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Is The New Lozilu An All Out Scam?

In the last few days, Obstacle Racing Media has been doing extensive research on the operations of Lozilu Mud Run. It started when we heard the New England race, scheduled for last Saturday, was suddenly re-scheduled for the following weekend. The … [Read More...]

Obstacle Race Reviews

Urban Mudder Review

Before we dig into the Day Of this event. Let us back up with a brief history of  “City Obstacle Course Races”. Metro Dash launched in 2011 and did well in a few cities. They started to grow, put several races on the calendar and then promptly crashed and burned shortly thereafter. Red Frog Events created The Urban Warrior Dash in the spring of 2013. Along with the 14 mile Iron Warrior Dash, that they launched at the same time, these events were the “natural” progression to the juggernaut Read more […]

Terrain Mud Run Review

Last weekend (July 25th) I attended the Terrain Mud Run in Flagstaff, AZ for the second year in a row. Terrain Racing is a local OCR series owned by Jerry Foreman, that currently puts on 4 events per year; in Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and Las Vegas, NV. In Flagstaff, they offered both 5k and 10k options with racers in each heat starting and finishing together and splitting mid-course. This year, they had an interesting twist on the traditional start line; runners began standing nearly waist Read more […]

Obstacle Racing Podcast

Episode 139 – Don Mann of Frogman Charities and Hunter McIntyre

Today’s guests are two old friends of the show. We first talked to Don Mann in March of last year when Battlefrog first burst onto the scene. He has since left BattleFrog and created Frogman Charities. He talks a little about why he left and what his new charity organization is all about. Next up is our old pal Hunter. In 2012 and 2013, Hunter was on the podium almost every time he raced (and he raced a lot). Hunter has made a shift in 2014, and has not been on the Spartan circuit nearly as Read more […]

Episode 138 – Rob Butler’s Universal Athlete Challenge

Rob Butler is the man behind Shale Hill, a permanent obstacle course located in Vermont. His obstacle designs and ideas have always been original and he puts on some of the most unique races in OCR. Now Rob is on a search to find some super fit human beings and has created The Universal Athlete Challenge. He is looking to get 250 athletes to pay $2,500 and vie for a $100k top prize and $300k overall. We talked to him about what inspired this event, how he plans to get people to sign up, what Read more […]

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Lozilu Owner On Probation For Felony Theft

We began breaking the story of Lozilu cancels yesterday afternoon, This morning we spoke with a former staff member (Lozilu brought on all staff as independent contractors versus hiring them as employees) of the Lozilu women’s mud run. Lozilu was purchased late last year by a man who refers to himself as Brad Peters. His real name is Frederick Bradley Kellogg. In 2012, Mr. Kellogg was sentenced to jail time and 20 years probation for a theft of nearly $300,000.00 to a Minnesota rice company. Read more […]

Lozilu Update

Yesterday afternoon, we learned of Lozilu canceling a race without informing participants. After that article went out, ORM discovered another location listed on the Lozilu website that they have no intention of coming to. Around 9:00pm EST , we heard from Lugene Wilemon who works for the Broomfield Commons near Denver, Colorado.  It was new information to her that Lozilu has an event planned there around 30 days from now.  She told us “Lozilu chose not to partner with us and chose not to Read more […]

Say Goodbye To Lozilu Women’s Mud Run?

Last week, several women who registered for the New England Lozilu event reached out to Obstacle Racing Media to ask us the status of this women’s only obstacle race company. There was an event scheduled this past weekend in New England at The Bolton Fairgrounds. After ignoring emails and posts on their Facebook page for several days (including from ORM), Lozilu emailed New England participants stating the race had been rescheduled for August 1st for “insurance reasons beyond the control Read more […]

Hunter McIntyre Update

There have not been many Hunter sightings at obstacle races recently. Matt B. reached out to him to find out what he has been up to lately. They discussed adventure racing around the world for a new TV show, going vegan, and his new gig at EPIC Hybrid Training in Miami​. We also asked about his future in OCR. While he told us, he’s racing less and less at Spartan Races, we are NOT announcing his retirement. We tried that one once. Full podcast to follow.   Read more […]


Mac’s Muddy Mailbag #4

We’ve found ourselves in that odd pre-NBC race lull where not much is occurring on the course. But that doesn’t mean that nothing meaningful happened in the OCR community these past two weeks.  Same-sex marriage was legalized, prompting supportive responses from Tough Mudder and Spartan.  Hobie Call also decided to use his substantial industry clout to share his views on the subject. There are more than a handful of critics that claim that the both the companies and the athletes should have Read more […]

OCR Transformations- Jamie Lesk

ORM presents the series of stories on OCR Transformations. Runners and athletes whose mind body, and spirit have been altered through obstacle racing. July’s OCR Transformations features Jamie Lesk. Battling her body image led her down a grueling path which resulted in intense calorie counting and extreme cardio sessions. Allowing herself to slip from the grasp of what she “thought” was pretty and becoming healthy has added the fuel she needed to become something she didn’t think was possible…strong! HIKING, Read more […]

Meet Operation Enduring Warrior

Unity, brotherhood, and accomplishment are just some of the adjectives used to describe the purpose behind Operation Enduring Warrior. The goal of OEW is “to facilitate a setting where our nation’s wounded service members learn their injuries should not be obstacles to any of their goals”. You can catch OEW at several types of events such as road races, military runs, but most frequently at obstacle races. The veteran operated non-profit organization uses such events as a way to “honor, empower, Read more […]