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#shirtstorm-The Video

#shirtstorm2015 There has been some talk by the parties involved, a little more has been written around the circumstances of the Spartan Atlanta elite awards ceremony, and, like any controversial topic in the OCR community, there has been an … [Read More...]

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Tacoma Metro Parks Mud Run- “A Family Affair”

It was 6:30AM on a Saturday morning and I was looking at my 5 year old asleep in his bed. I leaned in and whispered “Good morning…are you ready for your first Mud Run?” His eyes shot open and with a smile that would knock you out he shouted “Yes!” The rest of the day was met with just as much enthusiasm as we tackled our first go at the Tacoma Metro Parks Mud Run. As we pulled into Swan Creek Park, Tacoma, the first thing my sons noticed was that the park used to be a small neighborhood. Read more […]

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BattleFrog- Central Florida 2015

Fresh off their first race of the season in Miami, BattleFrog rang in their second race in Central Florida on March 15th. The location was a flat field, surrounded by prairie and ranch land with the sounds of cows and other livestock resonating in the distance. The setting was quite picturesque for a race venue. As the sun struggled to come up over the horizon, the runners lined up to check in and register starting at 6:00 a.m. The only problem… the registration system wasn’t allowing anybody Read more […]

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Episode 123 – BattleFrog Orlando and TimnJosh from Spartan Gap Year

Today’s show starts with interviews from BattleFrog Orlando that took place on March 14th. Matt talked to Isaiah Vidal, Air Force Ken, and Chris “Beard” Acord. Ken took 3rd place even though Isaiah finished ahead of him on the course. Find out why in these interviews. We then hear from Ryan Atkins, Lindsay Webster, and Jennette Gardner after their impressive finishes. Then you will hear Matt’s interview with Tim and Josh from Spartan Gap Year from the Spartan Cruise. These two are spending Read more […]

EP 122

Episode 122 – Evan “Rocket” Dollard

Episode 122 – Evan Dollard had a very direct approach to getting on American Ninja Warrior. He sent them tape of his role as TV’s “Rocket” from American Gladiators. Evan talks about working with icons like Dan “Nitro” Clark and The Hulkster, on the reboot of that famous show. Evan also explains why he thinks the new version of American Gladiators died an early death. Right in the middle of the interview, Evan delivers what would be the perfect ending, but unfortunately, Matt still needed Read more […]

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Tough Mudder Shirts Are Back!

Earlier this year, Tough Mudder announced that they were doing away with their coveted finisher shirts. People were horrified, petitions were created, some said they would never do another Mudder again. We just heard from Ben Johnson, Head of Communications, over at Tough Mudder and he let ORM know that every 2015 Tough Mudder finisher will be receiving a finisher shirt. He told us “While we remain committed to investing in the greatest obstacles and hosting the best events, we know that Read more […]

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Human Movement Wants To Build “Epic And Annual” Events.

Human Movement Management, which ORM has interviewed on a number of occasions about various OCR acquisitions, has itself been acquired today by Powdr, out of Salt Lake City, Utah. When asked about how this will effect the OCR industry, Jeff Suffolk of HMM told us: “We have witnessed a lot of change during the last decade of obstacle racing. The quality of events has always been the first priority for our company and an incredible experience a close second behind safety. We believe the new Read more […]

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Update: Official Word From BattleFrog On Locations, Dates, Rules and Refunds

After yesterday’s big announcement from BattleFrog, we had a few questions. We sent them along to BattleFrog HQ and here is what they told us. ORM: The event page link on your website shows a Miami event listed to take place on November 21st. However, an announcement from a few days ago on your Facebook page lists Orlando on November 21st. Can you clarify? BFS: Any information regarding date or venue changes will be handled directly with participants who are affected first before being discussed Read more […]

Xtreme Winners

Massive Changes For BattleFrog

An update on this story posted 3/19/15 can be read here We just received an email from BattleFrog Series on some interesting changes being made to their season. We will give you the official word from BattleFrog followed by a breakdown by ORM for each item. Saturday‐Only Heats We work closely with local communities, permitting authorities, logistics resources and our team of SEALs, veterans and volunteers to deliver a world‐class experience through the entire schedule of activities in each Read more […]


Broken Medal

I cheated.

Last April, my friend, Holly, aka Muddy Mommy called herself out on cutting corners in a race. I wanted to write about this then, but did not have the courage. My business partner, Christian, has recently been posting on Facebook some very honest, but ugly things about himself. That also pushed me to write, but I chose not to. Today an article I just read by a friend (who happens to be an obstacle racer) but has nothing to do with OCR, inspired me to finally come clean. Maybe it isn’t that big Read more […]


Why I Want to Work for GORUCK

Forward: First and foremost, out of respect for my current employer, I have to say that I have had a great career, and worked with some wonderful people who have become like family to me. I have also earned the trust of some very significant clients in the business world, and for that I am thankful. This life move for me is based on personal choices I have made in wanting to improve my life. But more so, I hope I can write this in a way that will make people think. Make people move. Make people Read more […]

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OCR Transformations- Caitlyn McCracken

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind, body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. This month’s OCR transformations introduces Caitlyn McCracken. High school athlete turned lazy college student, Caitlyn over came multiple physical ups and downs in order to find her happy place. Taking the weight off her shoulders allowed Caitlyn to flip her switch and find a new passion…running. Caitlyn’s story demonstrates how much the mind Read more […]