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Warrior Dash World Championship Coverage

#WDWC  #WARRIORNATION Beginning today, Obstacle Racing Media will be covering the Warrior Dash World Championships in Milky Way, TN. The page you are on now, will serve as a great place to find the MOST updates including LIVE race coverage for … [Read More...]

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Wanderlust Atlanta

My alarm goes off at 7am on this bleak Sunday morning. It’s still raining. It’s freezing cold. Okay, well maybe not freezing, but dammit this is not typical Atlanta weather in early October. My body tells me to hit snooze…no wait…better yet, shut it off and stay in bed. But my mind says “get your butt up and take care of ME for a change!” It is, after all, a “mindful triathlon.” The concept intrigues me, and after a long, stressful week at work, I really NEED this. So I start gearing Read more […]

Spartan Race – Ultra Beast of the East (VT)

A Race I Won’t Forget Training People often ask me how I “train” for the events I’ve been through this year. I simply tell them that I don’t. I train for life. I don’t go to a gym, I utilize my local playground, park, and find trails to train at. I’ll occasionally do CrossFit or use my school’s gym, but am a big fan of nontraditional training recently. Luckily I was introduced to Mick Evangelista earlier this year when I accomplished my first ultra-trail race at Bear Mountain, NY Read more […]

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2015 Spartan World Champions

The Obstacle Racing Media Podcast Presents: Episode 149 On today’s show we have some hot off the press interviews with the top finishers of the 2015 World Championships from Lake Tahoe. Robert Killian was introduced to most of us with his 3rd place finish on the televised Spartan race from Palmerton, a few weeks ago. In this episode, we learn about how his previous experience prepared him for success, and how he learned to beat the best of the best. We also learn what he is up to for Read more […]

Episode 148 – Yanick, Yancy, and Allen

The Obstacle Racing Media Podcast Presents: Episode 148 First up is Eddie Yanick. Eddie is for the most part, a regular dude. He recently went all Forest Gump and ran across the state of Texas as part of the Race Across The USA. He enjoyed it so much, he thought he’d ride his bike across Texas a short time later. Part 2 of the show is a chat with Yancy Culp and Keith Allen. Yancy is the founder of Yancy Camp, where Yancy trains OCR athletes including some of the world’s best. Keith Allen, Read more […]

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Spartan Race Tahoe – Confessions of an Ultra Wanna-Beast

So I don’t know how interesting my recap of the World Championship Spartan Race Tahoe Ultrabeast will be to the racing world, but I have some time before bed, and tomorrow I put on my Clark Kent costume to get back to adulting. And since ORM helped me upgrade my beast to Ultra status, the least I can do is put pen to paper (or finger to keypad). First, let me say that I had a fear going into this. Specifically – the time hack. I had yet to see a race that had physically stopped me with a Read more […]

Spartan Asheville $49

  You will NOT likely see a Spartan deal this good in the immediate future. Use this special link for Asheville Spartan 2016 and code RACEASHE to get an afternoon heat for just $49.00 Asheville Super August 6, 2016. This deal won’t last long!     Read more […]

Spartan World Championship – Tahoe Coverage

Beginning today, Obstacle Racing Media will be covering the World Championships, taking place in Lake Tahoe, California. The page you are on now, will serve as a great place to find the MOST updates for everything happening this weekend. Beast, UltraBeast, Press Conference, you name it. Not only will we be posting updates, quotes, and photos as up-to-the-minute as we can, from our media team, but this page will also serve as an aggregator for ALL social media posts that use the hashtag Read more […]

BattleFrog Series Championship 2015 – Mark Your Calendars!

While October is packed full of OCR Championship races, we can thank the good folks at BattleFrog for extending the 2015 Championship Season into December…December 12, 2015, to be exact.  The BattleFrog Series Championship 2015 is scheduled for competition in Orlando, Florida – a great location and fantastic way to wrap up 2015! The company’s CEO Ramiro Ortiz said: “The BattleFrog Series Championship will cap off a most exciting year that saw fifteen races and the launch of our popular television Read more […]


Marjie, Mustard, Mayhem

Marjie Grace wanted to express her love of mustard and OCR through a fun photo. She did not plan on the social media kerfuffle that followed. She then wrote the following on her Facebook page. “So recently I posted this photo to West Coast Spartans (which was then posted on to page until too many complaints) and pissed off some of the ladies and men to the point every photo of my mustard consumption was removed for being sexual. I’m trying to figure out how girls can pose half naked Read more […]

Volunteers: The Unsung Heroes of Obstacle Racing

My wife and I are quite amenable when it comes to parenting techniques, however our collective experience led us to make one of only a few solemn vows: they will work early on in the service industry. At 9 and 10, neither really understands this concept or the unshakable truth that, if they have any aspirations for a vehicle or other youthful norms, they will learn the trade of service. Seems harsh, right? My wife paid off her first car and worked her way through college as a restaurant Read more […]

An Open Letter To Amelia Boone

Dear Amelia, My name is Keith Allen and if you happen to get to the bottom of this and see my bio, you will see that I am a father of two great children. I remember when my son was born having a rush of feelings and pressure flooding me. Will I be a good dad? Am I going to screw him up? It eventually moved away from selfish feelings about what I would and could do into what he would be like. What will he want to be when he grows up? What role models will be left in the world of social media for Read more […]