What Was Microsoft 70-532 Exam and What Are Its Replacements

What Was Microsoft 70-532 Exam and What Are Its Replacements?

In order to be able to get your skills approved in today’s extremely fast and rapidly developing world, you need to have the certificates that speak for themselves. Microsoft provides the IT certifications, and having a credential approved by this company is a good way to start a career in IT.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam: Key Points

The Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions is also referred to as Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. This test has now been retired and has been replaced with two alternative exams due to the change in the certification’s structure. These new tests include a wider coverage of Azure related topics, Logic Apps and Document DB. However, it can still be very useful for you to look at the previous exam to get an idea about what it contained and what this qualification is about.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam: Target Audience

The target audience for this certification test is those IT professionals who want to be developers. If you are already an experienced .NET developer, this exam may not be very difficult for you as you may have some experience beforehand. If passed successfully, the 70-532 test will automatically assume that you are skilled in using development tools and techniques and already have an idea of how to develop resilient and scalable solutions. That is why prior development experience can be helpful in passing this exam.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam: Skills Measured

In order to pass any exam, it is important for the candidates to know what skills are being tested. It helps you prepare for the test well as you can divide your preparation time equally between each set of skills, as well as ensures that you do not end up focusing too much on any area and jeopardize your chances of passing the exam. Microsoft 70-532 is divided into five main areas, which are as follows:

  • Design and implementation of a storage and data strategy. It builds up 15-20% of the exam.
  • Management of applications, authentication, network services. This section makes up 10-15% of the test.
  • Creation and management of the Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machine. It contributes to 20-25%.
  • Design and implementation of Azure Compute, mobile services, and web. This one makes up 35-40% of the exam.

These percentage distributions can also give you an idea of the importance of each area and how you can divide your time across them.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam: Preparation Techniques

In order to pass the Microsoft 70-532 exam, the candidates used numerous sources to prepare for the test. There were virtual courses available at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, but there were some other websites that offered similar pieces of training as well. The instructor-led courses or training for self-study were presented at the MVA website. The Exam Prep Session for Exam 70-532 could be accessed through Channel9. It was good virtual training to prepare for the test. There were many books that contained a lot of tips and tricks about how to pass the exam, but one of the most thorough ones was the guide provided by Microsoft itself as it covered all the relevant topics and gave you important explanations. The students could also use practice tests from ExamSnap to consolidate their knowledge.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam: Replacement

According to Microsoft, the AZ-200 and AZ-201 exams were designed to simplify the whole process of obtaining a certification. The new tests are more concentrated on an Azure Developer job role. As the company is making changes in the certificate, these two new exams were also retired. Find all the details on the official certification webpage.

  • Microsoft AZ-200 Exam

This exam is known as Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions, and it is a very important test because the new reform has made it more job oriented. It was a beta exam and it was retired.

There are some main skill sets that were measured in this exam. The first part is Selecting the appropriate Cloud technology solution. It constitutes 15-20% of the test. The second part is related to the development of Cloud storage and makes up 30-35% of the total exam. An important part of this main section is developing solutions using storage tables and managing collections and documents in Cosmos DB Storage. Then, 35-40% of the exam contains questions about creating Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. In addition to this, 15-20% of the exam tested the candidates on the knowledge of secure Cloud solutions. This also included implementing authentication and access control.

The AZ-200 exam was aimed at those individuals who are Azure developers and could build and design Cloud solutions, which include services and applications. Those who passed the test can take part in all phases of development from solution design to maintenance. They can also collaborate with Cloud admins and architects of Cloud solutions. It was preferred that the candidates had skills in one programming language that’s Cloud supported.

  • Microsoft AZ-201 Exam

The Microsoft AZ-201 exam was called Microsoft Azure Developer Advanced Solutions. It allowed the candidates to prove their skills as Azure developers. This exam checked the abilities and expertise in a wide range of areas that are a part of the Azure Development process, including development, deployment, solution designs, maintenance, and testing. 50-55% of this test measured if the students know how to develop for an Azure Cloud Model. This can include the implementation of parallelism, multithreading, and etc. 25-30% of the exam was related to the implementation of Cloud integration solutions whereas the remaining 25-30% of questions were about developing Azure Cognitive Services and IoT solutions. The test is also retired now.


The Microsoft 70-532 exam was an effective way to check the candidates’ knowledge in Microsoft Azure solutions. The products and services are rapidly developing and the test and certifications should also be updated. That’s why it’s important to get information from reliable websites and keep up with the time.

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