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The Death Race – What It Means To Finish

We have a correction to make to yesterday's Death Race posts. As the final burial was being prepared yesterday morning, we were on the phone with Peak Race founder Joe Desena and this year's Death Co-Race Directors Johnny Waite and Pete Coleman. … [Read More...]

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OCR King Compound Trials

In a quiet neighborhood in Dallas, GA, one might not expect a chance to get their butt handed to them by an obstacle course. However, dropping by the new permanent course built by a group of racers from the Georgia Obstacle Racers and Mud Runners (GORMR) led by Justin Rose, David Yates, and property owner Cody King, will do just that! Over the past six months the group has steadily put together an impressive collection of obstacles which combine the usual suspects of OCR (8 ft wall, rope Read more […]

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BattleFrog Tri-State: First Experience

So you know you’re a dedicated Obstacle Course Racer when you drive over 10 hours, through 3 US states from Canada, sleep for 6 hours, race, hang around all day to cheer on your friends, eat, sleep and then drive home for another 10 hours. Was Battlefrog Tri-State worth it? Hooyah! Yes! I have run Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Mud Hero, Spartan Race, X Man Race and Dead End Race but I haven’t had the opportunity of hanging a frog around my neck until this past weekend at the Battlefrog Tri-State Read more […]

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Episode 134

Episode 134 – Lee Haney

Today’s show features a sit down interview with Lee Haney. After success in bodybuilding as a teenager, Lee went on to win Mr. Olympia 8 times in a row. Since he stopped competing, he has been sought after as a coach and personal trainer. His clients have included Evander Holyfield, Steve Harvey, and many others. His certification program is taught by trainers worldwide. Matt talks to Lee about what it has taken to stay on top of his game so long, and how he has stayed sane and successfully Read more […]

Episode 133

Episode 133 – Miguel Medina from YancyCamp and Neil Murphy from Regiment Running

On today’s show, we talk endurance training. The first guest is Miguel Medina. Matt recently signed up for Yancy Camp, and chose Coach Miguel to make him a better obstacle racer. (and to help prvent further DNFs!)  This is the first of what we plan on being several chats, leading up to World’s Toughest Mudder in November. Next up is Neil Murphy with Regiment Running. Neil got some early dish on the 2015 Spartan UltraBeast. Matt called him to find out what he learned from UB course director Norm Read more […]

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Death Race Finishers 2015

Death Race Finish 2015

We can’t possibly give you an exact play by play of everything that has happened since Friday 2am. We can give you some broad strokes, as we are receiving this info fast and furious from Joe Desena, Pete Coleman, Johnny Waite and others from Peak Races on the ground in Pittsfield, and are attempting to keep it as accurate as possible. This year, the theme of the Death Race was “Life”. The participants were “born” by having to breath through a tube under water inside of sleeping bags. Then Read more […]


The Last Death Race?

Last July, ORM published a series of articles about the future of The Death Race. To bring you up to speed, a few days after the last Summer Death Race ended, Joe DeSena, said that it was the last one. Andy Weinberg, the man who had co-led every Death Race with Joe, since it’s inception, said that registration was open for 2015, and that people should still sign up. A legal battle has begun since that neither party is talking about on the record. Here is what we can tell you: There Read more […]


BattleFrog College Championships – Episode 2 Recap

Having watched the first two episodes back to back, thanks to the wonders of DVR and ESPNU streaming, I’m really excited about this change of pace and what it could mean for the future of televised Obstacle Course Racing. The BattleFrog College Championships have managed to please most OCR athletes even when they aren’t completely sold on the short course representing OCR to the rest of the world. The only negative things people had to say after the first episode was that it did not represent Read more […]


BattleFrog College Championships – Episode 1 Recap

I was fortunate enough to be in Orlando in March when The 2015 BattleFrog College Championships were taped. The concept was to take 4 athletes from 16 schools (in a team format) and match those teams in head to head competition, on an OCR short course. These races would later become a 3 episode series airing this week on ESPN2 and ESPNU. I spoke to many of the contestants and found out that, much like the rest of the OCR community, they were from very diverse athletic backgrounds. Many of Read more […]



Mac’s Muddy Mailbag #3

1. Any advice for skin protection while at these races? -Robyn, Toronto Between warming up, racing, and hanging around in the festival area, I’d bet that the average racer spends around 5 hours outside on race day. That’s 5 hours that often occurs during the hottest part of the day, and with minimal clothing to protect the body from the sun’s damaging rays. I’d recommend a hat and sunblock, specifically one that works with wet skin. 2. What fitness fads should we be avoiding? -John H., Read more […]


John Bartello- “Lucky 7″

A seemingly unknown athlete out of Canada came out of the woodwork on June 20, 2015 to win the BattleFrog Tri-State Xtreme Men’s Race by completing 7 laps of the 8km course. A feat that has only been done once this year at the Miami race on a different format of course and an impressive accomplishment for the new course format in New Jersey. I sat down with John Bartello from Toronto, Ontario to get some insight into his training and race day to help inspire future Xtreme runners. ORM: What Read more […]

Mac's Muddy Mailbag

Mac’s Muddy Mailbag #2

What are you curious about in regards to OCR? Do you need gear or training advice? Maybe you just need to rant. Email your questions (or thoughts) to us at mac@obstacleracingmedia.com and McCauley will attempt to answer them. 1. Where’s the love for Tough Mudder? All you talk about is the less successful little brother, Spartan Race. -Shady J, Ontario Maybe because I can relate 😉 . That’s also the weirdest looking emoticon I’ve seen. As much as I like to speculate on things, in this Read more […]