MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves Review

We were recently given the opportunity to test out MudGear's latest addition to their Obstacle Course Racing lineup. The product is a pair of compression arm sleeves that contain slim padding at the elbow and down the forearm. We will be looking at their comfort, fit, wicking, function, and durability via multiple laps of a local obstacle course race. MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves Comfort and Fit The MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves fit to size based off their sizing chart on the website. The sleeves Read more [...]

Merrell All Out Crush versus Reebok Super ORs

If you want to view a comparison video between the Merrell All Out Crush and the Spartan Reebok All Terrain OR shoes, watch this: Complete Reviews Here: Reebok Terrain OR Merrell All Out Crush Going to compare the latest OCR shoes on the market. Here we've got the Reebok Super ORs. Here we've got the Merrell All-Out Crush. Now, we'll start here with the Reeboks. This is the third iteration of these shoes. If you go to our website we've got a whole thing about all the Reeboks that ever came Read more [...]

Merrell All Out Crush Review

The Merrell All Out Crush is the child born forth of the marriage between Tough Mudder and Merrell. In November of 2015, Merrell was announced as presenting partner for the 2016 Tough Mudder season. While Merrell was previously the presenting sponsor for the Down and Dirty series, this is their first foray into a specific OCR shoe. Merrell All Out Crush Features Drainage Ports - Two drainage holes on each side of each shoe. Merrell are only the 2nd shoe manufacturer to put this "must Read more [...]

Hylete Serenium Zip Pocket Shorts Review

Hylete aims to provide functional, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing workout clothes. Their unique design allows gear to transition between multiple sports smoothly while maintaining a flattering cut. Hylete targets crossfitters/ cross trainers with their marketing pictures on their website. I picked the only pair of shorts that didn’t qualify as what my mom would call “booty shorts” to review. The Serenium short appeared to have a nice cut and enough spandex to allow comfort, Read more [...]

Brooks PureGrit 5 Preview

What's up, guys? Keith here. I've got a brand new Brooks PureGrit 5. I'm taking them out for a run to see how they're going to stack up for the new year. Or the summer. Whatever. You might be thinking to yourself, "Well, if you're testing out the shoe and you're holding it in your hand, what are you wearing?" Don't let minor details like that get in the way of this awesome preview video. I've got the new PureGrit 5. Took it out for a little run. Put it in the water. Checking how it drains. I've Read more [...]

Brooks Puregrit 4 Review

One of the most commonly asked questions in any Obstacle Course Racing community is, "What is a good shoe to buy for my first race?" The typical answer is usually along the lines of Salomon Speedcross 3, Reebok All-Terrain Super OR, Icebug Zeal and Inov-8 X-Talon. My first OCR shoe was the Brooks Puregrit 1 and I have used the Puregrit 3 for the past 2 years. I believe the Puregrit line is overlooked during discussions about shoes and was very excited to give the Brooks Puregrit 4 a go. Brooks Read more [...]