Ugly Sweaters = Festive Holiday Fun Run


It is FINALLY the holiday season! It is my favorite time of the year: the cold lukewarm, crisp winter air, the lights and trees everywhere, and Dear God – the FOOD. I needed to do a holiday themed run. The Ugly Sweater Run was the obvious choice! Not only is it festive and holiday themed, I get to dress up! On top of that, there are tons of runners and at the end there is hot chocolate (with Kahlua if you’re over 21!).

SO – this past Saturday (December 3rd), I grabbed one of my good girlfriends, a really awesome/ugly sweater and headed to Piedmont Park. We were not able to make the packet pick up on Friday, but the wait to pick up our numbers day of was not bad at all- maybe 10 minutes. The swag is super on point with the theme: a sweet winter knit beanie with a little poof ball on top! There were a lot of people – and everyone was pretty festive: SO many ugly sweaters… and onsies, matching outfits, and dogs wearing ugly sweaters! I tried to get a picture of the people running in a multiple person ugly sweater but it was way too blurry to share – it was very impressive to see them run though – major props. Ugly-Sweater-Run-Dog-Sweater! Ugly-Sweater-Run-Group-OutfitsI will warn you: this is not a race to do if you’re trying to set a PR. There are a lot of runners and it is pretty congested in the beginning. There were lots of people walking and right at the beginning, the pavement gets pretty narrow pretty quick. People are just enjoying the park with friends and being festive, nothing wrong with that at all! Just know that unless you are able to get in the front at the beginning of your group leaving the start gate, you probably be ducking and weaving quite a bit if you’re a runner for the first little bit. After mile 1, the crowd thins out and it was really just a fun run through the park. Plus, it was B-E-A-U-Tiful on Saturday. There are water stations every mile. That was clutch because around mile 2, I was saying some pretty choice words about running in a knit sweater. It got warm… FAST.

That being said, Dear Ugly Sweater Run Race Directors – Thank you! You put on an awesome event – it was an absolutely fun, hilarious and sweaty time! Some definite positives – the race time started at noon so I had plenty of time to search frantically for my really hideous sweater and go to Target to buy a new one when my search was unsuccessful, you had SO many port-a-potties which is AMAZING, the inflatables throughout the run were super fun and festive,  the hardware + swag is super on point, AND WE GOT TO SEE SANTA!!!!!! The picture would have been so much better if I hadn’t blinked but still – SANTA!Ugly Sweater Run - SANTAAlso – something really, REALLY SMART – your medal ribbon color was based on age: 21 years old + got the Red Kahlua ribbon and under 21 years old got a blue ribbon with snowflakes on it. It was a very clever way to separate the crowd for the delicious beverages shared post run!

Basic White Girl Races (An Introduction)


basic-white-girl races

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” – Amy Poehler

My name is Hannah Thompson and I’m one of the race directors for Cupid’s Undie Run in Atlanta – a 1 mile-ish fun-run in your bedroom best to raise money for Neurofibromatosis research. I love it. It’s one of the most fun runs that I’ve ever done, and I will recommend it to everyone and anyone who will take their pants off for charity.

Due to the fact that I’m one of the directors in a national Undie Run, I have a confession: I love all sorts of kitschy & themed runs. I envy all those people who do Spartans and Tough Mudders, but thanks to years of abusing my joints and my slight obsession with Crossfit, trail runs and obstacle course runs always tend to be a struggle on these ole’ bones.
With that being said, ORM and I paired up and figured out where I could put my running to use. Knowing the types of runs I love, you have probably guessed that these fun pavement and/or themed, crazy runs are what I’m going to write about for your semi-regular consumption: as I so lovingly call them – “Basic White Girl Runs”.
My first post was supposed to be this lovely review of the Romp and Stomp 5k, a lovely & slightly hilly October 5K through Cabbagetown before Chomp and Stomp, which is easily tied for my favorite Atlanta festival. Unfortunately, my body had a different idea and decided that it was time for me to have an upper respiratory infection. That morning, the idea of running made my lungs feel like they were going to explode. Don’t you worry though, I still got my epic long sleeve shirt (which is super soft and an awesome design) and my spoon to eat as much chili as this belly could hold (seriously, I think I had at least 15 cups and it was AMAZING!). Dear Cabbagetown – please accept my dearest apologies, but know that I will be there in 2017 as long as my body decides to co-operate. Let’s be serious for a second – Combining Running and Eating – how could you keep me away?!

The awesome shirt from Romp and Stomp

The awesome shirt from Romp and Stomp that I ended up not earning.
 So with that being said, I will be at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Run this Saturday, December 3rd. I am planning on rocking out a snowman sweater vest and blaring Christmas music from my jammy pack! Think about *Nsync, Britney Spears, and Beyonce Christmas Jams BLARING while running through the streets of Atlanta – it’s going to be EPIC!
If you think of any runs that you think would fit into this genre of fun paved runs and/or costumed and hilarious runs, let me know – I will try my best to run it and write about it! I’m super excited to dress up in whatever ridiculous outfit I can find and run through Atlanta and tell you all about it. The nerdier the better.
Peace, Love, and Undies-