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Hobie Call stands alone

Hobie Call Retires From Obstacle Racing

Hobie Call is no longer obstacle racing. Let that sink in. The man who, many reading this will attribute their start in OCR, is going back to work in the field of heating and air conditioning. In a forthcoming story on the collapse of … [Read More...]

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BattleFrog Atlanta- Elite Experience

5:32 AM – Arrive at Dunkin Donuts for that sweet elixir of life; the fuel that fires the foolishness; my secret supplement of success; a large coffee– 2 creams – 2 sugars. 5:59 AM – QT, your freshly cleansed bathroom is a prerace delight, so therefore I want to apologize……. 6:16 AM – Roll into the VIP parking like a ballah. 6:24 AM – Look at that Biggest Team tent! It has to be at least 2.5x the size of the Spartan biggest team tent. Le Grand Chapiteau is going to be shading Read more […]


Bone Frog Challenge- New England 2015

I tackled Bone Frog Challenge in 2014. It was one of my favorite races, challenging but fun. So when it came around to running again? I was all for it. Word on the street that you were to forget all you knew about Bone Frog Challenge 2014, because 2015 was going to be a whole new animal. New obstacles, more challenging terrain. Let me tell you. They delivered. Navy SEAL inspired, Navy SEAL designed, and Navy SEAL run. I arrived, running late, to Berkshire East where parking was a breeze, I was Read more […]

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Episode 131

Episode 131 – Let’s Talk About Oral IV

You may have seen the Oral I.V. logo on the chest or arms of several OCR athletes recently including Joey Patrolia, Orla “Vermonster” Walsh, and Sarah Pozdol. According to their website, ORAL I.V. is “a hydration aid developed to enhance the body’s uptake of water through the introduction of a proprietary blend of trace minerals”. “ORAL I.V. aids the hydration process for individuals who train hard, work hard and are committed to peak performance.” Sometime last year, ORM posted an article Read more […]

More Heart Than Scars

Episode 130 – Zackary “Nubs” Paben

Zack is the man behind More Heart Than Scars. Matt first met Zack at the 2013 Carolina Superhero Scramble, and they finally sat down and had a long chat. It turns out they have more in common than they thought. Find out how Nubs earned his nickname, and the adventures he has been on since. We’ll also learn how OCR played a part in what was already a life dedicated to helping people, and what caused him to make a major decision to head to the U.K. this summer. Today’s show is sponsored by BattleFrog Read more […]

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Hobie Call stands alone

Hobie Call Retires From Obstacle Racing

Hobie Call is no longer obstacle racing. Let that sink in. The man who, many reading this will attribute their start in OCR, is going back to work in the field of heating and air conditioning. In a forthcoming story on the collapse of Atlas Race, Hobie tells Obstacle Racing Media about thousands of dollars that he is owed, and how this latest disappointment has led to his exit. He told us: The last 3 1/2 years of making a living in the world of OCR has been quite a roller-coaster. Amazing Read more […]


New Spartan Race Obstacle for 2015 – Photo Finding

In what is shaping up to be the most competitive obstacle with the longest lines, Photo Finding is painful and exhausting. Here is how this obstacle works: 1. Run any Spartan Race that says you get free* photos within 5-7 days from the race completion date. 2. Wait 7 days at the minimum to maximize disappointment and confusion. 3. Go to Spartan.com and use the menu. start with Race then the drop down to Results & Photos. 4. Find your race among the past dates, should be easy still Read more […]

BattleFrog Shirt

#Shirtstorm 2

Yesterday, Spartan Race posted a photo of BattleFrog sponsored athlete Ryan Atkins with an altered version of his BattleFrog tshirt shortly after winning the Montreal Super rSpartan. This is a current hot button in OCR after #shirtstorm occurred at the Spartan Georgia race back in March. BattleFrog responded with a photo of their own, mockingly altering the Spartan logo in the lower right corner, on their own photo. We asked Ryan for his version of what went down yesterday afternoon. Read more […]


GORUCK Ruck Plates

GORUCK is rapidly expanding and becoming more accessible to the OCR market. Along with their new 5k ruck series called Kill that 5K, they are now launching a new product line to make rucking less complicated. They are doing this by introducing their new ruck plates. Simply put – a ruck plate is a thin steel weight that you can chuck into your ruck and just go. I’m super excited and will be getting one…or two…okay, maybe the three-pack right away. You no longer need to decide how weight Read more […]



Mac’s Muddy Mailbag

  What are you curious about in regards to OCR? Do you need gear or training advice? Maybe you just need to rant. Email your questions (or thoughts) to us at mac@obstacleracingmedia.com and McCauley will attempt to answer them. 1. What are your thoughts on mandatory obstacle completion? -Jeff, Alabama I love it, but not for the reasons you might think. We’re currently witnessing a new trend of race series willing to think outside of the box. They’re doing their own thing, Read more […]


Catching Up With Savage Race

I have a dirty little secret…. Come to think of it, most of my friends that I have met in person have been letting me know about it for quite some time: I am an OCR Addict. I’m a member of far too many OCR Facebook groups. Hell, I even admin too many OCR Facebook groups. We talk about shoes, gear, course directors, and the future of the industry. A popular topic is what races are emerging to challenge the “Big 3” of Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and Warrior Dash. More often than not the races Read more […]


Obstacle Race Themes to Run From

Obstacle course races love their themes. We’ve got races that incorporate elements from zombies, superheroes, Vikings, the end of the universe, surprisingly violent amphibians, and ancient Greek warriors whose attitudes toward what you could do to 12-year-old boys have fortunately dropped off the list of acceptable modern practices, just to name a few. And I guess it makes sense. Themes are fun, and in the crowded and unsettled market that is obstacle course racing, event organizers need to Read more […]