Christian (a.k.a Cranky) is Chasing Selection!


Obstacle Racing Media’s very own Christian “Cranky” Griffith, has announced he is chasing 2015 GORUCK Selection! What is GORUCK Selection you ask? According to the GORUCK Selection website:


48+ HOURS, 80+ MILES

Patterned directly after Special Forces Selection, this event is a different beast altogether. The Cadre are actively trying to make you quit. This is our only event where we may performance drop you if you fail to meet the standard.”

Still not sure what GORUCK Selection is? Check out what happened in the latest Selection class here: GORUCK Selection 015


Cranky is asking for everyone’s help in holding him accountable while he is training for this goal. Is he really ready to take on this challenge? Will he put in the work to succeed? That’s why he needs you, yes YOU!

Your support, your encouragement, your “kind” words (sometimes he may need a swift kick in the ass)…are greatly appreciated as Cranky takes on this epic journey.

He will be posting a training blog that we can follow along with which will feature such things as: training, advice, resources, and most of all your ENCOURAGEMENT!

Cranky’s journey is extremely interactive! Without the help and support of his fellow OCR friends, he may not make it to the end. It is up to YOU to help push Cranky to his goal…


Check out his first CALL FOR SUPPORT and rally together to support him in his amazing epic/crazy (some may say: insane, idiot, death wish) journey for GORUCK Selection 2015!


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Allison Dacus

Allison Dacus, aka RunUncensored, is a half marathon lover turned OCR addict. She loves the sport of OCR because overcoming obstacles is a part of every day life. Her goal is to inspire herself and others to be THEIR best! Allison is also the contributor for the OCR Transformations Series.
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