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Roll Recovery R8 Review

The Roll Recovery R8 is a product I have had my eye on for a long time before getting to review it. It really stood out to me for a few reasons, for starters it is a deep tissue massage that applies the pressure for you. This is similar to the idea of Normatec Pulse Recovery boots but on […]

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TomTom Adventurer GPS Watch with Bluetooth Headphones Review

The TomTom Adventurer is a one stop shop for all your workout needs. Bold statement, right? It is. But if you read into what I said you see there is specific wording in there. For working out, … [Read More...]

Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Review

How does Suunto's Ambit3 Vertical compare to other premium watches like the Garmin Fenix 3? Ever since my review of the Garmin Fenix 3, I’ve been getting requests to do a review and comparison with … [Read More...]

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Reebok All-Terrain Super 3.0 Shoe Review

Reebok has released their latest model in the most popular line of shoes made specific for OCR, the Reebok All-Terrain Super 3.0. The newest version of the shoe has several major changes that look to … [Read More...]

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v2 Review

  The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 is a weight lifting and general cross fit shoe.  It fits tight through the heel for extra support and the mesh middle leaves room for your foot to move. It is a shoe … [Read More...]

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Tifosi Synapse Sports Glasses Review

As Matt B. Davis and I were driving to Talladega Superspeedway this weekend for the first Bonefrog race of the 2017 season, we started listening to an audio book and began discussing whatever was coming to our minds at the time. Matt asked, "why are you wearing those glasses"? "I don't know," … [Read More...]

Underwear For Men (UFM) Review

Disclaimer: If you are offended by terms used to describe the male anatomical features, do not read this post. UFMs (underwear for men) are the best sports underwear I have ever worn.  From a teen on the tennis court and mountain bike trails to a triathlete and now to solely a runner, they … [Read More...]

Merrell All Out Peak Review

The Merrell All Out Peak are the 2nd pair of shoes in the "All Out" line, that we have reviewed. Previously, ORM reviewed the Merrell All Out Crush, which was the first true "OCR shoe" by Merrell. The All Out Peak are a more traditional trail shoe and do not have holes for water drainage, … [Read More...]

Hylete Insignia Racer Top Review

I came across the Hylete Insignia Racer Top when I was browsing the website for products to review. This was the first shirt I picked out. I wish I could say there was some gimmicking or fancy feature that drew me to the shirt, but it was the simplicity of the shirt that first caught my eye. The cut … [Read More...]

RockTape RockWrist Wrist Wraps Review

For a while I had been thinking about buying wrist wraps for weightlifting, but after spending money on lifters and knee sleeves, amongst other (expensive) things, I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything else. Naturally, when I was given this product to test and review, I was more than excited. … [Read More...]

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