2022 Spartan Elite North American Series

2022 Spartan Elite North American Series

In 2016, Spartan Launched its first “United States National Series”, and they quickly became the most closely watched OCR events of the year. The series consisted of 5 races of which had larger payouts than any other events during the year. The series is known as a “Points Chase” for those races, with a prize payout for the top 10 at the end of the year.

The Age Group category also had a points chase, which coincided with the Elite Series races. Cash prizes were not awarded, but podium awards were given out, as were qualifications for additional championship races.

At the end of this article, we will provide some links which will give you some additional context about the history of this series.

This year, this series will have some major changes. The first of which is that the series is now becoming a North American Series. 3 of the races will be in the United States, 1 will be in Canada, and one in Mexico.

Athletes will need to attend at least 4 of these races.

To run an elite wave at any Spartan Race, athletes must qualify through an elite qualification (EQ) system.

Here are the 5 races for the 2022 North American Elite Series.

Sunday3/13/22SLO, CA, USASuper
Sunday5/15/22Big Bear, CA, USASuper
Saturday6/11/22Ajusco, MXBeast
Saturday7/9/22Utah, USABeast
Saturday10/22/22Blue Mountain, CANBeast

In terms of payouts, the races themselves will have slightly higher dollar figures than last year for the top 10. However, the Series standings will pay out more than double last year’s US National Series. $65,400 will be paid for the end of the series, split evenly for men and women. Here are the listings straight from the home of all best words, the Spartan Zendesk.

2021 Payouts

2021 Spartan USNS Prize Money

2022 Payouts

2022 Spartan Prize Money

Additional info from Spartan can be found here.

The old US National Series is now becoming The Spartan US Age Group Series. You can learn more about that here:

Previous US National Series Announcements

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2019 – https://obstacleracingmedia.com/ocr-news/2019-spartan-us-championship-series/

2020 – https://obstacleracingmedia.com/featured/spartan-2020-us-national-series-schedule/

2021 – https://obstacleracingmedia.com/ocr-news/2021-spartan-us-national-series/

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