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Spartan Race Launching “Short Course” TV Show

NBC, Spartan Race, and A. Smith & Co. productions are announcing a new television show today. The show is being put together by the same company that produces American Ninja Warrior, which also airs on NBC. ANW has been a huge hit every summer … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

Spartan Race Wintergreen 2015

Photo credit – Jenny Turak “The crowds roll by and I’m falling in Everyone’s invisible but it’s just pretend And we all freaked out, what a shame When only tears know how to remind us We all break the same” -Mutemath I’ve been hearing about Spartan Wintergreen since 2013, and for a very physically demanding race, I have a plethora of haunting images burned into my mind. From Operation Enduring Warrior masked athlete Todd Love ascending the rope climb unassisted to the dense fog and sloppy Read more […]

Rugged Maniac – Tretsch Review Atlanta 2015

Rugged Maniac – Atlanta 2015 Prologue 7:15AM – 20 Eastbound – A huge fireball in the sky and no sunglasses 7:38AM – Conyers – There is a great convening of Grey Berets and friends at the Waffle House. The Dark Waffle is strong with this crew. 8:25AM- Conyers –  QT how I love thee 8:50AM – Georgia International Horsepark – You walk and you walk some more. Then you walk some more. The parking is far from the festival area. But I’m about to do an OCR, so who the fuck Read more […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Episode 143 – Ben Gray

The Obstacle Racing Media Podcast Presents: Episode 143 Today we meet Ben Gray. Ben ran 100 miles around the city of Atlanta one day, for the story not the glory. He also ran in the first AND last wave of this year’s Peachtree Road Race. Ben’s job for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has him writing and taking pictures at some very cool places and events. Some times running gets to be part of the assignment as well. It is safe to say Matt wants to be Ben when he grows up. Listen Read more […]

Episode 142 – Jack Axe Games and Alex Nicholas

The Obstacle Racing Media Podcast Presents: Episode 142 On today’s episode Matt talks with Eric Winkler from Jack Axe Games. Part strongman competition, part Highland games, part OCR, this new event in the Chicago area is something we have never seen before. Learn all about it, and how you can attend as a guest of Obstacle Racing Media. Next up is Alex Nicholas. Matt digs in and finds out what’s behind that ridiculously chiseled physique of his.  They talk about Alex’s athletic background, Read more […]

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Spartan Racer Rose Wetzel on Sports Illustrated.com

2015 has seen the proliferation of obstacle racing athletes in the “mainstream” media.  Hunter McIntyre has appeared in several magazines, and is currently filming a television show that has him competing around the world. Amelia Boone and Ryan Atkins both star in TV commercials for Oberto, along with being featured in countless magazine articles themselves. Being a top competitor and having a partnership with NBC, has given  Pro Team member, Rose Wetzel, lots of air time on American Read more […]

How To Build An Obstacle Wall

After a recent episode of the podcast, I mentioned that I have some obstacles in my backyard including an obstacle wall. I received an email asking me how to build an obstacle wall. I dedicated an entire chapter to building obstacles in your back yard in the book I wrote last year. The materials for the obstacle wall are relatively inexpensive and it will only take 1-3 hours if you can make it with a friend. (Click this photo to buy this book!) Chapter 14 : Creating a backyard Read more […]

BattleFrog Discount- BattleFrog offers buy one, get one!

Yesterday, we we were the first to tell you of the new 2016 locations for BattleFrog. Today, BattleFrog announced as part of the celebration of their official schedule launch, they will be offering 2016 early bird registrants a “Buy One, Get One Free” discount for thirty days, through Sunday September 20, 2015. Registrants using the code “STRONGER” will receive a free entry of equal or lower value that they may use to register a family member, friend or co-worker. A link to Read more […]

BattleFrog 2016 Schedule Extremely Hopeful

Do you live near San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or San Fransisco? If so, you have a BattleFrog scheduled to come to your city in 2016. How about Nashville, Washington, DC, Richmond, VA or Charlotte, NC?  You are in luck. Far west cities like Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle? You guys get ’em too. What about the Canadian OCR freaks in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto? Yep. Yep. Yep. All told, BattleFrog has 27 races currently scheduled for 2016. This does Read more […]


OCR Transformations- Leticia Becerra

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. Leticia had been overweight for as long as she could remember. Her weight loss journey (when she actually made the effort to lose weight) began in 2001 when she hit her highest weight of 215 pounds at the age of 19. She was THE laziest person she knew. She even had her mom write notes for her to skip running in P.E. class during high school. She Read more […]

Running OCR for Pleasure, not Pain

“Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?” Legendary character actor and voice artist Pat Buttram asked this not so profound question to Christopher Lloyd in Back To The Future Part III way back in 1990, and for the past 25 years, Mr. Buttram and I were, and for the most part still are, of the same mindset. Why would any sane person run anywhere when there is any number of methods by which you can get from Point A to Point B much faster and with much greater ease? I’ve never been Read more […]

Spartan UltraBeast – Should Others Be Renamed

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – William Shakespeare Since it reared it’s long, grueling, ugly head in September of 2012, The Vermont UltraBeast, has been the toughest obstacle race on American soil. In it’s first 3 years of existence, it has had a ridiculously low completion rate, and has claimed more DNF’s (and orphan sandbags), than any other obstacle race by a long shot. It’s hardware – a glow in the dark medal in 2012 and 2013, and a giant buckle in 2014 – is to many, Read more […]