Episode 139 – Don Mann of Frogman Charities and Hunter McIntyre

Episode 139

Today’s guests are two old friends of the show. We first talked to Don Mann in March of last year when Battlefrog first burst onto the scene. He has since left BattleFrog and created Frogman Charities. He talks a little about why he left and what his new charity organization is all about.

Next up is our old pal Hunter. In 2012 and 2013, Hunter was on the podium almost every time he raced (and he raced a lot). Hunter has made a shift in 2014, and has not been on the Spartan circuit nearly as much. We caught up with him after his recent move to talk about his new job in Miami, his TV job that has been top secret up until now, what races we may find him at, and checking out a vegan lifestyle.

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Show Notes:

Sign up for Frogman Charities latest virtual run.

By Don’s Book: Seal Team Six: Hunt the Wolf

Hunter’s new gym in Miami

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