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dustin dorough UberNerd

Episode 196 – Dustin appeared on the 1st episode of the year and the feedback was great. Turns out many of you really enjoy hearing things outside of OCR. So if you only want 100% obstacle stuff, this episode is NOT for you. If you like-a the nerdy stuff, this episode includes the following subject matter:

  • Batman Vs. Superman
  • Deadpool
  • DC versus Marvel (including DC’s parallel to BattleFrog)
  • Gishwhes – one of the charities Dustin supports
  • How you actually say Dustin’s last name
  • Dustin’s new gig at BoneFrog
  • Oh and he does “The Spartan Speech”

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Show Notes

Gishwhes – Charity that Dustin spoke about with Misha Collins.

Episode 163 – The Dustin episode from earlier this year.

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