Spartan Race 100 Meter Championships – Hvar, Croatia – 2024

hvar 100 meter short course

After a year that has already seen the biggest payouts in OCR history at Alula Infinity, there has been a new announcement that Spartan Race have launched a 100 Meter and a 5K Sprint World Championship for 2024.

The dates are October 10 – 13, 2024 for the 100 Meter World Championship

With a $100,000 in cash prizes given out across both races, and a $20,000 top prize for the 100 Meter alone, it will be sure to attract some of the best from the OCR, and Ninja communities.

For the remainder of this article, we will list information about the 100 Meter, with the Sprint 5K Information to follow.

Spartan Race 100 Meter Championships – Hvar, Croatia – Payouts

There will be a total of $65,000 paid out to the top 3 men and women each.

🏅 1st place – $20,000
🥈 2nd place – $10,000
🥉 3rd place – $2,500

Spartan Race 100 Meter Championships – Hvar, Croatia Process and Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for the 100M race at the World Championship?

The World Championship 100M race follows a structured format involving both qualification rounds and finals. Every qualified athlete participates in the qualification rounds, where each athlete has two runs. Only the best time from these two runs is counted towards qualification. The top 32 fastest times from the qualification rounds qualify for the Finals.

What happens during the Finals of the World Championship 100M race?

The Finals of the World Championship 100M race employ a knockout format with head-to-head racing. The winner of each race progresses to the next round until the Final.

How is the start list determined?

The start list is based on the athletes’ times from the qualification rounds. The fastest athlete races against the 32nd fastest, the second fastest against the 31st, and so on. This ensures competitive matchups while utilizing athletes’ qualification times to seed the final board.

How are athletes seeded in the final board?

Athletes are seeded based on their top qualification times. This seeding ensures that the best performers from the qualification rounds are distributed strategically throughout the tournament, with the intention of having the strongest competitors meet at later stages of the tournament.

What is the progression format during the Finals?

The knockout format continues through the rounds of 32, with winners advancing to subsequent rounds until reaching the Final. Athletes compete head-to-head in each round, with the victor advancing while the loser is eliminated from the competition.

Are there any additional rounds or stages in the World Championship 100M race?

No, the World Championship 100M race consists of qualification rounds followed by the Finals. Athletes aim to perform their best during the qualification rounds to secure a spot in the Finals and compete for the championship title.

What is the minimum age requirement to participate in the 100M format?

Athletes aged 14 years and older on race day are eligible to register and participate in the 100M event if they qualified.

Are there different categories available for participation in the 100M format?

No, for the WC 100M, only the Pro Championship category will be offered. There will not be Age Group or Open categories available for this event.

What is the schedule for the 100M event?

The final event schedule will be confirmed shortly and can be consulted on the official website. However, it’s important to note that due to TV broadcast requirements, the 100M event schedule is subject to slight changes.

What are the days I need to be present for the 100M event?

Your presence on-site is required from Friday until Sunday. Thursday will be open for practice sessions to allow participants to familiarise themselves with the course and obstacles.

When will the final event schedule be available?

The final event schedule will be available shortly on the official website. However, please keep in mind that minor adjustments may occur due to TV broadcast requirements.

How can athletes qualify for the 100M races?

  • Top 5 in any 2024 Spartan Sprint National Series.
  • Top 5 in any 2023 Spartan 3K Elite Series.
  • Wildcard invites at the discretion of Spartan HQ from Ninja, Parkour, or other communities.
  • Athletes may have the opportunity to apply for qualification through specified channels.

Learn more about the Spartan Croatia Sprint (5K) World Championship happening on the same weekend.

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