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Warrior Dash Obstacle Collapse Investigation – Red Frog Responds

This morning, Louisiana based "The Advocate" released information regarding an investigation concerning the failure of an obstacle at last year's Warrior Dash near Baton Rouge, LA. The obstacle named "Diesel Dome" collapsed at a race on October 8, … [Read More...]

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Spartan Goes to the Gym with New Spartan Strong Classes

Spartan Race is adding another product to its lineup: a studio-based fitness class called Spartan Strong, and it is partnering with Life Time Fitness to roll out this experience to athletes around the country. Spartan is not the first race series to move into the fitness training world; last month Tough Mudder announced that its Tough […]

Muddy Warrior 2017 Review

Muddy Warrior Muddy Warrior 2017 is here! At Obstacle Racing Media, we feel it is just important to support the smaller, first time efforts as it is to support the larger races annnd….. Since I live pretty close, I thought I would go and check out this local race. Muddy Warrior is a brand new, small scale […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Joel Getty

Today’s show brings you the OCR guy we’ve known the longest, never to have appeared on the show. Hard to believe, but Joel Getty makes his first appearance on the show after knowing Matt for 5 years plus. Joel and Matt dig into the good ole days of circa 2012 obstacle racing industry, what brought […]

Asheville Spartan 2017 Part Two

This episode could also be called : Asheville Finish Line Fun Plus Messner. First you are going to hear several back to back interviews from the finish line at the Asheville Spartan Super. Ryan Woods, Matt Kempson, Hobie Call, Robert Killian, Ian Hosek, Cody King, Nicole Mericle, Lindsay Webster, Rea Kobl, Faye Stenning, Alyssa Hawley, […]

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America’s Toughest Mudder Northeast – Broadcast Review

America’s Toughest Mudder – Northeast is the third in a series of Toughest Mudder regional events. At the event, competitors hope to win an elite spot at the 2017 World’s Toughest Mudder in Las Vegas, NV later this year.  The Northeast event was held just outside of  Philadelphia, in Coatesville, PA at the lovely Plantation Field. As […]

2017 Spartan Palmerton Super – Adversity Rehab

adversity /ədˈvəːsɪti/ A difficult or unpleasant situation; an undesired, unexpected, or unplanned state or event. rehab /ˈriːhab/ rehabilitation, repairing, reconditioning, rebuilding, reconstruction, remodeling. With sincere appreciation for the continued encouragement and support of our paralyzed and amputated teammates; Team Believe 923 made an open invite for several social media groups to experience a race from […]

Muddy Mortal Cancels

The event launched last fall as Muddy Muggle, and later became Muddy Mortal, cancelled all events and ceased operations as of this afternoon. Obstacle Racing Media has been looking into the validity of these events since late June, when we began to receive questions from consumers looking for answers from “postponed events”. Event owner Jamie […]

Spartan Race Canada to bring Events back to Winnipeg with Crowdsourcing

Spartan Race Canada will resurrect one of its Spartan Races in Canada this year, provided they get a minimum of 2500 registrants. Low turnouts at OCR events in previous years meant that Spartan pulled out of some of the smaller markets in Canada this year, leaving OCR fanatics in Manitoba (a province of Canada with […]


Should I Fib To Let My Kid Race OCR?

I cheated at the Spartan Sprint in Virginia. I’m probably not the only person that cheated at an OCR this weekend, but I might be the only one writing about it. And <<spoiler alert>>, I will probably do it again. I did all my burpees. I didn’t cut the course (it was very well marked). […]

Spartan Race Balls

They think they have balls, and it may look like they have balls, but they don’t because they haven’t yet figured out how to use them. I am not speaking metaphorically here, but rather about the new(ish) softball attachments on their Rigs. In theory, it’s a good idea to make the obstacle tougher and introduce […]

A look back at the first USA OCR National Championships

Take a look at the start line pictures from your local mud run, or “obstacle race.” Unlike a 5k or marathon line-up showcasing emaciated, linear body types, these photos are usually more of “type-A” line-up. Your OCR start-line is dominated by big arms, distended abs, tattoos, and spandex, lots and lots of spandex. You’d be […]