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Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway is back on the show for the first time since 2014. Since he last appeared, he rocketed into America's collective conscious by finishing 3rd on the 20th season of Dancing With The Stars. In today's episode, we talk about why he … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

Endurance Society Infinitus Marathon Race Review

About two weeks ago, in a moment of inspiration, I decided that I should run a race soon. I looked around to see what I could do and saw the Endurance Society had a wide selection of distances to run at Infinitus – 8k, 88k, 888k, marathon, 48 hour, and 72 hour. Since I’ve only been really getting my training going the past 4-6 weeks I decided an 88k might be I’ll advised, as it was more than my weekly miles, but a marathon would be great since anyone can do a marathon with enough sticktoitiveness. As Read more […]

Warrior Dash NY -The Heart of the Open Heat

I ran the Warrior Dash New York event this past weekend and I had a fun time. For any experienced OCR athlete the words Warrior Dash and Fun should be synonymous at this point. But like any OCR it is what you make it and should be tempered by expectations. Pre Race Excitement: Photo Courtesy Victoria Rose Skiff This was a shuttle parking event which sometimes deter me from doing an event all together but this was smooth and effortless. The volunteers kept the flow of cars into the parking Read more […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Dr. Jason Wagner Talks Elevation Training Masks

Episode 181 -Jason is a doctor/obstacle racer who wrote a blog post that began this way: I’m a lung doc and have spent more hours than I can count studying cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology. This makes it nearly impossible for me to ignore all the attention that elevation training masks are getting. We read the rest of his post and we found it insightful and humorous. We wanted to bring him on so that we could ask questions about what training masks do/don’t accomplish. Read more […]

First Look at WTM 2016 w/ Nolan Kombol and Chad Trammell

Tough Mudder announced several changes to this year’s team competition at World’s Toughest Mudder. We got Nolan Kombol on the phone as quickly as we could to get it all sorted out. Nolan’s been with Tough Mudder since July of 2010. His current title is Senior Director of Product, which means he and his team are responsible for your on-course experience and all of the obstacles that go with it. We go into the new changes and answer some questions including: What is the Read more […]

More OCR News

Savage Syndicate aka More Savage Races = More Bling!

After being teased for a few weeks on social media, the “Savage Syndicate” Program is being rolled out.  To qualify, all you need to is run at least 2 Savage Races in one calendar year. As soon as you complete your 2nd race, you will get an additional medal. To be clear, this is on top of the regular 2016 finisher medal. You will also receive the state pins from the races you’ve completed. For each additional race you do in a calendar year, you will get another syndicate medal and the Read more […]

HESCO BONEFROG Challenge: The Original (and only) Navy SEAL Owned and Operated OCR

Back in 2012, some Navy SEALs decided they wanted to create their own obstacle course race to offer racers an opportunity to challenge themselves. The idea was to have a Navy SEAL owned, Navy SEAL designed, Navy SEAL operated, Navy SEAL Foundation supporting organization that was all about challenging limits. BONEFROG Challenge was born! Now, it’s no secret that Navy SEAL training is extreme. The SEALs are elite tactical military who are expertly trained to deliver highly specialized, intensely Read more […]

Savage Race Obstacles

I’m going to talk about my experience at the 2016 Savage Race. I want to talk about, first of all, it was an amazing day out there. Savage does a great job with its basic, what we’ll call, the standard Savage obstacles. So sawtooth, you’re always going to see sawtooth monkey bars, and it’s solid. Shriveled Richard, always going to be there, and it’s fucking cold. Davey Jones’ Locker, big jump, going to scare you, and it’s going to be there. A nice addition that I’m not sure was always there, Read more […]

Who The Cox are Pis and Cox!?!?!

Effective a couple of days ago, Obstacle Racing Media began distributing the World’s Toughest Mudder inspired web series called Pis N Cox. Much like Bubba The Love Sponge was to Howard, and the Late Late Show is to WorldWide Pants, ORM has spread it’s little obstacle wings to bring you The Pis N’ Cox Show. Obstacle Racing Media co-founder Matt B. Davis said Ever since I laid my eyes on the comedy insanity/genius that is Pis N’ Cox, I wanted them as part of the ORM family. After a year of going Read more […]


Fast Sets Up ‘n Coming Track and OCR Star

Delayed or diminished development is common among people on the autistic spectrum.  In Aaron’s case, his affected areas are physical and social.  Although in many ways he is physically like any other typical teenage boy, there are differences.  For instance, he is extremely aware of his body.  Each visit to the doctor requires more time than we expected because Aaron needs to dig in to all the details by exchanging volumes of information with the doctors.  This actually pleases the doctors because Read more […]

OCR Transformations- Nicholas Hoyer

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. Nicholas was overweight as a child, but his battle with obesity did not begin until after high school. Over the four years of college, his weight went from 235 pounds to 335 pounds. At the age of 26, Nicholas hit his max weight at 425 pounds. COMFORT FOOD Since the age of seven, Nicholas had been made fun of because of his weight. He ate Read more […]

Lance Armstrong and OCR: Is this a good idea?

This weekend, highlighted a newcomer to obstacle course racing in its social media feed. For the first time in his career, Lance Armstrong showed up for a local race, the Spartan Super in Austin. In another first, Lance posted pictures of himself on Instagram, adding in a self-deprecating comment that he had to do 180 burpees during the elite heat for failing obstacles. While OCR enthusiasts are always happy to see celebrities give their sport a try, Armstrong’s appearance raised eyebrows, Read more […]