Biggest Obstacle Course Racing Events In 2022

Obstacle races have emerged as the hottest fitness trends globally. If you don’t believe this, check photos on your social media pages of your buddies covered in mud as they overcome the hurdles. Many participants love them because they are a massive change from the routine 10km races. Moreover, the races leave the athletes wanting more!

If participating in an Obstacle Course Race is on your 2022 bucket list, you are in the right place. In the meantime, you can visit a legal online sports betting site in NJ if you are a sports betting fan to test your ability to overcome match predicting obstacles. Read on to find out the biggest Obstacle Course Racing Events in 2022 that you can take part in.

Grit OCR – Mountain High

Location: Wrightwood, California

Date: August 20th, 2022

Length: 10-20km

This OCR event allows you to participate in the Mountain High Obstacle for an amazing day out. You should consider this event if you are ready for a tough yet rewarding experience. The course will test your strength, agility and endurance, so you must be ready to dig deep!

It has tough terrain and hard challenges that you must overcome to earn the finisher’s medal. Additionally, there are many excellent views and tough obstacles, making it a great OCR event for those seeking a thrilling event.

San Luis Obispo Spartan Super 10k, Beast 21k & Ultra 50k

Location: Santa Margarita, United States

Date: March 12th 2022 – March 13th 2022

Length: 21k, 50k, 10k

This is another Obstacle Course Race that will push you to the limit. The event has endurance courses having obstacles that push the participants to the max. It also has non-competitive runs, kids’ courses and a finish line festival. Therefore, if you are looking for an event, you can enjoy it with your family, this is it!  

The event takes place in one of the biggest vineyards in the country. You will enjoy the view of the grapevine fields, Los Padres National Forest, open landscapes and a fossilized oyster bed as you overcome the obstacles. The race is ideal for intermediate and expert runners.

Monterey Spartan Super 10k & Sprint 5k Weekend

Location: Salinas, California

Date: June 4th 2022

Length: 10-20km

The Monterey Spartan Super 10k & Sprint 5k Weekend is a great obstacle race event for first-timers. The course is full of gorgeous views of Northern California. It is a great event for individuals who are ready to push themselves to prevail over obstacle challenges and enjoy the impressive atmosphere.

Additionally, you can come with your kids as there are different kid races taking place on location. Each course has different obstacles for participants to contend with. Some of the obstacles include weight carry, tire flip and rope climbing.

Tough Mudder

Location: San Bernardino, California

Date: April 9th, 2022

Length: 5k, 10k, medium (10-20km)

Tough Mudder Obstacle Race Course will have you take on the hills in Tough Mudder LA. The race is ideal for athletes with different capabilities. Participating in this event allows you to test your limits as you attempt to triumph over as many obstacles as possible. Once you finish the race, you will be treated to a free ice-cold finisher’s beer as you show off your finisher’s headband.

You will select a one-hour start time window as you register for the race, during which you will head out onto the course. Some of the things you will get include action photos, a finisher’s headband and beer, a t-shirt, and ample parking.

Big Bear Spartan Trifecta Weekend

Location: Big Bear, California

Date: May 14th, 2022

Length: 20-40km, medium (10-20km)

Attend the Big Bear Spartan Trifecta Weekend if you are ready to challenge yourself. The event allows you to enjoy stunning views, tough climbs, and tougher obstacles. If you want to push yourself to your absolute limit, then this is where you should spend your weekend! The event organizers will acknowledge your achievements with a finisher’s medal and free refreshments.

What’s more, you can come with your family as the event has kids’ races on Saturday and Sunday. The hills, rough paths, and stunning views will test your bravery and calves. Moreover, the massive elevation changes and some of the best obstacles will put your whole being to a real test! Some of the obstacles participants contend with are weight carry, rope climb, and tire flip. Other benefits you will get include a finisher’s medal, t-shirt, and free professional photos.

Final Thoughts

There is no excuse for not having a healthy 2022! Obstacle Race Courses are a great way of staying healthy in a fun way. Moreover, the races allow you to test your resilience and ability to prevail over tough challenges. It becomes even more enjoyable when you can involve your entire family. Check out OCR Events near you, and book now for a healthier 2022!

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