Book Review – Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance

Preface As a life long athlete, and distance runner, who has gone from running at 14 years old to running at 31 years old I've noticed many changes in my body with not all of them being so welcome. One that recently struck me was that I am now at the heaviest I have ever been. While I am by no means overweight or someone that you would see at the beach and say should lose a few pounds, I am weighing in at around 155 lb. ±3 lb. and I am 5'7". It is also worth noting that I lift weights regularly Read more [...]

The Best Compression Recovery Boots

This article is a long time in the making, over a year, and many thousands of dollars of "research" money was spent to make sure I tested out all the machines possible. I went ahead and bought compression recovery boots from all the levels of legitimate and semi-legitimate manufacturers I could find to see if there really was a difference in what made a recovery boot different from the next. What I came up with after testing all of these machines, while undergoing an intense ultra marathon training Read more [...]

Hands on Review: RAPIDFORCE Kinesio Tape

A few weeks ago, the folks at RAPIDFORCE sent over a sample pack of their kinesiology tape for me to review. As I wasn’t very familiar with RAPIDFORCE’s products, I went to their website to find out some background on their product. They claim to have a patented layering system which is 15 times stronger than kinesiology tape and does not require layering or specific taping patterns to bring relief. This maximum support, combined with superior stretching in all directions the body moves, is supposed Read more [...]

Qalo Ring Review

I first heard about the Qalo ring while listening to a new favorite podcast of mine called the No Meat Athlete. I’m not a no meat athlete but their podcast is really entertaining and has good info on running and related things. Back to the Qalo ring, in short it’s a silicone based ring that you can wear as a wedding band or in place of your wedding band while working out. This is a great ring for people living an active lifestyle that want to rock their wedding band no matter what – perfect Read more [...]

Icebug Zeal OLX In-Depth Review

Icebug has become synonymous with obstacle course racing footwear. The new Zeal OLX has been designed with OCR in mind and arrived on the scene with a bit of hype. In terms of traction, you cannot do much better. Overall, how does it stack up? Fairly well. Icebug Zeal OLX Features Fit – The Zeal has a wider fit than many racing shoes, allowing more room in the front of the toe box for toes to spread. Though the shoe is not wide by any means, people who have trouble fitting into the Icebug Read more [...]

Altra Lone Peak 1.5 In-Depth Review

  Altra, the company famous for the non-traditional zero drop foot-shaped sneaker, has created a shoe that might be of interest to obstacle racers. The Altra Lone Peak 1.5 is a shoe designed for all the off-road training that leads up to race day. The Lone Peak 1.5 is perfect for trail running and hiking. Its wide toe box is designed to accommodate individuals with wider feet but still has enough fit through the midfoot and heel to keep the shoe snug. The underside of the shoe Read more [...]