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Many times I am sitting around before or after a race with some OCR people, and wish we recorded the conversation. Yesterday was one of those times. Luckily for you, I had the tape rolling.

Beni Gifford appears as a special guest, as does Keith Allen who called in.

Dig on in, as Hunter McIntyre and I talk about

  • His professional wrestling tryout with WWE.
  • Why he isn’t racing much Spartan this year.
  • His plan to dominate the Obstacle Racing World Championships.
  • How he deals with multiple offers from sponsors (and lusting male and female fans)


ORM also gets called out for shitty live reporting and I beg Hunter to unblock me on Facebook.
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Show Notes:

Google that shit.

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TMX Update and Shaun Stephens-Whale



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Shaun Stephens Whale

We bring back Nolan and Chris from TMHQ along with special guest Eric Emerson Botsford aka E-Rock to discuss TMX. They talk about who’s been invited/accepted, how ERock has been essential in designing the course, and the new prize dough.

Next up is Shaun Stephens-Whale. He went from crushing stairs in something called Tower Running to podium at his first ever Toughest event.
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BattleGrounds – Sept 23, 2017. Use code ORM10 for $10 off registration.

The Barber Beast  – Sept 9, 2017. 10 miles. 30 obstacles. 1 goal.

Show Notes:

Google Tower Running and this Shaun Stephens- Whale

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