Lozilu Shut Down By Active

With all of the recent news about Lozilu last minute cancellations, registration company giant, Active.com today released a statement through their PR company. It reads:

Thank you for reaching out to ACTIVE Network. As an unaffiliated vendor, we are not able to comment on Lozilu’s plans concerning the management and operation of its upcoming or canceled events. However, we can confirm that we have ceased further processing of all Lozilu event registrations through our site and software. Participants that signed up for any Lozilu events should contact Lozilu directly at [email protected] or ACTIVE at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you.

Lozilu then cancelled all of it’s Facebook events, causing panic among their participants, many of whom posted with refund questions. It appears many of them have not been made aware of the recent dealings of Lozilu and it’s new owner.

ORM also reached out to Rush49, which is a discount site selling Lozilu registrations, but have yet to hear back as of this posting.

***Update 8/10/15 Rush 49 wrote back and told us the following:

Thank you for reaching out to us, and informing us about Lozilu cancellations.

We have reached out to all Lozilu customers regarding refunds, and processed most of them.

Customers can contact [email protected] for assistance with refunds.


Rush49 Team


***UPDATE: 8:43pm EST. Lozilu posted the following on their Facebook wall.

Lozilu Women's Mud Run Cancel

Let’s hope Brad/Frederick from Lozilu is good on his word and provides refunds to everyone as quickly as possible.

There are plenty of fantastic races out there, that put on a great event and provide value. You can find some of them on our discount page.

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  1. My daughter ( Shawna Phillips ) and I were to participate in the LoziLu Mud Run on Aug 15th 2015 at 11 am in Eureka, Mo ( st louis, mo ). I understand that that event has been cancelled. How do we get our money back? We paid $50.00 each.

    1. If you don’t hear back from Active or Lozilu, best to contact your bank/credit card company.

  2. I reached out to active and was sent an email they could not cancel registration or authorize a refund for an event. I’ve sent multiple emails to [email protected] which was personal messaged to me. Very sad that the event was cancelled back in March for Vegas and rescheduled for next month to be cancelled. Hoping everyone and myself receives their refunds. I disputed with the bank. Now we wait.

  3. If Active.com processed the registrations then they recieved a cut from each registration. Now they are getting refund requests and have washed their hands of the problem. Through the great information posted here it appears the person who purchased Lozilu had a history of shady deals. At the least a pattern was established early this year and Active decided to do business with this individual. Very disappointed in Active.com whom I used for years.

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