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DeSena Responds To Podium Controversy

We heard from Joe DeSena late yesterday in regards to the recent  podium rule changes. Here is what he sent us. I’m here in Tokyo and find myself wanting to write my friends directly. I haven’t read anything online, but a few people in our … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

OCR Transformations- Frannie Steele

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. “I have grown so much not only physically and athletically, but mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.” Frannie Steele grew up in Holland, Michigan up until her college years moving to the east side of the […]

Abominable Snow Race 2017

So, you think you’re tough right? You can fly up a rope or smoke a 5k on the treadmill? Indoors, in your climate controlled gym, with your water bottle next to you, and your music pumping in your headphones? Well the winter OCR season is here and gaining popularity. You can crush a course when […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Ryan Kent and Logan Nagle from The Selection

On today’s show, we bring you two more finishers from the TV show “The Selection”. Ryan Kent and Logan Nagle talk about their experiences before, during and after the filming including some behind the scenes talk never heard before. Todays Podcast is sponsored by: Savage Race : New obstacles, new locations, new syndicate medal. Check […]

Joe Di and Amelia Boone on Spartan Podium Rules

On today’s episode we got on the phone with Joe Di from Spartan to get some clarity on the new rules. Those rules, that were posted earlier this week, concern, among other things, race attire and podium attire. He also lets us know how the first Spartan of the year went, and gives us a […]

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CW Presents: “Tough Mudder – The Challenge Within”

Spartan Race has done TV specials as has Battlefrog Race series so what makes this show about Tough Mudder different? It is not about elite racers but instead focuses on 3 average participants, each overcoming their own personal obstacles. And that right there was enough for me to look forward to the show. I have […]

Tough Mudder Short #5: Finish Strong

As I mentioned in my previous review, there are a total of five shorts, 6-7 minutes long, available for viewing on the CW Seed website. These shorts are a buildup to the television airing of Tough Mudder: The Challenge Within on Valentines day. The final short previews the 3 participants the day before the Tough Mudder event in Englishtown, […]

Tough Mudder: The Challenge Within

Well it was only a matter of time before Tough Mudder would create a show about it’s events, for the TV audience. I mean and BattleFrog have done it. But unlike Spartan Races which are on NBC or BattleFrog Races on ESPN, they are going about it very differently. Yes, TM did launch 3 shows around the World’s Toughest Mudder last year, […]

History Channel’s – The Selection: Evolution 8 Recap

Evolution 8: March of Tears As we start the 8th and final episode of the show, lets do a brief review. In episode 1 we were introduced to the 6 instructors, all with special ops backgrounds, and the 30 candidates. During the past 8 weeks, we saw many of them drop for various reason. Many […]


New Spartan Rules : Yancy Culp Speaks Out

Editor’s note : Yancy Culp is arguably the most prolific trainer in OCR these days. Through Yancy Camp, his training programs and stable of trainers (which includes Matt Novakovich, Ryan Kent, Rose Wetzel, and April Dee), have become one the leading resources for hundreds of athletes in our sport. The following are his views regarding the […]

Sorry OCR, We’re Breaking Up

This is the story of my love affair with obstacle racing, and how it all has to come to an end. It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t posted on obstaclenews.com in a while, nor on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. I’ve published a few videos to my personal Facebook page, but all-in-all, ION has taken a […]

Basic White Girl Races (An Introduction)

  “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.” – Amy Poehler My name is Hannah Thompson and I’m one of the race directors for Cupid’s Undie Run in Atlanta – a 1 mile-ish fun-run in your bedroom best to raise money for Neurofibromatosis research. I love it. It’s one of the […]