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Savage Race FINALLY Arrives in New England

After many years of begging, bribing, kidnapping, and other forms of threat and intimidation, Savage Race finally agreed to invade New England with a pretty fantastic course on the "venue of all companies" in Barre, MA. Here's the course … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

Rugged Maniac Vancouver 2017

Rugged Maniac Vancouver 2017 was Love At First Run! I’ve run a few OCRs over the past few years, but I’ve not been as impressed by the way any of them were run as much as I was by this Rugged Maniac event. I visited the site last year but did not participate in it. […]

Under The Lights: A Race In The Dark

Under The Lights All I could see was my feet in front of me, a huge mud hole, and a 10ft wall in the distance. Scared? You bet. But with a grin on my face, I was determined to kick ass.    Although an ORM first, Under The Lights has been a staple for the […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Backstage From TMX

Last weekend, 80 plus athletes from OCR, ANW, and CrossFit came to battle it out for a bunch of dough at the first ever Tough Mudder X, in Minnesota. Please enjoy chats with the following top finishers: Corinna Coffin 1st Cassidy Watton 2nd Christin Panchik 4th Kevin Righi 3rd as well as additional conversations with […]

Hunter McIntyre Minnesota Dreamin’

Many times I am sitting around before or after a race with some OCR people, and wish we recorded the conversation. Yesterday was one of those times. Luckily for you, I had the tape rolling. Beni Gifford appears as a special guest, as does Keith Allen who called in. Dig on in, as Hunter McIntyre […]

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America’s Toughest Mudder West – TV Show Review

It seems that Obstacle Racing is finally moving into primetime TV. When I first started reviewing ORC events on that were shown on TV, they were usually not on the main network channels but instead shown on “Sport Channels” of the networks, the first “Spartan Ultimate Challenge” was on NBC Sports Channel. And the “Tough […]

Tough Mudder Extreme Obstacle Challenge 2017

Tough Mudder is giving anyone who chooses to, the opportunity to design one of their obstacles. If your design is chosen as a winner, the obstacle will be tested, and potentially be used at a future Tough Mudder event. This is the 2nd time TMHQ has run this contest. Last year’s contest’s winner was Daniel Hiscoke from the […]

X-Warrior Challenge announces ‘X Warrior Wild’ Event in Edmonton

X-Warrior Challenge announced yesterday that they will be staging a second event in Edmonton, Alberta Canada this year, following the success of the Calgary Stadium Event earlier in May. X also hinted at a different type of event to their Stadium Sprint style race  suggesting that this could be the ‘Wild’ variant of the X-Warrior – taking […]

Tough Mudder Goes Extreme(ly Short)

SKIP THE ARTICLE AND GO STRAIGHT TO APPLICATION Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Tough Mudder, one of the original giants in the OCR space, launched a 10-12 mile grueling obstacle race. Initially, only 75% of people who start go on to finish. It’s designed by military special blah blah blah. As I said, […]


Should I Fib To Let My Kid Race OCR?

I cheated at the Spartan Sprint in Virginia. I’m probably not the only person that cheated at an OCR this weekend, but I might be the only one writing about it. And <<spoiler alert>>, I will probably do it again. I did all my burpees. I didn’t cut the course (it was very well marked). […]

Spartan Race Balls

They think they have balls, and it may look like they have balls, but they don’t because they haven’t yet figured out how to use them. I am not speaking metaphorically here, but rather about the new(ish) softball attachments on their Rigs. In theory, it’s a good idea to make the obstacle tougher and introduce […]

A look back at the first USA OCR National Championships

Take a look at the start line pictures from your local mud run, or “obstacle race.” Unlike a 5k or marathon line-up showcasing emaciated, linear body types, these photos are usually more of “type-A” line-up. Your OCR start-line is dominated by big arms, distended abs, tattoos, and spandex, lots and lots of spandex. You’d be […]