Blender Bottle GoStak Review

If you have ever flown to a race with ZipLock baggies filled with protein powder, you know what goes through your mind – how many times can I do this before a TSA agent thinks this is a baggie full of drugs and I end up in the body cavity search room? Or maybe you use a lot of supplements and need to transport them for a trip to the gym later in the day? Either way, these intended uses are only the second or third best reasons to buy the Blender Bottle GoStak system – because it’s awesome Read more [...]

Reebok All Terrain Supers Review

When I received the new Reebok All Terrain Supers, I was excited as a kid opening a Christmas present. Touted as being designed with the help of obstacle course runners specifically for OCRs, these shoes have been craved since being partially unveiled during the telecast of the Spartan World Championships back in December. Out of the box they look fantastic. Vibrant colors and attractive styling makes this a good looking pair of shoes. The design was different from what I've been used to because Read more [...]

Trail Toes Cream Review

Trail Toes advertises itself as being a “Phenomenal, Ultra-Extreme, Anti-friction foot and body cream”. I received my jar of this cream in Tampa, Florida right before running in the Special Ops Spartan Sprint. I knew that running an Obstacle Course Race in a stadium was going to present a unique mixture of running surfaces, stairs, ramps, and obstacles to negotiate. So I followed their directions and slathered the cream on the sides of my feet and my heels, then between each toe. My particular Read more [...]

Zensah High Compression Tights

Zensah High Compression Tights Product Review Product: Men’s high compression tights (L/XL in black) Manufacturer: Zensah Website: Reviewer: Shyam Sriram A year ago, I was blissfully unaware of compression garments. I say blissfully because after becoming an OCR initiate in March 2013 and getting hooked, I was then inundated with competing and conflicting information about the “best” gear for obstacle course racing. I heard a lot of positive and negative theories about compression Read more [...]

Reebok Trifecta Racer Review

Introducing the Reebok Trifecta Racer Finally, it looks like Reebok is stepping up to the plate with some real, practical gear. Even better, it’s specifically designed for OCR! Well, sort of. While this shoe is great for extreme conditions, it would also make a great trail racer or performance trainer. The new “Trifecta Racer” won’t hit shelves for at least a few more months, but I had the opportunity to get my hands on a pair last weekend at the PacNW Spartan Race Sprint, and have already Read more [...]