to overcome multiple physical difficulties while traveling on foot. Many races differ from its distance and the complexity of the challenge, integrating trail running, road running, as well as cross-country running.

Well-known obstacle racecourses today like Tough Mudder, Spartan, Gladiator Assault, and Warrior Dash are blazing towards the country and are becoming the talk of the town. Thus, the Reebok Spartan Race is among the fastest increasing occurrences events around the globe.

Hurdles of this racing include climbing over fences, crossing streams and rivers, lifting heavy items, creeping under barbed wire, and jumping across the fire. But, the race is not only restricted to these obstacles. Other barriers include testing endurance, velocity, mobility, vigor, and cognitive toughness.

Moreover, while thinking about all these obstacles, individuals who are planning to take part must consider pre-workout exercises to avoid muscle strains and unfortunate circumstances.

Essential Exercises

Razing through the obstacles, furthermore, needs proper exercises, and several pieces of training and workouts that can meet the different requirements of obstacle racing. Hence, listed below are some exercises that can help with obstacle racing.

● Hand Over Hand Sled Pulls

Sled pulls exercises are an excellent way to work the muscles located at the back, as well as boost your power using rope throughout all the obstacles. In the race, pulling on strings is among the many barriers used frequently. Thus, practicing this can help you with the track.

Convenience is a significant component of this kind of exercise as people can practice this workout to either a standing or sitting position. Thus, the activity also only uses a rope, sled, as well as some weights that people can easily find it.

Push Up and Down

Obstacle Course Racing requires you to work all of your body’s muscles. Thus, pushing exercises to assist in balancing the pulling. This workout helps chest and triceps support the body in making the legs in leverage.

Individuals may do their styles of pushing. One can use the straight down, straight up, width apart hand and shoulder, as well as you also can start moving your hands before or during pushes. Another way is by using irregular surfaces while moving side to side and getting them with one hand.

● Deadlift

This practice is a frequent movement of weightlifting involving lifting weight from the ground. Most trainers consider the deadlift as the best exercise, especially when accompanied by other routines. Thus, if performed accurately, the benefits of this workout include targeting every single group of muscles in your body, along with many of those hard-to-activate deep tissue muscles.

A study released in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research last January 2015 reveals that deadlifting twice weekly in 10 weeks could boost a person’s vertical jump.

The deadlift operates your hamstrings, glutes, muscles of the abdomen, quadriceps, and muscles in the lower back of the body. Thus, practicing this could help you in the race as it requires effort which is needing the movement of your muscles.

● Farmer’s Walk

This type of workout develops muscles incredibly fast. It cuts body fat, improves strength and efficiency in lifts, while it gives very little danger to gain injury.

There is a big chance that during the obstacle races, one will walk with something substantial in their hands. Thus, it is essential to pick those weights that somehow feels heavy, but at the same time, you have control of it.

Moreover, it is among the most natural way of exercising that you can do. You can pick weights, walk, and repeat it as far as you can. This walk is going to target your shoulders, back, and grip rapidly.

These are just some of the many workouts available that one can practice while preparing for the upcoming races. Thus, along with these exercises, one should also be mindful to what they are eating to maintain body weight, as well as healthy well-being.

Eating Habits And Meal Plans

Along with working out, individuals must consume proper nutrients while also targeting a body that is fit for the race. In preparation for the race, a well-balanced diet is essential to a healthy workout program.

● Avoid Too Much Sugar And Fast Food

First thing’s first. Consuming foods that are rich in sugar, as well as junk food, is a big no to most doctors. It is much better to cut soft drinks, chips, frappe, milk tea, candies, and any other processed foods. These are one of the reasons why an individual gain weight.

You can’t efficiently perform through the obstacle race if you are overweight or unhealthy.

If you like to conquer the race with our best possible shape, you have to consider cutting these habits. Thus, merely working out doesn’t mitigate the adverse impacts of the massive consumption of sugar.

● Consider Eating Blood-Building Foods

An obstacle course racing can take a toll on your body. Thus, while it isn’t happening, you need to eat foods that are building the count of your blood. These foods include green leafy vegetables, beans, beets, red meat, and legumes. A lot of red meat is not needed, but you’ll assist with possible recovery if eaten once or twice weekly if you’re a meat-eater.

Moreover, these foods also help supply the oxygen needed in your body as blood carries oxygen in the body.

● Consume “Good” Carbs And Protein

Fitness enthusiasts believe that during intensive training, carbohydrates are highly significant sources of energy. While trying to take part in an obstacle race, power is an essential factor every competitor should take note.

Consuming sufficient carbohydrates will help you train and recover so that you can be in your best form and as well as perform at your best during the race. Not all carbs are healthy, so pick those that are less processed and are rich in fiber such as whole grains, nuts, and potatoes.

Another factor needed to consume is protein. Most of the bodybuilders are grabbing protein shakes for their exercises. Thus, you can look for the best whey protein powders to assist you with your workouts.

According to WebMD, protein is significant building blocks of bones, cartilage, muscles, blood, and skin. Moreover, most of the hair and nails are made up of protein. The body is using protein in building and repairing tissues.

Obstacle races can cause damage to the muscles. Taking proteins can help cope up with i