Spartan Illinois Elites Recap


Saturday’s Illinois Spartan Super saw Brakken Kraker take the 1st spot for the 2nd Saturday Spartan this year. With Hobie Call only making limited appearances at Spartan Races this year, the top spot for men has been up for grabs at most races. No less than 5 different men have claimed first place at Saturday events in the US and Canada, not to mention Australia and Mexico.. In 2nd place was Hunter McIntyre, who is one of the men who has taken that top spot at previous races. In 3rd was David Magida. David always puts on a show, giving the top men a run for it.

These 3 competitors play well together. (Magida, Kraker, McIntyre) (L to R)
These 3 competitors play well together. (Magida, Kraker, McIntyre) (L to R)

For the women. Amelia Boone took home first place. What is more impressive is that she lost about 10 minutes by not following the course. She clawed her way past everyone to win by less than 2 minutes. It was her 2nd Spartan win of the year and a repeat of the win she took on this same course back in October of last year. Hannah Orders took home 2nd for the 3rd time this year as she was also 2nd in Florida and Carolina. Leslie St. Louis came in 3rd.

On Sunday, David Magida found his way to the top of the podium,  the same thing he has done at Spartan Tri-State and Spartan PA in previous weeks. Elliott Megquier came in second place.  Winning used to be almost automatic for Megquier on Sunday’s. However, that has not been happening lately. We learned that Elliott had the lead at one point catching and passing Magida at the Spear throw which Magida missed.

“Oh he passed me by like 60 seconds halfway in at the spear. But I tracked him down after a mile and a half” David told us shortly after the race.  Miguel Medina, who recently returned from a 2nd place finish at the Mexico City Spartan, finished 3rd today.

Sunday’s women’s elite heat saw Amelia winning again and this time winning big. Her margin over 2nd place Leslie St. Louis was over 17 minutes. (We trust she did not get lost today). 3rd place was Tonya Stogsdill, it was the 2nd Sunday podium for Tonya who finished 2nd on Sunday in May in Texas.


Saturday Men
Brakken Kraker         1:07:24
Hunter McIntyre       1:11:48
David Magida            1:14:17
Elliot Meqquier          1:16:26
William Swope           1:16:45

Saturday Women
Amelia Boone             1:33:28
Hannah Orders         1:35:54
Leslie St. Louis          1:43:34
Rose Marie Jarry       1:49:44
Jessica Langford       1:50:07

Sunday Men

David Magida           1:11:55
Elliot Megquier         1:12:58
Miguel Medina         1:16:28
Brian Hoover            1:20:32
Chris Rutz                  1:24:39

Sunday Women 
Amelia Boone           1:25:15
Leslie St. Louis         1:42:37
Tonya Stogsdill        1:47:42
Juliana Sproles        1:52:15
Jolene Wilkinson    1:54:17





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