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Tough Mudder Introduces Their 2018 Pro Team/Competitive Series

12:20pm Update - Here is the podcast interview. In September of 2017, TMHQ announced the first ever Tough Mudder Pro Team. Ryan Atkins, Lindsay Webster, Hunter McIntyre and Stef Bishop had already been featured on most of TM's online content, so … [Read More...]

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New Year, New Race Classes, New Medals – Spartan Race SoCAL shows us what’s in store for 2018

January ushered in a brand new start to the Obstacle Racing season and 2018 is shaping up to be very exciting! The first  of the year was held on January 27-28 in Chino, CA. The Spartan SoCal Super/Sprint weekend brought new racing classes, finisher shirts, and medals. The first big change this year is a […]

Frozen Fun on The Local Level: Beat The Bitter 5K

A Frozen Festival North Liberty’s 3rd annual Beat the Bitter 5k-ish Obstacle Run took place on the frozen tundra of Penn Meadows Park.  200 people gathered to take on the course which was put together by the North Liberty Betterment Group as part of a week-long winter games festival, which included curling, outdoor ice skating, […]

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Eli Hutchison and Corinna Coffin – Fittest, Fastest, Toughest

Corrina Coffin and Allison Tai are the newest TMHQ Pro team members. Corinna gets on the phone to discuss. Eli Hutchison also joins us to tell us all about this revamped competitive series from Tough Mudder called Fittest, Fastest, Toughest. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Savage Race : New obstacles, new locations, new syndicate medal. […]

Jen Wade – Bodybuilder to OCR transformation?

How do we train hard as a motherf*&$er, eat clean, be good parents, and live a balanced life? Let’s dig in with Jen and find out. Also, let’s give Jen some OCR beginner tips. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Rugged Maniac –  Use Code ORM10 for 10 percent off all 2018 races! Show Notes: Her website […]

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  5K to Turn Running Into a Team Sport – Provides ‘Taste of Tough’ by Featuring 10 World-Class Obstacles on Course   BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (February 8, 2018) – Tough Mudder, Inc. the leading global sports, active lifestyle, and media brand, announced today it will debut its newest event series, Tough Mudder 5K at more […]

Gameface Media Moves Ahead While Failing to Pay Photographers

Once upon a time, the only way for you to receive a photo from a recent race (like the one above) was to pay cash to a photography company. Event directors hired said company to take your photo, and they’d mail you that sucker if you paid for it. As Facebook and smart phones took […]


Attracting close to three thousand athletes, and a couple thousand onlookers, the 2018 season opener of the hugely popular obstacle course racing (OCR) series, the Toyota WARRIOR Series, powered by Reebok, was off to the perfect start this past weekend at Riversands Country Farm in Johannesburg. The OCR Toyota WARRIOR series is designed for adventure […]

OCRWC Founder Launches a New Organization for Races and Athletes

Adrian Bijanada, whom you may remember as the man behind the OCR World Championships and its sister event the North American OCR Championships, has announced the start of an organization that will support the sport and its participants. The American Obstacle Course Racing Association is intended to be a democratic and transparent group that will offer […]


How To Race On A Budget

  This past season I raced more than I had ever raced before and spent less on racing at the same time and you can too. We all know Obstacle Course Racing can get real expensive real quick but below are a few simple suggestions for lowering the cost of your OCR addiction.   Volunteer […]

Rea Kolbl – Second Chance Athlete

I was lucky to be featured on the Palmerton Spartan Race episode the other day, and I got a chance to share my story of how I got to where I am now. In case you missed it, here’s the short version. I grew up doing sports, and I was on the Slovenian National Gymnastics […]

It Isn’t Always About Winning

Spartan Race posted this video a few days ago with the title “Third place stolen! Make every second count. 👀⏱”. This resulted in people doing what people do, giving lots of opinions on the 8 seconds they just witnessed. We reached out to both women in the video to find out what they were thinking before, […]