BattleFrog College Championship Season 2 Preview

Battle Frog College Championships

As we mentioned a few days ago, BattleFrog Series and production company 51 Dons will be in Atlanta next weekend shooting the 2nd Season of the BattleFrog College Championship. The show will air, as it did last year, on ESPN.

In the first season, which aired last Summer, the show was well received by the OCR community. In those first 3 episodes, 16 college teams competed in a 4 person, co-ed, relay format on a 400 meter course with 20 obstacles. The teams competed in a bracket style tournament. After a qualifying round for seeding, it was single elimination and The West Point Black Knights were crowned Season 1 Champs.

BattleFrog Championship Season 1

The kids from West Point have stuck around the OCR-sphere by competing at the 2015 OCR World Championships and shortly after that, participating in Spartan Agoge 000.

This year on the show, there will be two categories of team competitors, “College” and “League”.

The College side will have West Point defending their crown, with additional schools returning that also fared well in Season 1. Along with West Point, the rest of the Final Four from Season 1 of Old Miss, Virginia, and Virginia Tech are all returning. Also coming back are Syracuse, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida. Competing for the first time are Air Force, Eastern Kentucky, TCU, Arizona State, Colorado, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State.

battlefrog college

The 2nd category will be League Teams. These teams will consist of non-students and have OCR names you will recognize.

The two Canadian teams have the early edge as favorites as they are comprised of mainly the BattleFrog Pro Team.

Team Montreal is Marco Bédard, Claude Godbout, Benjamin Morin Boucher, and Rose-Marie Côté, while Team Toronto is Ryan AtkinsLindsay WebsterJesse Bruce, and Ashley Goodman.

Other notable teams to watch out for include:

Team DC: Corinna Coffin, Kevin Righi, Rebecca Adamcheck, and former Spartan Pro Teamer, David Magida.

Team Norway: which has (2 time OCRWC Champ) Jon Albon, his wife Henriette, David Nordstrom, and Karin Karlsson.

Team Phoenix: (The Painted Warrior) Stephen Sinek, Shawn Feiock, KK Paul, and Odette Wiebold.

The rest of the field is as follows:

Atlanta: James Thornton, Mike Bradshaw, Amber Goeppert and Natasha Guyton.

Chicago: (Former Hard Charge TV Champ) LeEarl Rugland, Jay D Flores Santa, Lisa Nondorf, and Julie Lynn Hartjes.

Dallas: Crystal Pollard, Beni Gifford, Reagan Cyphers, and Apollo Sample.

Denver: Ian Hosek, Matt Kempson, Erica Madrid, and Renae Dambly.

Houston: Mike Morgan, Cody Musser, “Red Beast” Brenna Calvert, and Jennifer Klentzman.

Los Angeles: Paul Pratt, Avionne James, Morgan Martin, and Soulfia Perez King.

Sweden:  Gijs van Geffen, Adam Egerblom, Anna-Lee Markstedt O’Dywer, and Mikaela Kellner.

New York: Ekaterina Novikova, Bill Wells, Emily Diana Rosario, and  Andrew Hogue.

San Diego: Victor David Quezada, Sergio Perez, Shannon Woodward, and Margarita Guzman.

Charlotte: Leah Danielle Smith, Margaret Tobey, John Kremar, and Reid Gilbert.

Bahamas: Jimmy Mackey, Davaughn Bain, Kadesha Culmer, and Dekel Nesbit.

Post script – One more OCR name of note to mention.

3 time World’s Toughest Mudder Champion, Amelia Boone, will be co-hosting the broadcast along with former NFL announcer Ron Pitts. Evan Dollard sat next to Ron for Season 1, but was just announced as a host for the new Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.

We plan on providing some behind the scenes photos, (without, of course, revealing any of the results) so stay tuned to our social channels next weekend.

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