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Rea Kolbl – My World’s Toughest Mudder 2017

A word of warning – this race review is LONG! But so was the race and no matter how hard I’ve tried to cut things, everything seemed important. So I tried to divide it in sections, in case you want to read 400 words rather than 4500. And I added … [Read More...]

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A Day at the Ball Park – Spartan Stadium Series AT&T Park Sprint Review

Take Me Out to the Ball Park Home of Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park is situated in downtown San Francisco right on the San Francisco Bay with a beautiful view overlooking the water. This view was highlighted from the top of the rope climb; located in the stands above right field which […]

Carolina Beast 2017-SPARTAnburg STRIKES BACK

South Carolina- Spartan Beast November 2017   You mud lovers asked for it, and Spartan Race delivered. A brand new venue for your dirty adventures in South Carolina. Spartanburg hosted their first Beast and Sprint for those last minute trifecta chasers. The new venue had every racing fanatic wondering what Spartan Race was going to […]

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Beni Gifford – Private Dancer

Beni Gifford had a day long layover in Atlanta, so he spent it with Matt B. Davis. Towards the end of the day, Beni sat down for an interview. After chatting with Matt’s kids, Beni and Matt talk about: Beni’s recent racing trip to South Africa What it’s going to take to win TMX series. […]

World’s Toughest Mudder Podcast 2017 Part Three

  Today’ episode is the final interviews for the 2017 World’s Toughest Mudder podcast coverage. They were recorded in a Westin Hotel Room following The Champions Brunch on Monday November 13, 2017. Robert Killian Ryan Atkins Michelle Ford Evan Perperis/Wesley Kerr aka Dr. Red Tights Lindsay Webster Allison Tai Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Wetsuit […]

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Obstacle Course Races and the Bad Business of Spectator Fees

Photo Credit Patrick Prentice Last week I experienced my very first DNF in my three years, fifty plus race career. I was running the Spartan Beast in Spartanburg, SC with my longtime running partner and around mile 2.5 I started experiencing knee pains from an injury I sustained over a year ago. Luckily, we had […]

Nerd Alert! World’s Toughest Mudder Stats

I’ve always been a lover of statistics when it comes to sports. As a child, I collected baseball cards and was way more interested in the back of the card than the front. I would put the cards of my favorite players in protective binder sleeves with the backs facing forward, just so I would […]

Tough Mudder Allowing Votes for Favorite Obstacles To Appear in 2018

  TOUGH MUDDER OPENS OBSTACLE “VAULT” FOR 2018 SEASON Tough Mudder will be releasing an obstacle archive known as “The Vault” for the 2018 season. Does this make anyone else think of Disney? Will these obstacles only come around once every 50 years?? What is this vault, you ask?! The Tough Mudder vault will include […]

This Will Be The Best World’s Toughest Mudder Ever.

The first World’s Toughest Mudder took place 6 years ago. Few in the world knew it was happening, and  a rare 800 some at the start line were prepared for what they would face. The event was December 17, 2011 at Raceway Park, NJ. Yep. December. In New Jersey. Preparation was such a mystery that most of […]


Rea Kolbl – Second Chance Athlete

I was lucky to be featured on the Palmerton Spartan Race episode the other day, and I got a chance to share my story of how I got to where I am now. In case you missed it, here’s the short version. I grew up doing sports, and I was on the Slovenian National Gymnastics […]

It Isn’t Always About Winning

Spartan Race posted this video a few days ago with the title “Third place stolen! Make every second count. 👀⏱”. This resulted in people doing what people do, giving lots of opinions on the 8 seconds they just witnessed. We reached out to both women in the video to find out what they were thinking before, […]

Should I Fib To Let My Kid Race OCR?

I cheated at the Spartan Sprint in Virginia. I’m probably not the only person that cheated at an OCR this weekend, but I might be the only one writing about it. And <<spoiler alert>>, I will probably do it again. I did all my burpees. I didn’t cut the course (it was very well marked). […]