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“Build it and they will come.”

Not. For every Spartan Race type success, there are fifty failed obstacle races fading into oblivion as you read this. Why? Simple. They had no brand. No differentiation. No personality.

Those fifty were bandwagon-jumpers, followers, johnny-come-lately events usually driven most by a desire to cash in on a growing industry, not lead in a new genre of sport.

Will at Tough Mudder understood this. Early on, Andy and Joe demonstrated a similar industry leadership with Spartan Race.

The me-too races. They eventually just fade away.

Introducing ORM Marketing Communications


Or, perhaps we should have titled it, “How Not to Just Fade Away.”

ORM Marketing Communications was hatched straight out of the knowledge and experience gained through growing our own brand inside of the endurance sports niche of Obstacle Course Racing. When we say we have been on the ground floor of this sport, we mean thee ground floor. Like, basement-ground-floor. First magazine (until we realized that was dumb), first podcast (really smart), and first website (even smarter) dedicated to unique content centered around the sport of obstacle course racing.

Since then, the sport has grown. The term “obstacle course racing” has been condensed to an all-inclusive OCR acronym, and a sort of endurance fusion is happening. OCR is combining with ultrarunning, adventure racing, mud runs, parkour, gymnastics, climbing, and even CrossFit (please don’t sue us, Greg G.)

And we’ve been here the entire time. As racers. As event participants. As athlete handlers. Crews. Reporters. Fans. We’ve been there every step of the way. We’ve seen, and been part of, almost every success, every failure, and every ‘drama’ developing in this sport. Every book, every movie, every documentary – we’ve been in it, wrote some of it, reviewed it, and discussed it ad nauseam.

Our promise: We know endurance sport. Better than anyone you know, we know and understand the endurance sports audience in whole, and in its niches. There is absolutely no better organization to drive your brand than ORM Marketing Communications. Period. Need your carpets cleaned? I will admit we suck at that, but need the endurance world to know you exist? We’ll have your back every step of the way.

The Easiest Way to Fade Away

Don’t use us. Instead, choose an advertising agency or marketing communications company with a really slick “account executive,” or maybe even someone with a fancy title like, “Business Development Manager.” They will come in, promise you the world, get really excited, and then when they realize you don’t have $1.5 million to spend with them you’ll immediately be passed to the D-team and interns.

Nothing wrong with interns. God love ’em, but they can’t grow your brand. Not yet.

We can.

Here’s how we do it…

We listen.

We can’t really do much without really understanding your event, your service, or you product. We are the experts in the communication tools and audiences, but you are the domain experts. We aim to work together. Your strengths with ours.

We plan.

Well, we guess. No really, we do. To try to pretend we will nail the exact, perfect strategy right out of the gates is arrogant nonsense. However, we will put our track record of experience to work to develop a solid, flexible game plan in which we both provide input, and ultimately agree upon, before implementation.

We execute.

Why us? Oh, I don’t know… maybe because we’ve done it, like, 1,037 times before. We know the tools. We understand them. We use them every day. We know which ones match our intent in planning. Most importantly, we execute quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Consistent with the plan, every single time.

We measure.

There not much sense in putting marketing vehicles to work if we can’t tell which ones are working. We compile the data using industry standard tools such as Google Analytics, Social Media measurement tools, and paid media metrics to paint the landscape of user patterns and communications success.

We analyze.

Oh, you thought we stopped at measure, didn’t you? Admit it. You did. That’s because most companies do. But, really, the numbers are the easy part. Fancy software and big computers crunch all that for us. The talent is in the interpretation of the data – not the data itself. Let that sink in for a minute. If you need clarification, cool, we’re right here.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s important to understand, marketing is a process, not an event. Brand building takes time. Anyone who tells you otherwise, doesn’t care about reputation and is instead just chasing a fast buck. We care about reputation. We live and die by reputation. We cannot be bought and sold. Our business philosophy is simple – Be straight-up, and to the point. Educate where you can, listen where you should, execute on what you know, and learn what you don’t. It’s that simple.

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