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 Rise Of The Sufferfests Review

If there is one thing that OCR participants universally struggle with, it’s trying to explain to our friends and family exactly why it is that we spend our hard earned money on something that they consider “crazy”. My mother visited recently and asked me, “Do you have any of those mud races coming up? You know the ones where you basically run through the woods trying to kill yourself?”

Yes Mom…two, in fact.

Well, fortunately for those of us who love the sport of OCR, there’s a man out there who made a documentary that attempts to answer the popular question of “Why”.

‘Why do we do this?”


“Rise of the Sufferfests” is the long (long, long, long) awaited film by investigative journalist Scott Keneally. I was fortunate enough to catch a screening of it recently in San Francisco.

The film is a fun and energetic exploration into the history and meteoric growth of the sport and is packed full of insights and interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry.

That alone would have been enough to get my butt in an auditorium seat; however, Scott takes us on a bit of a personal journey during the film as well. A journey that covers everything from failure to success, and even fatherhood.


Day of the screening – Joshua Cox ,myself, Scott Keneally (director), Keith Lancaster (cinematographer)

While ample screen time is given to several of the well-known stars of the sport such as Hunter McIntyre and Amelia Boone, we also hear from “experts”, authors, and thought leaders such as Tim Ferriss, Morgan Spurlock, and A.J. Jacobs. All of them attempt to help explain how, as the film’s tagline states, “THIS is a THING”.

Many people have waited a long time for this film to be released (an IndieGoGo campaign was launched back in 2013), and I trust that they will not be disappointed. Scott has constructed an absolutely wonderful documentary that has completely surpassed any expectations that I had.

Are you an OCR enthusiast? Do yourself a favor and go see this film. You know those people who think you’re crazy for doing OCR events? Bring them along too. If they don’t “get it” after watching this….I’m not sure they ever will.

The film will eventually be available on streaming channels, but for now, go find out if it’s playing at an event or theatre near you and watch it with your fellow OCR enthusiasts.

Rise Of The Sufferfests Screenings

Rise Of The Sufferfests Screenings


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*ORM’s own Matt B. Davis also makes an appearance in the film, adding some insight as an industry expert.

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