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Lozilu Shut Down By Active

With all of the recent news about Lozilu last minute cancellations, registration company giant, today released a statement through their PR company. It reads:

Thank you for reaching out to ACTIVE Network. As an unaffiliated vendor, we are not able to comment on Lozilu’s plans concerning the management and operation of its upcoming or canceled events. However, we can confirm that we have ceased further processing of all Lozilu event registrations through our site and software. Participants that signed up for any Lozilu events should contact Lozilu directly at or ACTIVE at with any questions. Thank you.

Lozilu then cancelled all of it’s Facebook events, causing panic among their participants, many of whom posted with refund questions. It appears many of them have not been made aware of the recent dealings of Lozilu and it’s new owner.

ORM also reached out to Rush49, which is a discount site selling Lozilu registrations, but have yet to hear back as of this posting.

***Update 8/10/15 Rush 49 wrote back and told us the following:

Thank you for reaching out to us, and informing us about Lozilu cancellations.

We have reached out to all Lozilu customers regarding refunds, and processed most of them.

Customers can contact for assistance with refunds.


Rush49 Team


***UPDATE: 8:43pm EST. Lozilu posted the following on their Facebook wall.

Lozilu Women's Mud Run Cancel

Let’s hope Brad/Frederick from Lozilu is good on his word and provides refunds to everyone as quickly as possible.

There are plenty of fantastic races out there, that put on a great event and provide value. You can find some of them on our discount page.

Is The New Lozilu An All Out Scam?

In the last few days, Obstacle Racing Media has been doing extensive research on the operations of Lozilu Mud Run. It started when we heard the New England race, scheduled for last Saturday, was suddenly re-scheduled for the following weekend. The post made reference to insurance reasons. When we called Bolton Farms, the venue this event was to take place upon, we learned that the venue was never secured for either date.

There were countless posts to the Lozilu Facebook page demanding answers and clarity for that event. The only response from Lozilu was a canned response that they used on every comment. “Please send in your register info for a refund to thank you LOZILU”. Brad, is Brad Peters, the current head of Lozilu. He purchased the company at the end of last year, after Lozilu had some success with 5-7 OCR locations a year from 2012-2014.

A former staff member who worked this year, let us know his real name is Frederick Bradley Kellogg, and is currently on probation for $300,000 worth of  felony theft.

We then began to investigate the entire 2015 calendar for Lozilu. Here is what we learned. The events scheduled for Des Moines (5/2), Chicago (5/9), Indianapolis (5/16), Milwaukee(6/27), and New York (7/11) all had a fate similar like the New England date. The timeline is much the same if you have the patience to scroll down all the posts to Lozilu’s Facebook.

A couple of weeks before the event, registrants who have yet to receive any word from Lozilu begin to ask if the location has moved or if the event is happening, typically no response occurs. As the impending dates get closer and closer, Brad begins to respond with the standard “refund” email. A day or two before the event, Brad announces the event isn’t happening at all or that it is “postponed”.

We began to reach out to all of the upcoming dates scheduled for Lozilu to see if Brad/Frederick had booked them.

Aug 1-Philadelphia, PA.  Varner Farms.
We spoke with Colette Varner, who runs the property with her husband David. She told us, “We have been trying to get them to stop advertising our location since January.”

August 8. Nashville, TN.  Cheatham Wildlife Management Area.
We spoke with Eric who told us, “As far as we know the race is not happening. We have not talked to those guys in months”.

Aug 22. Kansas City, KS. Fountain Bluff Sports Complex.
We spoke with Chris Lucas who told us, “Right now we don’t have anything signed. We have had not heard from them for months”.

Aug 29.  Denver, CO. Broomfield Commons.
We spoke with Lugene Wileon who told us,  “They chose not to come back in 2015.” and “They are not scheduled here this year.”

Additionally, there are dates listed on the website for in San Diego, CA and Fargo, ND (9/12), and Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX (9/19). Those cities were all initially scheduled for the spring but were postponed to due poor ticket sales. While Lozilu currently do not have venues listed for these new dates, they are still collecting registration funds.

