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OCR World Championship 2017 Results

OCR World Championships Crowns Jonathan Albon and Nicole Mericle as 3K Short Course Champions Each claiming the $10,000 First Prize Purse MEN’S PRO DIVISION Jonathan Albon- UK 17:23.6 Ryan Atkins - CANADA 18:00.3 Ben Kinsinger - USA … [Read More...]

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Savage Race Dallas

Getting Savage Again Every Savage is a unique experience.  On a hot day in October at the Beaumont Guest Ranch in Grandview, Savage Race Dallas began in great weather. Everyone was having a great time with a smile on their face.  Savage brings a unique feeling to the OCR community which allows serious athletes to […]

I Ran the OCRWC: I Got a Medal. And an Asterisk.

Of all the possible endings I had envisioned for my race, riding shotgun in a volunteer’s pickup truck and bypassing obstacles en route to the finish line wasn’t one of them. And of all the adjectives I could use to describe my experience at the 2017 OCR World Championships, I can’t believe the first one […]

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OCR World Championships 2017 Part I

  Just back from Blue Mountain, Canada. We have tons of interviews from the finish line of this year’s OCR World Championships. From the 3K, it’s the top 3 women Nicole Mericle, Lindsay Webster, and Karin Karlsson. Followed by Justin Mathews and Scott Hyland. We then talk to the top 3 men Jon Albon, Ryan […]

Debo and JM

Today’s program is an interview with Deborah Arrieta. Matt and Debo talk about her and her OCR life to date. A fair amount of time was about her experience on 2 seaons (so far) on Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. Matt and JM chatted at a race a few weeks later. At that time, JM talked about […]

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2018 Obstacle Championship Locations Revealed!

Today was the day we have all been waiting for. Around June of each obstacle season, the Facebook pundits and keyboard warriors start pontificating about where the next year’s OCR Championship races will be. Moreover, the minute each championship event ends, the speculation really ramps up. How lucky are we that all 3 major championship […]

Spartan Race Announces 2018 Global Championship Series

While the eyes of the OCR world were focused on the Blue Mountains in Ontario this past weekend for the OCR World Championships, Spartan quietly teased us with details of a possible global competition on their Instagram account. History will be made. Will you be a part of it? 🌎 #spartanrace A post shared by […]

2018 Toughest Mudder Dates And Venues Announced

Tough Mudder has announced the dates and venues for the Toughest Mudder races for 2018. March 3: Toughest Mudder West: Los Angeles May 5: Toughest Mudder South: Central Texas May 12: Toughest Mudder Midlands: UK June 2: Toughest Mudder Midwest: Michigan June 16: Toughest Mudder Scotland June 23: Toughest Mudder Northeast: Boston March 3: Toughest […]

Joe De Sena spreads the word on fitness

Dr. Fred Bisci, Joe De Sena and Jason Jaksetic at this morning’s AdWeek panel Spartan Race’s globe-trotting founder appeared in New York for an AdWeek panel to promote the Spartan brand and the healthy living that comes with it. The panel was introduced by Spartan’s Lifestyle Brand Manager Jason Jaksetic, whom you may recognize from […]


Rea Kolbl – Second Chance Athlete

I was lucky to be featured on the Palmerton Spartan Race episode the other day, and I got a chance to share my story of how I got to where I am now. In case you missed it, here’s the short version. I grew up doing sports, and I was on the Slovenian National Gymnastics […]

It Isn’t Always About Winning

Spartan Race posted this video a few days ago with the title “Third place stolen! Make every second count. 👀⏱”. This resulted in people doing what people do, giving lots of opinions on the 8 seconds they just witnessed. We reached out to both women in the video to find out what they were thinking before, […]

Should I Fib To Let My Kid Race OCR?

I cheated at the Spartan Sprint in Virginia. I’m probably not the only person that cheated at an OCR this weekend, but I might be the only one writing about it. And <<spoiler alert>>, I will probably do it again. I did all my burpees. I didn’t cut the course (it was very well marked). […]