Clif Bar Energy Food – Margherita Pizza

After meeting up with Scott Jurek a little while back and seeing his assortment of Clif products that he used I was intrigued by a new line I had never seen. Clif now has an Organic Energy Food series that features 4 different gels that are all "wholesome" rather than your typical sugar gel. Let me start by saying the Pizza "gel" is far from your typical gel.   Clif Bar Margherita Pizza Consistency Gels can range from chunky with something like the Munk Pack Oatmeal Squeeze to Read more [...]

Is Everything Old New Again? Luna Sandals, the Origins of Minimal Running and a Tribute to the Tarahumara

I was introduced to the concept of running in huaraches (Spanish for sandals) at the inaugural Fuego y Agua Hunter-Gatherer Survival Run where the first “obstacle” was to fashion footwear we'd then wear over the course of the 50k race. Months ahead of the event I began training in Luna sandals and it was during these long runs that I came to appreciate, and soon love, how organic and primitive it feels to run in sandals. The concept of minimal running is probably not new to most. Since 2009, Read more [...]

GoPro Wrist Housing First Impressions

While activities like skiing, surfing, kayaking, and even motorsports can serve as incredible subject matter for the GoPro photographer, I could never wrap my head around using one for OCR. I’ve always taken note of the relatively large number of people wearing GoPro cameras on their heads or strapped to their chests during races, but I was certain any footage they managed to capture would be more likely to induce motion sickness rather than enthusiastic repeat viewings. (I’ve watched enough Read more [...]

What The Pros Wear – Scott Jurek

While going for the fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail Scott Jurek's gear needs to be perfect. There is little to no room for error when attempting such a record. Scott is sponsored by Brooks which has a large impact on the gear he is wearing but there other things that aren't by Brooks which are definitely worth noting. Read on so see a list of what he has worn for the 46 day journey. Oh and also check out our interview with him from day 39 of his attempt.   Top: When the Read more [...]

Night Runner 270 Review

Back in February when the Night Runner 270 was announced on Kickstarter I was really excited to see an innovative running product hit the market. It isn't often that innovative products come out for running and this seemed like a clever idea. I run a fairly large amount while training for ultras and OCR and that means that I'm frequently burning the midnight oil to get in all my running and cross training. While I've never had any issues with running in the dark, it does sometimes slow you Read more [...]

Book Review – Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance

Preface As a life long athlete, and distance runner, who has gone from running at 14 years old to running at 31 years old I've noticed many changes in my body with not all of them being so welcome. One that recently struck me was that I am now at the heaviest I have ever been. While I am by no means overweight or someone that you would see at the beach and say should lose a few pounds, I am weighing in at around 155 lb. ±3 lb. and I am 5'7". It is also worth noting that I lift weights regularly Read more [...]