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Spartan Race Milan, Italy 2016 – “Where are the obstacles?!”

My love for obstacle racing was born on February the 14th at the Tampa Stadium Spartan Race and from that day, I was hooked. One thing I always wanted to do was to race in my country - Italy. I was born and raised there, and when I learned that … [Read More...]

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Spartan Race Tri-State New York Sprint 2016 Review

Looking straight up the mountain from the Start line at Tuxedo Ridge On Sunday, June 19, I returned to Tuxedo Ridge to run the second weekend of the Spartan Race Sprint. Last year I ran with two friends, up and down the mountain (and up and down and up and down). This year I ran in one of the last heats as part of a large group, and the experience was very different; it gave me time to think about what OCR can mean to different audiences. But first, the obligatory race review highlights: This Read more […]

BattleFrog New Jersey: Something for Everyone

BattleFrog returned to the Tri-State New Jersey area this past Saturday with an 8k Obstacle Course Race to brag about. BattleFrog has previously used the overplayed Englishtown, NJ venue but this time opted for the wooded trails and lakes that the Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation in Stanhope, NJ had to offer, and it did not disappoint. The majority of the course was composed of double-track, you read right DOUBLE not single-track, technical trails through the woods. The forest provided dense Read more […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

#RealTalk with Joe Desena

  In this episode: Matt spent quality time with Joe Desena in Vermont at last weekend’s Agoge. The conversation with Joe goes a really long way and includes: The story behind his tattoos. Who will take over Spartan when he’s gone. What he thinks of the new Spartan Team TV show. The early days of Spartan. What he is doing in Asia. Much, much, more. Today’s show is sponsored by: Udder Mud Run – Use code RUNORM for $10 off this race! Wetsuit Read more […]

Hobie Call and Ryan Atkins

In this episode: Hobie Call backs up his claims to win at Palmerton, PA and The Spartan World Championships. He also talks about masters athletes, Facebook haters, and retirement. Ryan Atkins comes on to talk about losing to Hobie, what he thinks will happen at Palmerton, how he ranks his race schedule, and who is partner is for WTM 2016. Damn, this one’s good! Today’s show is sponsored by: CMC Race – The Civilian Military Combine is back. Sept 10, Brooklyn, Read more […]

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Tough Mudder #ObstacleWeek – No. 1: Block Ness Monster

It’s no surprise that Block Ness Monster has taken the No. 1 spot for Tough Mudder’s #ObstacleWeek. Officially debuting at World Toughest Mudder 2015 (beta runs occurred throughout 2015 at a few local TM events), Block Ness Monster (then called Roll the Dice) was an instant hit. At an event where teamwork and camaraderie are valued above course time and Mudders pledge to help fellow Mudders complete the course, Block Ness Monster is a dream obstacle…and it’s hella fun! Everyone is instantly enchanted Read more […]

Tough Mudder #ObstacleWeek – No. 2: King of the Swingers

Fan favorite #2 for Tough Mudder’s #ObstacleWeek, King of the Swingers, is a realtively new Tough Mudder obstacle introduced at World’s Toughest Mudder 2014 that instantly earned its place in Mudder hearts. King of the Swingers continued to receive rave reviews through the 2015 Tough Mudder season, so it’s no surprise it landed at #2 on the #obstacleweek list. AIR TIME King of the Swingers is a hybrid skill/fear obstacle that pairs the fear of heights (ala Walk the Plank) with the skill of Read more […]

Spartan Agoge 002 Live

Obstacle Racing Media Live Coverage   Beginning Thursday June 16. We will be providing tons of live coverage for Agoge 002. The first ever 60 hour Agoge. Be sure to follow our website, along with all of our digital channels for non stop coverage of your friends and family participating in this event. Snapchat Instagram Twitter Facebook Live Periscope @ObstacleMedia If you are looking for other live coverage, click here. If you want to read more about Agoge, click Read more […]

Tough Mudder #ObstacleWeek – No. 3: Pyramid Scheme

Fan favorite #3 for Tough Mudder’s #ObstacleWeek, Pyramid Scheme, is the quintessential Tough Mudder obstacle, requiring teamwork and creativity to successfully scale the slick, slanted behemoth. Whether you use a tried and true method that hasn’t let you down or are a Tough Mudder virgin just trying not to kick someone in the face, you’ll have to rely on strangers and friends alike to conquer this beast. ENGINEERING SKILLS A PLUS Pyramid Scheme is one of those obstacles that benefits from Read more […]


OCR Transformations- Jason Gelleny

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. Jason grew up playing all types of sports. Weight lifting and baseball were his main concentrations through high school and he had hoped to earn a scholarship. However, a major back injury during his senior year eliminated his chances for a scholarship to the states to play University baseball. Without a real back up plan from playing sports, Jason Read more […]

Fast Sets Up ‘n Coming Track and OCR Star

Delayed or diminished development is common among people on the autistic spectrum.  In Aaron’s case, his affected areas are physical and social.  Although in many ways he is physically like any other typical teenage boy, there are differences.  For instance, he is extremely aware of his body.  Each visit to the doctor requires more time than we expected because Aaron needs to dig in to all the details by exchanging volumes of information with the doctors.  This actually pleases the doctors because Read more […]

OCR Transformations- Nicholas Hoyer

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. Nicholas was overweight as a child, but his battle with obesity did not begin until after high school. Over the four years of college, his weight went from 235 pounds to 335 pounds. At the age of 26, Nicholas hit his max weight at 425 pounds. COMFORT FOOD Since the age of seven, Nicholas had been made fun of because of his weight. He ate Read more […]