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Black Friday 2015 – Obstacle Racing Deals

  It's that time again, go punch your best friends grandma in the face so you can save an extra 10% off a Flat Screen TV! Or you can just look here to get some great deals on OCR related deals. Black Friday Dryrobe - Save 15% Off Dryrobe … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

Spartan Race Citizen’s Bank Park Philadelphia: Race Review

The Phillies rallied strong after the All-Star break.  Even in last place, they swept the Mets at the end of the season.  That bodes well for the Phils next year as they also picked up a lot of young talent.  It probably spelled doom for the Mets as they got swept again to lose the World Series against the Royals. There was similar doom and drama at the Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizen’s Bank Park Spartan Race Stadium Sprint on Saturday, November 14, 2015.  This race review comes to you from Read more […]

Rugged Maniac SoCal 2015

Rugged Maniac is a fun entry-level, family friendly obstacle race. The SoCal event provided a nice mix of easy and more challenging obstacles (with no penalties for failed obstacles) on a flat, fast race course.  The venue has a bit of a party atmosphere, with several food vendors on hand and local gyms representing.  Registration and bag check were a breeze, and one of Rugged Maniac’s huge perks, and where they are in many ways head and shoulders above the competition, is that there are no Read more […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Episode 157 – Running With Yetis and Boxing With The Bear

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast – Episode 157 Today’s episode features two interviews that are not directly OCR related. First up is Jason Green. Jason talks about how going on a long run touched his soul and ignited a passion within him. Out of that passion he set out to create races for skaters, punk rockers, beer drinkers, and other fun people he wasn’t finding in most running communities. Next up is Matt “Bear” Novakovich. After being a champion mountain runner and obstacle racer, Read more […]

Episode 156 – World’s Toughest Podcast 2015 – Part I

The coverage of WTM that you have come to count on from the podcast. It’s our 4th year in a row talking to as many people as we can get to in the time allotted at World’s Toughest Mudder This year’s Part I is Saturday interviews with the following people prior to the race, er challenge, starting. (In order of appearance) Will Dean Amelia Boone Junyong Pak Josue Stephens Robert Killian Ben Greenfield Morgan McKay Team Sinergy Team Spartan Wolfpack Today’s show is sponsored Read more […]

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World’s Toughest Mudder Periscope Replays!

Oh, The miracles of technology. As you already know, our crack team was on the ground all weekend capturing the action at the 2015 World’s Toughest Mudder. Thanks to Periscope, we were able to bring you live highlights as we never could before. They were all saved to this awesome site called Katch.me and now you can enjoy them all again. Forever. How about for starters, we go straight for the jugular with the Champions Brunch Sneak Peak Video that TM put together!?!?! Now that you Read more […]

Cranky Bastard III (Virtual Race)

Yep, that’s right. You can’t keep a good cranky down. Cranky is back for the third year with a brand new medal! (actual design released soon) If you don’t know who Cranky is, we actually finally were able to sit down and interview him, so you can probably listen to him during an upcoming training run. It’s one of the longer episodes, so you won’t get it all done in 5k or less. He LOVES to talk. Either way, here is how it works.. Register online. Same inexpensive entry as previous Read more […]

Tough Mudder Half

announced 5 mile courses in the U.K. (One in England, and one in Scotland) in 2016.  There will be no ice, fire, or electroshock obstacles; they will call it the Tough Mudder Half. The Telegraph, which first posted this news, asked Tough Mudder founder Will Dean, “But won’t a shorter course put off the purists who believe you should either do a full Tough Mudder or nothing at all?” Will Dean replied, “We are not worried about a backlash or that people will be put off doing a Tough Read more […]

World’s Toughest Mudder 2015

World’s Toughest Mudder Live Updates from Obstacle Racing Media. There are a few places that you are going to want to go. We will be using the hashtag #wtm2015. Our Twitter account will most likely have the most real time photos and updates. Be sure to watch our Facebook and Instagram pages as well. You can also use the timing company’s link to see how many laps your favorite Mudders have completed. (This link will be updated to the 2015 link as soon as it’s available) Download Read more […]


A Spartan’s Guide to Going Home for the Holidays

Aroo! I’ve got my -themed [insert whatever holiday floats your boat this time of year here] decorations up and I am psyched for an EPIC holiday season! (To be honest, I put them up the day after Halloween because that was my last #RestDay). However, as we Spartans migrate home this season to celebrate with family and friends keep in mind that there are some “Don’ts” a thoughtful Spartan should avoid after he or she has sucked down a couple of Michelob Ultra-lights and is feeling cozy in Read more […]

Crossing Lines – How NOT to Run an Event

A ruck is a very complex and interesting event, and involves far more than just hiking with a weighted pack. When done properly, the goal is to take a disparate group of individuals, and through hardships and often unpleasant tasks, bond them into a team.  As the leader of a ruck (often called Cadre), your job is to put the people through hell, and to bring them out the other side better. It is to teach lessons and leave participants with a sense of pride at their accomplishments and a new understanding Read more […]

Race Terminology – Hypothermia

In this article and in coming weeks, I will attempt to take on some terms used in the community that I believe are being misused,  first up in this “Terminology Series” is hypothermia. Hypothermia The first Tough Mudder that I ever participated in was in February of 2012. The temperature was 28F when the event began. The temperature never rose above 40F degrees all day, and it was also occasionally windy. About a mile in to that Mudder, we encountered an obstacle named “Arctic Enema”.  Jumping Read more […]