Athletics8 Arm and Calf Sleeves Review

I have always been an advocate of compression wear ever since I started running half marathons in 2013. Usually, I would wear my compression knee highs for long distance runs, after race recovery, or simply when I felt calf/ foot cramps. In the past, I had only ordered full length over the calf socks which honestly I hated. The reason being—I had found some ankle socks I absolutely loved running in (that wouldn’t cause blisters on my heels), which is a big deal when you actually like your feet! When Read more [...]

Contour Roam 3 Camera Review

This is a great action camera...but I won't be using it. It's no secret that GoPro is king of the action cameras that you can attach to your body, especially within OCR's so I'll be comparing the Contour Roam 3 to the GoPro. First off, let me just highlight a few of the features that the Contour has that goes above and beyond what the GoPro offers: 1) It looks less dorky. Face it, the GoPro looks as if your carrying around a tiny phylactery box on your head. You're known as 'one of those Read more [...]

FRESHeTECH All-Terrain Sound Speaker Review

When I heard my ticket called at the GORMR extravaganza, I had no idea what I had won. I was ecstatic to find out that it was the All-Terrain Sound Speaker from FRESHeTECH. I had been looking at portable speakers only the day before, but was concerned about the ruggedness since I was planning to use it on the sailboat. This was right up my alley! The speaker came in a nice little box with a micro USB connector for charging, a 3.5mm connector cord (for playback from non-Bluetooth devices) and Read more [...]

Blender Bottle GoStak Review

If you have ever flown to a race with ZipLock baggies filled with protein powder, you know what goes through your mind – how many times can I do this before a TSA agent thinks this is a baggie full of drugs and I end up in the body cavity search room? Or maybe you use a lot of supplements and need to transport them for a trip to the gym later in the day? Either way, these intended uses are only the second or third best reasons to buy the Blender Bottle GoStak system – because it’s awesome Read more [...]

Reebok All Terrain Supers Review

When I received the new Reebok All Terrain Supers, I was excited as a kid opening a Christmas present. Touted as being designed with the help of obstacle course runners specifically for OCRs, these shoes have been craved since being partially unveiled during the telecast of the Spartan World Championships back in December. Out of the box they look fantastic. Vibrant colors and attractive styling makes this a good looking pair of shoes. The design was different from what I've been used to because Read more [...]