As always, the standard recommendation if you have any doubts about an event is to contact your bank/credit card company for a refund.

Read about the new Lozilu owner’s criminal past.

Lozilu Varner Cancel

Lozilu Owner On Probation For Felony Theft

Lozilu Cancelled

We began breaking the story of Lozilu cancels yesterday afternoon, This morning we spoke with a former staff member (Lozilu brought on all staff as independent contractors versus hiring them as employees) of the Lozilu women’s mud run. Lozilu was purchased late last year by a man who refers to himself as Brad Peters. His real name is Frederick Bradley Kellogg.

In 2012, Mr. Kellogg was sentenced to jail time and 20 years probation for a theft of nearly $300,000.00 to a Minnesota rice company. (Yes, that is rice, not race). He was also previously arrested in 2006 for passing a bad check.

Our source informed us that while working for Kellogg at Lozilu, staff members had to fight “tooth and nail” to receive any payments. This person stated several volunteer groups were not paid from previous Lozilu locations. In addition, they stated there were build crew employees who were shorted payment. ORM is currently doing research to confirm these allegations.

The source went on to say that “The only reason the first few events happened is that we (the staff members) stayed on top of him (Kellogg) to secure venues, hire crew, and pay invoices. We believed a lot of his promises. When it came to paying us, he always had excuses, and we believed them.  I should have picked up on it sooner, I wanted to believe he wasn’t a scam artist. Once we figured it out, we all left because we weren’t going to be a part of a company that isn’t paying people”.

Our source went on to say “He may be the only one left at that company besides his family”.

Speaking of family, we did a business search in Minnesota, and found two names listed for the parent company, Fresh New Taste LLC. Those names are Joseph Dicker, which we be understand to be Mr. Kellogg’s attorney, and Johanna Kellogg, who our source referred to as his wife.

We reached out to Mr. Dicker for comment and are awaiting his response.

Update on the story! More location cancels.

Lozilu Update

Yesterday afternoon, we learned of Lozilu canceling a race without informing participants. After that article went out, ORM discovered another location listed on the Lozilu website that they have no intention of coming to.

Around 9:00pm EST , we heard from Lugene Wilemon who works for the Broomfield Commons near Denver, Colorado.  It was new information to her that Lozilu has an event planned there around 30 days from now.  She told us “Lozilu chose not to partner with us and chose not to come back in 2015″. She asked ORM to send her the website link so that she could reach out to Lozilu directly.

Lozilu Denver Cancel


Lozilu claims to be going here. The venue says otherwise.

We have reached out directly to the company via phone, email, and Facebook. We have heard nothing back regarding these latest revelations.

The only comment Lozilu seem to be making is a response on some of the direct posts to their Facebook page. It states:  “Send us your registration info to and we will credit your account. LOZILU”.

Some participants are reporting success in getting their refunds, or at least getting a response back stating it’s on the way. Others state they have emailed multiple times with no response.

We will keep you posted as things develop.

Owner of Lozilu has criminal history-Click here.

Say Goodbye To Lozilu Women’s Mud Run?

Lozilu cancels race

Last week, several women who registered for the New England Lozilu event reached out to Obstacle Racing Media to ask us the status of this women’s only obstacle race company.

There was an event scheduled this past weekend in New England at The Bolton Fairgrounds. After ignoring emails and posts on their Facebook page for several days (including from ORM), Lozilu emailed New England participants stating the race had been rescheduled for August 1st for “insurance reasons beyond the control of Lozilu”.

ORM spoke with Linda at The Bolton Fairgrounds, who told us Lozilu had reached out to her some time ago but that “the contract was never signed”. We then clarified the question to include last weekend or this upcoming weekend (August 1st), and she told us “Nothing has happened, because there was nothing to go forward on”.

Failing to secure a venue is behavior exhibited earlier this year by another failed OCR, Atlas Race. For those that are not aware, Atlas Race waited until 48 hours before canceling their Dallas, Texas event, all the while still collecting funds on that and future events. Atlas eventually went quietly away, canceling all future events, without refunding participants or paying athletes thousands that were owed.

Lozilu Cancel

One of several disappointed customer postings to the Lozilu Facebook wall.

It appears Lozilu may be headed down the same path. The standard for getting refunds in the OCR industry has been to contact your bank/credit card company.  We recommend doing this if you are concerned about any future Lozilu events.

**7/29/15  10:00am EST Read an update to this story here.

Owner of Lozilu has criminal history-Click here.




Muddy Mortal Cancels

The event launched last fall as Muddy Muggle, and later became Muddy Mortal, cancelled all events and ceased operations as of this afternoon. Obstacle Racing Media has been looking into the validity of these events since late June, when we began to receive questions from consumers looking for answers from “postponed events”.

Event owner Jamie Guined launched FitGeek Events in late 2016 and began advertising their events in several cities. Each location event promised a weekend of activity including an obstacle race, costume contest, and several other Harry Potter themed events. (Full disclosure, ORM was paid for advertising Muddy Mortal’s calendar of events up until April of this year.)

The first Muddy Mortals were to take place this spring/summer in Dallas, Seattle, Temecula, and Flagstaff. Each event location was “postponed” by the event organizers for a variety of reasons.

Consumers were justifiably upset and began to ask for refunds. FitGeek Events created a form for participants to fill out in order to get their money back. Jamie Guined and FitGeek Eventes asked those that filled out the form to wait up to 90 days to receive that refund.

We reached out to Jamie at this point to find out the future plans for her company. She wrote back:

As we stated in our previous email reply:

1) We have not “cancelled” any of our currently scheduled events, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we did have to postpone the first events. 

2) All registered participants for the affected events have received communication from our company regarding their alternatives (including refunds, transfers, etc. on a case-by-case basis). 

Thank you for sending along the questions for our review so we had an opportunity to ensure that the correct information was published, rather than adding to the ongoing false information and libel. 

At the same time, Muddy Mortal closed registration on many of the events on the EventBee registration platform, and posted that they were looking for a new registration partner.

The next event was to take place August 11-13th at Colorado Off Road Extreme Park (CORE). We received word from CORE late on Sunday August 6th that Jamie Guined had not made final payment for the venue, and was looking to again postpone the weekend events. Word began circulating quickly about these new revelations on social media. 

By 11:00 am this morning, the Muddy Mortal Facebook page was down, Muddy Mortal’s website took down all of their events, and Jamie Guined had removed her LinkedIn page.

As of 7:00pm, the following message was available on the Muddy Mortal website:

Muddy Mortal Cancel Bankruptcy

Sadly, this is not the first time event owners have attempted to defraud customers with false promises. Many have experienced similar issues with Lozilu, or other fly by night themed races. The good news is that there is recourse for many through your bank or credit card company. A former bank claims department member in the racing community, Jeremy Lopez-Decot, gave specific language to use. He told us:

Please note you do NOT want to use the word “Fraud” … Fraud means a purchase that you did not initiate. Since you gave your card information to Muddy Mortal, this would be called a merchant dispute. You need to be honest that you indeed gave over your information but that the services promised were not delivered. You want to do this as soon as possible as there are time limits for you to be able to make a claim with the bank.

While many may not receive refunds, and many more are upset about a promised experience that never happened, we want to point out something you may not have thought of. Many of you helped shut this event down and saved hundreds or even thousands of victims a similar fate. Once upon a time, a company could continue to defraud people for months or years, even in the Facebook Age, because there wasn’t enough cross country chatter. By refusing to be quiet, or “only speaking positive” when something didn’t feel right, you helped speed up the process to put this company out of business.

A quick final note, we at ORM have received several phone calls and emails about people who were are aware of previous fraudulent activity by event owner Jamie Guined. We are currently pursuing this larger story. If you have any information about Jamie or any of these events, please reach out to us as soon as possible.Muddy Mortal Cancel Jamie Guined 2


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